BREAKING NEWS: Trump warned – act now or go down in history as the president who handed America over to communist China

January 18, 2021

Communist China is now hours away from installing its “puppet regime” in the White House with the help of its U.S. domestic allies, presenting a grave national-security threat that must be dealt with, says a team of former high-ranking military officers and journalists who have relayed data to President Trump that they say proves China was involved in the fraudulent election of Nov. 3, 2020.

In an interview Sunday night, Jan. 17, with broadcaster Brannon Howse, businessman Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of Minnesota-based My Pillow, explained how he was able to get a meeting with President Trump last Friday and deliver crucial mathematical and analytical data from the team showing how the election was stolen and by whom.

“The data analysis that we have published and that Mike Lindell bravely brought to the president shows both the sources of the election hack on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4 as well as the target destinations,” said Alan Jones, who along with Mary Fanning operates The American Report that uncovered the sources of the election fraud. They published this information on their website,, which has been attacked and shut down by unidentified outside forces.

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell at White House Friday, Jan. 15, 2021

The details included in their report include the IP addresses and the owner of the IP addresses which hacked into the Nov. 3 election, complete with time-stamps showing exactly when and where these cyber criminals invaded the U.S. election system.

“So, for example, Huawei, the Chinese telecom company, and China, Hong Kong, they were hacking into election offices in the battleground states, primarily county election offices, so Huawei, the China telecom company were hacking into election offices in Pennsylvania and in Michigan,” Jones said. “These were IP addresses owned by county election offices. Also, China Unicom hacked into the Pennsylvania secretary of state’s office, according to this data analysis.”

Huawei is important because the Trump administration determined in June 2020 that it is controlled by the People’s Liberation Army, which is the Chinese military.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe concluded in his post-election report that China interfered in the 2020 presidential election. But career U.S. intelligence operatives refused to back Ratcliffe up in his assessment.

“They do not see this China threat, like we do tonight, and that’s our problem,” said Lt. General Thomas McInerney, a retired U.S. Air Force general who spoke during the broadcast.

If the votes had been tabulated accurately, Lindell said he believes Trump received approximately 79 million votes and Biden no more than 68 million.

“Here we are at zero hour. Everything is true. I did my due diligence,” he said. “So that’s where I’m at right now…There’s a lot of fear out there with this inauguration day, but God’s got His hand in all of this. it’s going to be glorious.”

Watch the entire interview with Mike Lindell, Generals McInerney and Vallely and the three journalists.

After getting a scheduled appointment with Trump, he arrived at the White House Friday, Jan. 15, and waited several hours.

“I told the president this was something new. I also told him, the whole country is counting on you. We’re all being attacked. Elections like this cannot happen. The whole world is watching.”

As a result of his brave action, Lindell has been vilified in the mainstream media. All journalism that attempts to investigate what happened the week of Nov. 3, and present evidence of who was involved in the election tampering, has been blackballed by the U.S. corporate media.

“The next four days are going to be providential,” said retired Maj. General Paul Vallely, a participant in the Sunday-night broadcast. “There’s no doubt about that. America stands on what happens the next four days. We need Donald Trump to be strong, to stay in there, protect himself, his family, but more to protect the people of America. This is a crucial time in history.”

Lindell said he believes the truth will eventually get out to the American people, even if after the Jan. 20 inauguration. The tight lid on all reporting about the validity of the November election and the massing of federal troops in Washington, D.C., is just further evidence that globalist deep-state insiders are worried that their dirty little secret will get out, causing unrest among the 75 million Trump voters.

In fact, the FBI, which along with the CIA has been exposed as the epicenter of the Washington cabal that wanted to take Trump down from day one of his presidency, has been frantically vetting the 30,000 National Guard troops “amid fears of an insider attack,” the Associated Press reported. Not only is it unprecedented for a law-enforcement agency to be asking U.S. military personnel who they support for president before allowing them to be placed on assignment, but it may also be unconstitutional.

Fanning and Jones, who have investigated the voting machines and the software programs that run them, obtained the names of foreign actors and their countries of origin who were involved on election night. They maintain that they have uncovered indisputable evidence that computers with IP addresses in China and several other countries hacked into the Dominion Voting Systems machines and changed votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. They used a prismatic scoring algorithm called HAMMER and Scorecard, said Fanning.

“We know exactly how many votes were stolen; we know from where and we know by whom,” Fanning said. “We saw what was taking place and tried to get this information to Donald Trump. It was China, it was Russia, it was also Hong Kong…. Italy and Germany also had a part in this, and the U.K.”

How the source code for HAMMER/Scorecard ended up in the hands of foreign adversaries remains a mystery. But this much is known, the website owned by Fanning and Jones has been attacked and shut down.

“They are not just stealing the vote, they are stealing the country,” Fanning said.

After obtaining this data from the cyber experts, Fanning, Jones and Howse sought to get the information to Trump.

“We decided Mike Lindell was the best, most trustworthy patriot to do this,” Fanning said.

Lindell said in the interview Sunday that he remains undaunted in the search for the truth behind the 2020 election and will not be intimidated by persecution coming from media bullies.

In fact, Lindell, a committed Christian, sees everything playing out in America this week as an opportunity to “bring glory to God.”

He said he was advised not to get involved in the controversy over the election because it could have a devastating effect on his business, which manufactures pillows, bed linens and other products for the home.

“I only have one fear and that’s of the Lord,” said Lindell, who built the My Pillow juggernaut after finding God and beating a cocaine addiction. He met Trump in 2015 and backed him in both of his 2016 and 2020 campaigns.

After the Nov. 3 election, he started digging into the numbers at the county level in his home state of Minnesota. “I started doing my own intelligence and digging into this stuff …None of it made sense,” he said.

He moved on to Arizona and Michigan and found more data that did not add up.

Then he was introduced in a phone conference to Fanning and Jones, who presented him with hard data that came from “white hats” formerly inside the government and was asked to take it to the president.

Lt. General Thomas McInerney, U.S. Air Force retired, also appeared on the broadcast and weighed in with his recommendations to the president.

“If President Trump doesn’t do the right things and take the right actions, he cannot turn the keys over to Biden and company because we will be a communist country, and a Chinese communist country at that. The American people must understand that,” said McInerney, an 82-year-old former high level Air Force officer who was responsible for the U.S. nuclear arsenal and spent 16 years as a Fox News military analyst. “He [Trump] is going to be the best president in history or he’s going to be the worst president in history. It’s just that simple.”

He said liberals in Washington love to talk about “McCarthyism” and the witch hunts that they believe occurred under Sen. Joseph McCarthy, but they now engage in their own witch hunts and smear campaigns that make those of the 1950s look like child’s play.

“These are the same people now blacklisting people, destroying them, destroying their businesses,” McInerney said.

Vallely agreed that Trump must act.

“We need Donald Trump to stand and protect the country,” he said. “This is the Constitution at work, to protect America from domestic and foreign interference. And we have both right now. This is a military operation at this time to protect America. It takes a strong leader to overcome that. It takes a General Patton type of stance, a General McArthur, a General Eisenhower…This is a crucial time in American history. The next four days are going to be providential, there’s no doubt about that.”

Jones echoed those concerns.

“So when General McInerney talks about hybrid warfare, that’s what we’re talking about here,” Jones said. “This is an act of war, hacking into the U.S. election in order to install a puppet regime that’s working with the Chinese communist government.”

The sense of urgency in the two generals’ voices could not be missed.

“We have a president who is going to protect us and we must stand by him,” Vallely said. “We must turn this around and stand up. Stand up, America.”

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76 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Trump warned – act now or go down in history as the president who handed America over to communist China”



    1. If you watched to interview with Lindell, after his WH visit you would know Trump is not in control. He has bad actors giving him bad(for the country) advice about conspiracy theories and his image in history and he and his family will be prosecuted if he doesn’t go quietly. Evil has won this round and it might be worse than that. I believe our only hope is the military but that is why the swamp commies have the military around the capital. They know once the oath is given it is in the history books and much, much harder to change! Any thing after the oath is taken will be against the government of the United States and they can ask for outside help if things turn south.

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      1. I’ve wondered recently if President Trump isn’t already locked up somewhere. Agreed on lots of bad actor giving Pres. Trump bad advice including those Jezebel spirit, fake Christian counselors he has surrounded himself with in the White House. Or maybe bad actors decided to surround Trump with false Christians who share erroneous advice and wicked counsel.

        I wholeheartedly believe that President Trump is either compromised or has been reminded of the JFK and the Lincoln assassinations. Or is Trump the man we really think he is? I read a few years ago that President Trump is a trojan horse that would deceive the patriots. It looks that way to me at the moment. Looks can be deceiving as some of us have learned very well. However, I do believe that President Trump has pulled off some good political feats. I believe a lot of good things about DJT that may or may not be true. And in all fairness of anyone desirous of dying a natural death and having no desire to be martyred for a nation of wicked rulers (political, judicial, corporate and religious) along with 50-80% of the population hell-bent on enforcing and living in a fascist/marxist/nazi/communist/satanic state. No rational individual, myself included should expect anything else from Donald Trump at this point, since he has been denied a second term in office.

        Whether there will be an 11 or a 12 o’clock change in the presidential election inauguration on or after 1/20/21 prior to the next US presidential election remains to be seen. There are at least two guys on the net who have not backed down on saying that they heard from God and DJT would serve a second term in the White House. And I don’t consider these guys to be PSYOP or disinfo agents since they emphatically make mention of the judgment of God falling (which it will) upon the wicked leadership of the US and the world.


      2. Exactly, when one comes out with something which has not even begun to be suggested before one needs to know the source as there are many truths but even far more lies! One almost begins to wonder if some of what has been said is as the result of eating too much pizza prior to retiring.


      3. I am sorry to speak badly against you but one of those “. . . Jezebel spirit, fake Christian counselors he has surrounded himself with in the White House.” is Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, California and he is as straight as a die.
        By the way there is no such thing as a “Jezebel spirit” – twice the name ‘Jezebel’ is used in the bible the first time refers to the wife of King Ahab and we all know what happened to her and the other time is in Jesus’ letter to the church in Thyatira, Revelation 2:20. Both of these are human beings who, in due course, died and, therefore, they are unable to contact anybody who is alive as Jesus shows us in the account He gave of the rich man and the poor man Lazarus. There are people who can behave like these women but they are most definitely not possessed by a Jezebel spirit that is as ludicrous as a ‘python’ spirit, and other ‘named spirits’ which are doing the rounds within the circles of NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) and its cohorts. I would agree with you that some of Trump’s ‘Christian advisers’ give me serious cause for concern, but not all.


      4. I didn’t say that all of Trump’s spiritual advisors are wicked. And I doubt all of them are God fearing and righteous. In the Book Of Proverbs (13:20), it tell us that he that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. I think the Apostle Paul shared this sentiment in his Epistile To The Corinthians (I Cor. 15:33). Just saying.

        When I mentioned a Jezebel spirit. I wasn’t referring to Jezebel being a reincarnation of anyone alive today. The Jezebel mentioned in the Book Of Kings was wicked, had a rebellious, unrepentant attitude toward God, hated, persecuted and killed the prophets of God. As some of us can see from the scriptures and in life. Characters like this Jezebel and the one mentioned in Revelation Chapter 2 existed before, during and after their lives on earth. One kills the people of God and another leads people astray.

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      5. Aah, now I have read the rest of your comment, hmm you have certainly, at some point, if not now, been associated with NAR when you refer to, alleged,prophets who have said Trump would serve a second term. I would just remind you that God even has something to say about those who prophesy correctly but were not sent by Him to prophesy. There is only one Prophet now and that is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth, so anybody saying something, anything, in the name of ‘God’ was not anointed by God to say it. Anybody with any sense and even if they hardly know the Bible at all is capable of saying judgment is coming, that is self-evident to all.


      6. One of the people who is advising Trump is Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, California, are you saying that this wonderefully godly man is a ‘bad actor’ who gives ‘bad advice’? Hmm, perhaps you are not as well informed as you think you are!


      7. Trump signed the USMCA on 1/29/20. That’s when the the CV planned attack took full force. The USMCA had over 600 pages added by the Democrats that took our Sovereignty from us and gave it to the UN. Agenda 2030 is being initiated full force in America as soon as Biden is put into power by our enemies! Tom DeWeese tried to warn Trump as did others without success. We have lost our Republic! Jesus warned us in Matt 24 what to expect and 3x’s to warn not let anyone mislead you. Expect the persecution as the birth pangs have begun. Look to Jesus and get yourself right with the King of Kings for He will come to rescue His just as He said in Matt 24 v 29-31. Be ready.

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    2. Trump isn’t in control! The LEFTISTS ARE!!! Biden will be installed 12:01 am Wednesday Morning! They STOLE The election in the Night, just like they’ll install Biden at night! The Left is panicked that Trump might do something. I highly doubt he’ll do anything, but If so, he better do it Tuesday, Wednesday will be TOO LATE!!!!

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    3. I certainly hope and PRAY that your post is right Holly. What the Corrupt Democrats have done to this POTUS for OVER FIVE YEARS, is totally rotten, spiteful and hateful. Nancy PorkLosi comes to mind, with that description. There are too many to mention. But President Trump IS a Strong Man, and he withstood “ALL THE CORRUPT DEMS THREW AT HIM-

      The Obama Spying, Lying, Using All his Intel Agencies/Directors/Dirty Agents to harass him, lie about him, and spied on his campaign, intimidating those he considered for his adm. and in spite of it ALL, the POTUS Trump “Still managed to get many, many things done for the American people, and saved this Republic from going down the drain, as Obama/Biden/Hillary, etal. Planned. Their quest was for a “One World Order, wherein THEY become our Ruling Class and WE American Citizens are reduced to their Peons.”

      It has already begun as they are trying to SHUT DOWN OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH, that is GUARANTEED under our Constitution to “PROTECT AMERICAN CITIZENS AGAINST “GOV’T OPPRESSION”….which is why Obama shredded our Constitution on a daily basis and his actions AGAINST America-are many. I include the billions he gave to Iran in the dark of night, to Continue their Agenda for Nuclear Weapons, EVEN as they chanted: “DEATH TO AMERICA”

      For this action alone, Obama should have been charged w/TREASON for “Aiding and Abetting our enemy-Iran. But of course, he deliberately weakened America, Our Military, and Our Own Constitution, but it was President Trump who RESTORED America, Our Military and he saved this Republic from continuing to “GO DOWN THE DRAIN, by Obama and his Puppet Master Soros…


      1. Precious, as long as you insist on using swathes of capital letters, there are some who will just give up and not bother to read what you have written. Also there are many people we might dislike but since when is it acceptable that a Christian (I presume you are one?) uses a person’s surname and turns it into something offensive, in what manner does that display the grace of God to others?


      1. You are mixed up Joel, It was Obama(who gave Xi’s Pharma $3.6 Million-) and Dr. Fauci who are in bed with CCP- They Interfered with the 2020 Election, FOR CERTAIN…as they want Biden who will ‘go back to business with Communist China and NOT take the stands to expose China, and the lopsided advantage they had Over America that Trump changed-You apparently are listening to the Dems, who are All in for China, BUT NOT AMERICA-THEY ARE ALL IN ON THE TAKE….Just look at Biden/Hunter and even Joe’s Siblings.

        Get a Clue, and stop Lying about THIS POTUS-WHO DID “PUT AMERICA AND OUR CITIZENS FIRST!’


      2. No, the law(less) enforcement and courts are to blame…not to mention feckless state legislators who could have stopped the insane election chnges right before an election and the indifferent public idley standing by. Plenty of blame to go around


      3. Oh, you have a personal access to the truth do you? Wow that must make you feel so special! Excuse us if we kind of don’t take on board what you have said? Unless you know the President personally, which I seriously doubt, you can have absolutely no idea whether he is a coward or not. I would like to see you withstand the verbal slaughtering he has received from the moment he said he would become a candidate for the presidency up until this day, which of course, includes your precious piece of slaughtering.


      1. Perhaps you would be good enough to tell me are you a ‘worrier for Christ’ or a ‘warrior for Christ’ it is hard to figure that one out?


  1. I may not see it all happen this week. But I have heard that the judgment of God will fall any day upon corrupt politicians, judges, media whores, fake religious leaders and pedophile and child sex trafficking rings to name a few of the plague of traitorous characters in the world. Folks who have read the Book Of Revelations knows how it all ultimately ends. Until that day arrives believers in Christ would do best to focus on overcoming sin and evil through the blood of Jesus; and enduring in Christ (faith and obedience) until the end. I get it where the Apostle Peter says to make your calling and election sure. Now more than ever.

    I also get it that there are fake actors from every walk of life who are disinformation agents broadcasting bits of truth mixed with half-truths, fairytales, deception and lies. We can surely count on Jesus saving the day. There is too much corruption and treachery to expect deliverance from evil from anyone else.

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    1. Anne, i was raised a proper catholic but as i grew older i watched the degradation of the church. no man or church will ever walk me to heaven. i go on gut instinct and the church has failed due to man. BTW, when my church would not Baptize my Daughter because i was not a regular was the last straw. stay well.


      1. I presume your daughter had put her faith/trust/belief in the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth and in His life, death and resurrection? If that is so, then I do suggest that it is time you stopped calling the place where you go to worship God with others as ‘your church’ and find a far more appropriate place where the whole counsel of God is preached. I was very shocked to read what you had written bearing in mind my caveat. PS My daughter did this at the age of 5 but we wer eunable to arrange a baptism for her until she was about 10 or 11. She has never walked away from Jesus.


    2. Anne, the last book in the Bible is often misnamed. It is one revelation not many. This is stated in the beginning of the book:
      Revelation 1:
      The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His bond-servants, the things which must soon take place; and He sent and communicated it by His angel to His bond-servant John, who testified to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, everything that he saw.


      1. This is just one interpretation of the start of the Book of Revelation but in some others we are not described as ‘bond-servants’ but as ‘servants’. A small point I know and I too read the NASB but some mind find that description a little difficult to swallow. However, looking at Anne’s comment I do not see her committing the cardinal sin of referring to the last book of the Bible as trhe Book of RevelationS!


  2. What is really tragic, in one way, is that this is not a surprise, overall. It is as if the whole world is holding its breath to see what will happen on Wednesday!

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  3. Lord interven in the horrible situation that America is in. With our forgiving spirit and attitude we have taken advantage of and didn’t really see this coming until the last few years. Please restore our nation you planned to be! I claim this is Jesus name AMEN!


    1. I am so sorry to burst your bubble, my dear, but America is under God’s judgment and that which you are praying for will not come to pass. Do you really think that God is so wishy washy, so sloppy, so lacking in backbone if you will, that He would answer your prayer in the light of how many babies have been slaughtered to the god of convenience (aka Molech), in the light of America’s ‘sexual liberation’ to the point where it is being mooted that paedophilia is acceptable if the child agrees. Wow, may I encourage you to read the Word of God from cover to cover on a regular basis in order to begin to know what God is really like. Not that I know Him fully, yet, but I do know there is no way He is going to bless America, nor most countries in the world these days for the reasons stated above. You really should have seen it coming when the slaughter of babies was legalised – which was in 1967 for the UK; and when homosexuality was legalised, which again was 1967 in the UK and you should have definitely realised the minute same-sex marriage was legalised which was 2013 in the UK. In these instances of sin the UK is even ahead of the US. Never forget what, allegedly, Mrs Billy Graham once said, “If God does not judge America soon He will have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah.”


      1. Really? Well thanks for that as you obviously assume I need to know. Like Pastor Jack Hibbs I am the survivor of an abortion and, by the way, just in case you re not fully au fait with the Lord’s plans, the whole world is going to face His judgment in the very near future. I am looki9ng forward to it!


  4. This is a superbly written concise report on the conversation aired on Worldview Weekend Live January 17. I shared on MeWe and Clouthub. Regarding the frantic questioning of our military as to who they voted for these scriptures xame to mind
    Proverbs28:1 The wicked flee when no one is pursuing,
    But the righteous are bold as a lion.
    Due to a wrongdoing of a land its leaders are many,
    But by a person of understanding and knowledge, so it endures.


    1. Bless you but God did not require this of Israel in every battle, just in some so how do you know that God wants us to do nothing but twiddle our thumbs on this one?


    1. This might have been appropriate in some instances of israel’s battles but there are also times when God required His people to act, how do you know that – in the light of the over 50 years of legalised slaughter of babies and homosexual activity – this is a time when God wants us to do nothing? Under the cirucmstances considering all of us are responsible for the mess our respective countries are in, do you really believe God wants us to sit this one out?


  5. GENS Mc, Flynn, Vallely, and Mike Lindell are The Patriots Who Support President Trump with HARD FACTS, and absolute commitment to HIS CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY. Trust The Lord Jesus Christ, Mr. President.

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  6. Trump can do nothing! He has absolutely no support to inact the insurrection act or any other hail mary attempt at this point. This country doesn’t deserve Trump. We’ve murdered 60+ million unborn children! God is judging us. Get ready for tribulation or the rapture; one of these events is just around the corner.


    1. I agree. President Trump was much too good for us and we Americans’ didn’t deserve such a great man to lead our nation. He was a gift from God and I pray for him daily. I can’t imagine what he is thinking.


  7. The President is one man. He has done far more and suffered far more for America than anyone could reasonably ask. If anyone is handing America to the CCP it’s the Supreme Court and the Congress.


  8. The big problem with all this is the fact that the pentagon is against Trump and the nation. They want Biden in for some unknown reason.
    The generals are owned by the military industrial complex and they do what they’re told, and not by the president.
    So, whom can Trump rely on to do something like this???
    I can guarantee you god isn’t going to do anything. In case you haven’t figured that out, you’re really dumb. Did you see god do anything for any other nation around the world??? No!
    So if you’re waiting on god to save us you’re going to be waiting till the day you die.


    1. Actually, yes, I have seen God help another country: My Israel. It started in 1948 and has not ceased since then. He has a covenant with my people – and unbreakable, resolute covenant that He will honor.
      The next incomprehensible act to take place will be the fulfillment of the prophecy in Ezekiel 38. Where a confederacy of nations lead by Russia, will attack my people. Alas, my people will not see the hand of Jehova in their salvation. Oh, to be certain some will see the Hand of God and perhaps might even turn to Yeshua. But true to our nature, the majority will think it was our own power or our own weaponry.
      Regarding my adopted home, the United States; this Nation’s Messiah will not arrive on Air Force One, neither will he sit in the Oval office. Yeshua did not die for the sins of the USA. He died for each and everyone of us – personally. God has NO covenant with the USA. Donald Trump may not have been a Godly man but, he was God’s man for a season. That season is ended. The Abraham Accords are in place. The stage is nearly set for Ezekiel 38.

      Indeed, the founders of this grand experiment were men of devout, fervent, Christian faith evidenced by the Mayflower Compact and succeeding documents of this Nations Historical lineage. Many of those men who gave us our foundational documents were, by comparison to those whom lead us today, intellectual, moral and, spiritual giants. In the words of James Madison, “Ours is a form of government best suited for the governing of a moral and religious people. It wholly unsuited for the governance of any other.” I would agree. We have seen the evidence of that truth since the “age of liberation” in the mid 1960’s. The radicals of that era are now the leaders of today. They were weaned in hatred for this republic by many sources. They were spoon fed communism from the grammar school through college. They are reaping what has been sown.

      A previous commenter stated that we, as a Nation, were under God’s wrath for the murder of 60+ million unborn children. I also agree. The death cult of molech is alive and well here in the USA.

      In the words of Mylon LeFever ‘C’Mon and crack the sky for me. C’Mon and crack the sky and take me home. Take me home!!!”


      1. Stunning piece of writing, well observed, thank you. Yes, 14th May 1948 was one amazing day as were the days that followed. I have to accept that God has blinded His own people for now but that their eyes will be opened when they see the One they pierced and they mourn for Him.


    2. As for as my existence is concerned. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can deliver me how and when He sees fit. Whatever, whenever, however or whomever God delivers me from in this current world is fine and dandy with me. And whatever tribulations or troubles that come my way in this world that I’d rather avoid. As long as I am counted worthy to experience the promises of God mentioned in the Book Of Revelation Chapter 21:3-7, and Revelation Chapter 22:1-7 and verses 12-14. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter to me what God in His sovereignty may choose to not save or not deliver me from. Old and New Testament Saints (people of God) have endured suffering, persecution, tribulation and martyrdom for centuries. And the Apostle Peter told me in his epistle to remember the patience of Job. And Job’s latter end was more blessed than his beginning the Book Of Job tells me.

      About 5 years ago. I realized it was high time for me to start preparing myself for the possibility of being a martyr for Christ. The level of hate and division in this country lead me to that decision. The hatred and division has increased exponentially in the world since 2015 as everyone over 10 years of age should see. No one needs a PhD to realize that people have already died because of their faith in and obedience to Christ in the United States in this century. It was told that a teenager who was killed at the 1999 Columbine High School massacre was shot point blank after she made her profession of faith.

      You may choose to believe that some of us are dumb because we trust and cling to our God. In closing let me explain something to you dear soul. Some of us Christians have what I call an elephant mentally and I learned this from elephants. They are determined to reach their destinations. Every obstacle in their way that they can knock down is trampled under foot. The analogy here is that no one or no thing will keep people out of the Kingdom Of God who are hoping and preparing themselves to be there. My bible tells me in the Book Of Romans that nothing, things present or things to come can separate God’s people from the love of God through Christ Jesus. So if you believe God can’t help, save or deliver you. He has no incentive to come to your rescue.

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    3. Oh dear, there could have been so many better ways of saying that which you did say. How sad and, by the way there are many ‘gods’ but only one God – the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, also known as Almighty God, Creator of the Universe and Saviour of all who put their trust/faith/belief in Him and in His life, death and resurrection. The least we can do is show respect to Him by writing a capital ‘G’ when referring to Him.


  9. With the current events going into socialism I would venture to say the people of America will never as I say :While you were sleeping, ignoring the government etc” again.


    1. “Naive”? Are you saying that Leo Hohmann is ‘naive’? He is an investigative journalist, have you ever met or heard of an investigative journalist, of several years standing, who is ‘naive’? Wow, they are usually the ones who have dug down deep and dirty enough to actually tell it like it is!


  10. Trump isn’t going anywhere. Come on folks…do you really think those tens of thousands of NG troops are there to protect Biden? And the newly federalized Marshals…all 2000 of them…why? Miles of fencing and concertina wire…to keep whom in…or is it out…I am confused. Its going to be hashed out before the derelicts on the left even have a chance to set foot in the WH. The best is yet to come…



  11. Sorry Jefferson, the Abraham accords do not fit with Ezekiel 38. The Ezekiel 38 treaty is between Israel and Gog of Magog (Turkey). I too had a moment of pause on the Abraham Accords as they were being initially entered into, but in the end they simply don’t fit the prophecy.


    1. You are in error, Sir in your conclusion about Israel’s compact with the grave. The Son of perdition is NOT Gog or Magog. He will become the major, dominant Theo-political figure AFTER Ezekiel 38.

      A point of clarification: I did not state that the Abraham accords were the final agreement. They are the foundation upon which something else will be erected. The Hebrew word translated “confirm” is the Hebrew word ‘Higbeer,’ which means to strengthen, or enlarge or make greater. It also precludes something presently in existence before the strengthening can occur.


      1. There’s nobody like Christians for having a go at each other, it must warm the enemy’s heart. Especially when the issue is not even doctrinal.


  12. LOL, No need to freak out America. Trump and Q got everything where they want its to be. Like they say. Just kick back, make some popcorn and enjoy the shows that are coming. No need to gear up and and says “Its Wartime.” Have some faith people. The situation ain’t nowhere over yet.


  13. Insurrection Act & Obama’s Directive 51 to be ordered by President Trump TODAY!! Arrest the Democrats/Deep State/RINO/ANTIFA/Burn, Loot, Murder Traitors!


  14. Hopefully POTUS HAS SET IN MOTION ahead of time ORDERS TO BE EXECUTED, ORDERING THE Military TO ACT UNDER THE Insurrection ACT., You see Joe n camp are so paranoid now, vetting 25,000 soldiers and taking ammo away from the NG guarding him. If I were the ranking soldier I say no we don’t give up our ammo it’s for our defense too not just his. A lot of Military AR’s and PAMS are pre drafted to be executed on such and such a time as directed in the AR, AF. ME, and so on, Missions always have [GO] TIMES FOR THE OPERATION SO WE MAY NOT EE ANYTHING UNTIL THE HOUR OF EXECUTION. The Military went tp Trump asking him to run for president to get America back on track? Why would they now desert him, after he has done so much for has them? If the have the Mil has standing orders, it’s on them!! TO EXECUT!!


  15. At some point in time the Almighty will say enough and bring an end to his creation as it is now, All his prophetic utterances must come to pass and this event may be just a stepping stone in that direction. Yes we all hope for a continued Trump admen, but its the late hour now and looking bleak so keep praying, God does also CHNGE HIS MIND, BUT WITH REPENTERS LIKE THE CITY OF Nineveh IN THE BOOK OF Jonah, THEY HAS 30 DAYS TO REPENT OR ELSE. We have had 4 years to get it right, but did we? The next 24 hours will tell us how we did!


  16. If our President Trump does not act as we all hope, then the question arises,

    To please God instead of ourselves or man, Do We:

    1.) Love until we are killed for it?
    2.) Love until we are forced to kill?


    1. The best answer to that question is study what Jesus did. After all death is not the be-all and end-all of all things now is it?


  17. I agree that Trump is handing us over to the Communists.
    I really believe the Lord wanted him to rid America of the ‘deep state’ in Jan 2017. Striking when the iron was hot.
    Because he didn’t, they attacked him without mercy.
    Instead, like King Saul, Trump was busy ‘sacrificing’.
    God wanted obedience; ridding the evil leaders.


    1. Oh dear is that how you read Leo’s blog. Ah well one more hating DJT is not going to make much difference in the scheme of things, or in God’s plans. However don’t be surprised if you see him in heaven soon!


  18. Wow, lot’s of pessimism on here. Hopefully some people here have been looking at other details and sources. I have to believe that there is a lot more happening behind the scenes than we know. We have the symbolic location of Trump’s Alamo speech – we lost the battle but won the war. Then in his speech he says patriots will have a “Giant Voice” well into the future – Giant Voice is the military emergency broadcast system. In his fairwell speech he wished the new administration (not the Biden administration) great success. He said that they (the new admin) had a great foundation to build on. He said he would be back in “some form”. The Pentagon denied Biden’s transition team access to military records. Biden had to take a private jet to the inauguration – not how it is normally done. National Guard troops turned their backs to Biden’s motorcade. Why were 2,000 National Guard soldiers deputized as deputy US Marshalls? Could it be because they can serve arrest warrants? Why is there video surfacing that seems to show that Biden isn’t really in the Oval Office, but rather a movie set? Why has there been videos released that show a female officer (?) advising Pelosi to not say a word and Pelosi agreeing? Why is there audio of Biden giving a press conference and someone in the background can be heard saying “I accepted a plea deal”? It just seems there is a lot going on that doesn’t look favorable for the deep state. I think they underestimated Trump and some loyal patriots.


    1. No offense, Martin, but these are all pipe dreams. The global deep state has now removed Trump and installed its false president, just like they removed Benedict and installed their false pope in 2013.


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