Media hush up brutal Somali stabbing attack on Minneapolis woman

Morgan Evenson
Morgan Evenson, 26, was stabbed 14 times by a Somali man while walking home from work Dec. 13, 2017

While disturbing in itself, the article below should not be read as an isolated incident. Mainstream media outlets have been bending over backwards for years to cover up Islamic crime, especially in Western cities receiving large numbers of Muslim migrants. Pakistani sex-grooming gangs operate across the UK, raping little English girls with impunity, and the official UK media response has been silence. It was only by a stroke of luck, which I write about in my book ‘Stealth Invasion,’ that the grooming gangs were exposed in one city, Rotherham, and after it could no longer deny the horrific reports of abuse and coverup the British media tried to convince the public that the problem was contained to that one city. In fact, the Pakistanis continue to operate their disgusting grooming gangs in cities across the UK. I have encountered the problem of media bias in favor of Muslims first-hand, at newspapers for which I worked in the past. Part of it is caused by fear — fear of blowback from aggressive Muslim civil rights groups like CAIR but also fear by reporters/editors for their own safety. Some have personally confided in me that they don’t want to lose their heads for pursuing the truth about Islam and that I must be crazy for doing so. We saw the media covering for Muslims who act badly in Sioux Falls, S.D., earlier this year, when a Muslim armed with firearms and 1,000 rounds of ammo terrorized a Christian conference, an incident totally ignored by the local newspaper, which reported the story only AFTER my report hit We saw it in Twin Falls, Idaho, in 2016 when a 5-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by three migrant boys from Sudan and Iraq, and we saw it in Minneapolis when an entire neighborhood was terrorized by Somali thugs for three straight days in June 2016. All of these media blackouts and more are documented in “Stealth Invasion,” which you can purchase at Amazon.


Morgan Evenson was walking home in downtown Minneapolis on the evening of Dec. 13 when a black man got out of his car, chased her down, tackled her and repeatedly thrust a 3-4-inch blade into her flailing body.

The 26-year-old computer-store clerk frantically fought back, kicking, scratching and screaming for help.

At some point, neighbors heard her screams and came to her aid. Her attacker – described as a Somali man in his early 20s, about 5-foot-7 with a slight build and wearing grey stone-washed jeans – ran away.

Evenson was left bleeding on the curb with 14 stab wounds on her arms, neck and back. Her kidney was lacerated. She was lucky to survive the attack.

It happened while she was walking home from the Apple Store, where she worked, about eight blocks away from her apartment. That’s when the man attacked her for no apparent reason. Police, who have not made any arrests in the case, are calling it a botched robbery.

Police said the case was unusual for the level of brutality employed just to get a woman’s purse. But some Minnesotans are wondering if there isn’t more to the story, if maybe the young redhead’s assailant didn’t want more than just a purse.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the city’s largest newspaper, has been  completely AWOL on the story.

The newspaper’s on-duty news editor, Maria Reeve, did not return my calls Tuesday to inquire about why it went dark on such a brutal, unprovoked attack on a defenseless, unarmed woman walking home from work.

Other media, such as the Southwest Journal, have reported on the crime but left out the assailant’s full description as a Somali migrant.

Only one media outlet, local ABC News affiliate KSTP, included in its on-air coverage the fact that the victim described her assailant as Somali, but the station’s website article failed to mention that fact.

Watch KSTP’s description of the attack and the suspect

A friend of Evenson’s started a GoFundMe page to raise money for uncovered medical costs.

The page said Evenson was readmitted to the hospital Dec. 19 to monitor a recurring fever and blood pressure.

Morgan Evenson2

As of Tuesday afternoon the GoFundMe page had raised more than $15,000 for uncovered medical bills.

No isolated case

The case of Morgan Evenson continues a pattern of Somali crimes being covered up, downplayed, lightly investigated and eventually falling off the radar in Minnesota.

For a list of other notorious coverups by the Minnesota media and law enforcement see the full version of this article at The list of victims includes the 40-year-old Australian woman Justine Damond, who was shot by a Somali cop after she called for help, an entire neighborhood on Lake Calhoun that was terrorized by Somali thugs for three straight days, three people who  lost their lives in an apartment explosion, and even the Somalis themselves who must endure a “Sharia cop” enforcing Islamic law in their neighborhoods without consequences from the corrupt Minneapolis Police Department.

Debra Anderson, chair of ACT For America’s Minnesota chapter, said she has been trying for four years, without success, to get Minnesota sheriffs to train their departments to better prepare and deal with Sharia-related crime such as FGM, honor violence and terrorism.

She said it was telling that no police response was recorded in the stabbing attack on Morgan Evenson. Her life was saved only because she fought back and her screams were heard by people living and working in the area.

“It was interesting the articles I read didn’t say anything about the police coming. Not a thing. Just sounds like the classic media template used in Europe,” Anderson said. “You had to get all the way through that KSTP [broadcast only] report to find out he’s Somali, and it was never mentioned in the other media outlets at all.”

That’s very disconcerting for someone who has been trying to educate Minnesotans about the pitfalls of kowtowing to the Somali community and its “civil rights” advocates at CAIR.

“It’s unofficial but Minnesota law enforcement agencies are enforcing, or at least tolerating, Shariah law. Most people don’t know it yet but the police are not here to protect the indigenous Minnesotans anymore,” Anderson said. “They have been incrementally changing their search policies and their use of force policies for years. We’re not being protected anymore. They’re protecting the Muslims, so it’s becoming increasingly like Europe. Yes, it’s here now.”

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  1. I am so glad that Morgan survived and I pray for her full recovery.
    I also hope that the police get off their rear ends and find the bastard who comitted this crime! Hint look among the Somalis.


  2. Makes you wonder about that fire in the NYC apartment building. When it first happened the online headlines were saying it was some gang member from one of those Central American gangs obi-wan-Jihadi let into our country by the thousands. Then crickets as they abruptly changed their tune saying the fire was caused by a child playing with the kitchen stove. Call me suspicious but I’m not buying the kid theory. My money’s on the Illegal Alien Gang banger from Central America, Or, muslim (lower case intentional) TERRORISTS.


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