Corrupt CDC ‘hiding the ball’ on injection-related deaths and injuries

The CDC makes the ludicrous claim that only three of the approximately 13,000 deaths reported through its vaccine adverse-event reporting system were legitimately caused by the Covid shots. Yet, the CDC refuses to release any data that would prove the deaths have actually been investigated in any serious way.

And if the VAERS reports are that wildly off base, why has the CDC continued to operate such a bogus vaccine-safety database for 30 years? In fact, it’s done quite the opposite. In April of this year, the CDC put out an article bragging that its VAERS reporting system is a great success story.

Sorry, CDC, but you don’t get to have it both ways. That’s called propaganda, not science. See Chris Wright’s brilliant takedown of this crooked bureaucratic agency below.

By Christopher Wright

It’s time to take a hard look at the more than 13,000 deaths in the U.S. and thousands of other adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.  It has been drawn to my attention that the government has placed disclaimers on those numbers.  Media stories accuse people like me who rely on the numbers of misinterpreting the data and spreading misinformation.  After reading the disclaimer and reviewing the arguments, I conclude the situation is actually worse than I thought it was, not better as the accusers claim.

The disclaimer states, “Healthcare providers, vaccine manufacturers, and the public can submit reports to the system….  In large part, reports to VAERS are voluntary….”  That’s not true.  Healthcare providers are required by law to report adverse reactions, according to the government’s own website.  

Falsely claiming the system is largely based on self-reporting insinuates that the public is submitting fake reports of adverse reactions and that throws the numbers completely off.  In the first place, adverse reaction reporting has been going on for at least 30 years.  There are severe penalties for making false reports.  If fake reports were such a huge problem, we would have heard about it by now and the data would have been yanked from public view long ago.  But the numbers are still there.  Anybody can click on a link and see them. 

Moreover, the element of self-reporting from the public could mean the numbers might actually be worse than reported.  Undoubtedly, some members of the public do not know to report adverse reactions, leaving an untold number unreported. 

The disclaimer goes on to say adverse reaction reports might be inaccurate or unverifiable and, therefore,” cannot be used to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an adverse event or illness.”   The disclaimer also says the raw numbers are not suitable for scientific purposes.

Fair enough, but the disclaimer goes on to say the numbers “provide an early warning of a safety problem with a vaccine …  and further studies can be done …  (to) assess health risks and possible connections between adverse events and a vaccine.”  The disclaimer also says the public only gets to see the raw numbers and “amended data are not available to the public.”

That leaves people in the dark when making the personal decision whether or not to get the COVID vaccine.  The public has no way of knowing what the follow-up studies show or whether they’re being done at all.  This does not inspire confidence.  So the CDC official who claims there have only been three deaths from the vaccines, not 13,000, and the vaccines are safe comes off sounding like Baghdad Bob – the bombs are not falling when they obviously are.

If public health officials want us to believe these vaccines are safe, the burden is on them to show us the data that they put out publicly is so bad nobody should rely on it for anything.   The burden is on them to show this is not Russian roulette and people getting vaccinated don’t have a significant chance of dying from the vaccine.   I would love to hear them make that case. 

In fact, I would love to hear them break their silence and address the question of adverse reactions at all.  13,000 deaths versus three – that’s a big difference and it needs to be explained.  If you want to inspire confidence, release the amended data.  My bet is they won’t — either because there are no follow-up studies or the studies show the raw numbers are basically correct.  There is a doctrine in the law — adverse inferences can be drawn against the party hiding evidence.  So to public health officials I say, put up or shut up.  The uncertainty you have created makes it worse for you, not better.

If they’re going to leave the raw data out there for 30 years, they have only themselves to blame when people like me get alarmed by the impression created that these vaccines are killing people by the thousands.  Until public health officials make their case, I am perfectly comfortable warning people about the 13,000 deaths and thousands of other adverse reactions these vaccines have apparently caused, according to the best publicly available official government data we have.  If that’s misinformation, I’ll eat my hat.

Chris Wright is an independent activist in the leadership of Potomac Tea Party in Virginia. He is president of the first and only nonprofit formed to empower grassroots activists with small grants. Wright began his Daily Skirmish commentaries in 2020 to directly confront the left and deconstruct its phony narratives. The Daily Skirmish is published at Liberato.US.

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  1. What is not being talked about is how the vaccine has effected the elderly .The fact is Diamantina rates are increasing with those elderly that took the shot are now showing higher rates of Dementia an Alzheimer .When i talked to several Dr’s they agree they see more of an increase but when questioned about the vaccine with the elderly they stay quiet .Off the record a female Dr said that she has seen elderly patients in normal ranges but 6 months later after the patient has took the vaccine for covid there testing in the starting stages of Dementia. She is seeing more elderly that were vaccinated with more mental disorders .


    1. As my beloved husband and I are in our very late 70s I am so glad we are still ‘virginal’ if you get my meaning? Thank you for the information.


  2. “That leaves people in the dark when making the personal decision whether or not to get the COVID vaccine.” The ‘public’ are given a choice? At the moment you can say ‘no’ and be totally excluded from society, as my husband and I are in Cyprus, but for how much longer?

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  3. What are the odds?! I know all 3 of them! My 99 year old mother was in a senior care facility and survived covid-19 last year. Her Dr. notified us and didn’t expect her to survive the weekend but pulled through within a few days. Three days after her 2nd injection she passed away Feb. 3rd 2021, she would have been 100 in July. Oops I can’t count her because her death certificate said she died of covid-19. I do know 2 other people though(a husband and wife) both with underlying conditions that took the jab cause they were concerned they would die if they got covid. Both took the jab, although they were several weeks apart, first the husband who died 2 days after the 2nd shot and then his wife who also died 2 days after she got her 2nd shot. So I guess I only know 2 of the 3.

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  4. The CDC (Center for Depopulation Control – because we are the disease) should not only be challenged for corrupt science but also on grounds of unlawful governance, as it belongs to the MIC (medical industrial complex) now exercising tyranny over the body politic. Long in the making by the creeping fascism of the corporate state (at least since WWs I and II), the covid coup has delivered a final blow to the illusion of a constitutional civil order and representative government under the rule of law. It demands nothing less than a revolutionary response to found human society upon direct democracy among equals, the only real antidote to the poisonous power over others now revealed across the world as the logical extreme of class rule.


    1. It looks like the situations of Australia and France bear this out as well as the dystopian Hell the CDC wants to create. The agencies in these countries are the mirror images of the CDC and we know the globalist are not shy in admitting their attempt to take over the world to bring in their desired “New World Order.” In looking at the power structure it appears that the state Governors and local mandates alongside CDC guidelines which are actually equivalent to directives or direct orders is the lever by which the US has in large part been overthrown. Below the lever is the fulcrum that can be likened to the doctors of the various societies. Thus for much of the public there is the tremendous appearance of legitimacy to it all.

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      1. Well said Jim. Thank you for this thoughtful comment. People better wake up to the way this power structure works. In a technocracy, the elected politicians are mere figureheads who take their orders from unelected technocrats with life-long employment in the bureaucratic civil service sector.


  5. On what basis is the CDC making its claim of only three deaths? Wouldn’t autopsies have to be performed on all those 13,000 people for anyone to know the actual cause of death? And are those autopsies being performed? From what I’ve heard, autopsies of those apparently dying from the vaccines are rare.


  6. great report as always!!!!!
    Thank you Leo for all you do and for getting this recent one out about the CDC …….


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