‘Explosion’ reported at Georgia Guidestones: ‘Monument to the devil’ has now been ‘completely demolished’

July 6, 2022

‘For safety reasons the structure has been completely demolished.’ – Georgia Bureau of Investigation

The Elbert County Georgia Sheriff’s Office is investigating a mysterious event at the Georgia Guidestones after a picture was posted to social media showing what appears to be rubble at the site and residents reported hearing a “boom.”

It is not known at this time if the Georgia Guidestones were attacked by a person using some sort of explosive device, although that seems to be the prevailing theory, or if there could have been a small earthquake or lightning strike that partially collapsed the granite monument. This monument has been a center of controversy since it was first erected 42 years ago because it presents a set of ten “guidelines” describing a New World Order with a vastly smaller global population living “in perpetual balance with nature.”

All we know right now is this: The sound of an explosion was heard in the area around 4 a.m. Wednesday, July 6. A photo was posted to Facebook by local resident Chris Smith about 7:30 a.m. showing about half the monument lying in rubble on the ground.

UPDATE: The Georgia Bureau of Investigation came out with a statement at 12 noon Wednesday that said “unknown individuals” detonated an explosive device at the site early Wednesday morning.

Photo taken by Chris Smith at approximately 7:30 a.m. July 6, 2022.

Below is an aerial view of the destruction.

UPDATE: At about 6:30 p.m. the Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced via Twitter that the entire structure has been demolished. A surveillance video shows the structure being blown up at exactly 4:03 a.m. on Wednesday, July 6.

Watch video of authorities taking down what remained of the Georgia Guidestones.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is asking the public for tips.

The Georgia Guidestones has been referred to as “the devil’s monument,” and sits on what is now county property in Elbert County. It was erected under very mysterious circumstances in March 1980 with words etched in four granite slabs calling for, among other things, the genocide of 90 percent of the world’s population. A population of just 500 million, compared to today’s 7.5 billion, is advocated as the proper “balance” with nature.

A video was posted by a local NBC affiliate about 9 a.m. Wednesday that you can watch here. It shows county emergency response teams along with the Georgia State Patrol on the scene, and toward the end of the video a clear shot of the rubble can be seen.

Police have blocked off access to the site.

WSGC 105.3 Radio reports that “Hartwell Highway is now CLOSED between Thirteen Forks and Maple Springs Roads.  State and local law enforcement and emergency agencies are on the scene at the Georgia Guidestones, which were significantly damaged by an explosion early Wednesday morning. Take caution if traveling on the Hartwell Highway today.”

The guidestones sit on a rural site 7 miles north of Elberton on Georgia Highway 77 and are often referred to as an American Stonehenge, although some in the Christian community have labeled it the “Devil’s Monument,” or a “monument to Satan” and his minions’ obsession with eugenics, which is seen today in so many of the policies coming out of the World Economic Forum and United Nations.

Please check back as this is a developing story that we will be following all day here at LeoHohmann.com. We are based in Georgia and have reported first-hand accounts about this monument in the past, including our 2017 visit to the site.

From having visited this site, I can tell you that it is surrounded by cameras from near and afar. Nothing happens there that is not seen by the “authorities.” The fact that the GBI would be asking the public to phone in tips is itself suspicious. They have the video. They should know when/if the monument was rigged with any explosive device powerful enough to reduce its granite structure to rubble.

Carl Gallups, a pastor on Florida’s Gulf Coast and former decorated law enforcement officer who is also an author of Christian books, said Ephesians 6:10-13 comes to mind at a time like this.

“This will be an interesting story to follow,” Gallups told me. “We’ve got a spiritual war going on right here in front of our eyes, manifest in the physical.”

Technocracy expert Patrick Wood commented on his site, Technocracy.News:

“Technocracy’s handmaidens will undoubtedly take this as a direct threat to Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset program that includes population reduction and control over the earth’s resources. Erected in 1980, the Guidestones appeared to be modeled after the Club of Rome’s ‘Limits to Growth‘ that was published in 1972.”

According to the Guidestones, the following 10 principles are offered in eight different languages to ensure humankind’s “survival,” which ironically involves wiping out the vast majority of humans:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

4. Rule Passion — Faith — Tradition — and all things with tempered reason.

5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

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81 thoughts on “‘Explosion’ reported at Georgia Guidestones: ‘Monument to the devil’ has now been ‘completely demolished’”

  1. This documentary on the Guidestones was produced in 2015 and tells the story of the construction of the Georgia guidestones and who was behind it. Also of particular interest is the time capsule supposedly buried there and its contents. Also “RC Christian” the person who originated the construction of the monument later wrote a document which further explained his principles carved on the monument and gave a copy of this to the George State House. Clearly this monument was a freemason/rosicrusian symbol. Nearly all the main actors in the financing and construction of the monument were freemasons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae4GArq8VNY

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    1. Glad they are gone. Ted Turner was highly likely to have fianaced the project, since Bill Gates was too young then in 1980.

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  2. This gentleman believes it was lightning – and gives his reasons:
    This man believes and says he can prove that Lightning destroyed the GA Guidestones. Video – https://www.newswithdavid.com/did-a-lightning-strike-destroy-the-georgia-guidestones/

    He shows on map that lightning was striking in the area at the time. Also points out that the electric light flashed greatly during the explosion – and there was a blue/purple light around the slab that was hit – which lightning does emit and a bomb would not do.

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    1. Wolf Moon @QTH commented the reasons he thought it was lightning – and that it was demolished instead of repaired – because it did not have lightning rods. Quarries in the Elberton area are already volunteering to donate stone for a rebuild (GOD forbid)

      If it was lightning – why did it take 42 years to be hit on that wide open high prominence?


    2. Thanks for posting GA/FL. Will read the info. Wish there was more coverage on the devil stones. I can’t get enough of hearing of their demise. Makes me feel like another devil Queen Jezebel reign has finally come to an end. Lots of people are sharing my sentiments over this.

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  3. Only bad thing is it didn’t all collapse into dust that the wind could blow away!! Hateful evil thing should have been taken down a long time ago. The destruction shows our feelings about them and their elaborate evil plans. If it was an earthquake then it was God’s like He did the tower of Babble.


  4. wondering….if they find out who did this, will DOJ / Garland go after them??

    considering all the civil war and other historical monuments/memorials that were destroyed by antifa / blm ….were any of those thugs charged????


    1. Thank you so much for reporting this Tim! I have no sorry or regrets about this exciting news. May those who loved the devil stones and what they represented live in perpetual grief over their justifiable demise. May the spot they rested on be an everlasting desolation.

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    1. the US Congress under Trump should have given notice to the UN Commie-shioner that they need to find a new permanent home outside of the USA. I am sure Trump and his cabinet could have found a way to do this legitimately in their second term had the election not been stolen.


    2. Karen Bracken says:
      July 6, 2022 at 10:40 pm

      RE: “This monument, to the destruction of the US, should have been blown up decades ago.”

      Lucifer’s invincible antichrist spirit authored the sacred eugenic text of the Georgia Guidestones, and should not be casually regarded as a harmless standing stone monument that can simply be blown up and carted away. The Marxist Beast’s antichrist spirit insidiously inhabits uncountable billions of deluded human souls that are digitally marked and enslaved within Socialism’s abominable Security System. The Lord Jesus jealously commands the wise virgins in His holy Bride to repent of idolatrously being flag-waving patriots of Freemasonry’s Great American Whore, and to come out of the Fourth Reich’s global Socialistic Security System.


    1. So true Peter. God moves in His own time and in His own way. There’s a song about the Lord never being too early, never too late but always on time. These last few days feels almost like a dream to me. It tells us in the Book Of Hebrews not to be weary in well doing, for you shall reap if you faint not.


    2. What I’m wondering is if it really was God, though. More than anything what this will probably do is goad on people who believed in the same principles as espoused by the Guidestones, and the timing is suspect.

      God has stayed His hand since they were erected in 1980, why wait and do it NOW? Frankly, it seems more like a signal or spur to the lost. The saved already know they were lies on dead stones.

      It sounds to me like the destruction certainly could have been spiritual. There are cameras pointed directly at the monument, the explosion is caught on video, yet the police are still calling for tips from the general populace?

      I had a coworker just a few minutes ago showing me clips from some personality about how it must have been a Directed Energy Weapon. Several problems with that:

      1. If you want to blow something up at a distance, rockets or hand/rifle grenades work wonders.
      2. I’ve worked in classified areas for the government. Last thing I heard that could do this was the M.A.R.A.U.D.E.R. plasma accelerator and Shiva Star energy banks, and those were NOT portable.

      You could look up some other promising stuff, like Pulsed Energy Projectile technology, but the generators on that were ~500 pounds. In short, it’s highly unlikely anyone developed phasers and this was their first target.

      So either the destruction was spiritually caused (which would explain the police repsonse of “We don’t know”), or there were chemical explosives manually attached or shot from range which would be on video.

      This is worth keeping an eye on: I wouldn’t be surprised if any “suspects” they find just happen to be Christians/”Christian” or somehow can be tied to Christians and conservative politicians if you rea-ea-lly squint hard. Of course it’s absurd that we leave those abominations alone for 42 years and NOW decide to blow them up, but “never let a catastrophe go to waste”…

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      1. The Marxist Beast’s ten-horned technocracy will demonically explode in a murderous rage against the ‘Christian’ patriots in Uncle Sam’s Harlot Judaeo-Xian nation. For the Beast will take this lawless attack against its sacred Georgia Guidestones, by patriotic American revolutionaries, as a direct threat to Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset eugenic program.

        The Beast’s AI technocracy omnisciently watches over every digitally-marked soul that is a dependent ward incarcerated within Socialism’s abominable Security System. Every word that these Socially Secured souls post on social media is being recorded and monitored. Every posted comment that celebrates the destruction of the Beast’s eugenic Guidestones’ will be red-flagged as coming from a hostile enemy that is to be aborted from the Marxist State. Branded for life with the Beast’s SS#, they are not unlike beef cattle with their owner’s digital name stapled to their ear. Contently chewing their cud, these deluded beasts fatten up in the comfortable ‘security’ of the slaughterhouse feedlot. Oblivious to the holocaust that awaits their numbered souls, they are analogous to the Third Reich’s Jews who were corralled, numbered, showered, and thrown into Auschwitz’s ovens.

        Jesus warned His wise virgin Bride that men would give an account for every careless word they have foolishly spoken on the day of judgment. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words, you will be condemned.” The one who wisely guards his mouth [thinking before he speaks] protects his life; The one who foolishly opens his lips wide [and chatters without thinking] comes to ruin. Matthew 12:37; Proverbs 13:3


      2. They seem to have already said a vehicle was present, and they found detonation materials.
        The FBI will be all over this, unlike bombings at pregnancy centers or vandalizing actual churches, some godless rocks, they’ll be on it 24/7. They suspect a…..ohhh….Christian! Shhh….those bad guys, gotta get em off the street. I hope it was an act of God, which lightning or an earthquake certainly would be in this case. If that turns out to be it, go immediately to Confession, repent and start to praying, God’s coming and He’s not happy.
        Come to think of it, you should do that anyway.

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      3. What you say ties in with an article that points out how suspicious it is that the authorities would be able to move in heavy equipment to take the stones down the same day (sorry, no link). For that and other reasons, he believes the plan was for the builders themselves (or associates) to cause the explosion, set up the quick response of authorities, and then blame us, as you said. He says a lot about the significance of the numbers (time and other things). I don’t know, but it would be interesting if we heard that Christians are being blamed.


  5. “Protect people and nations”? Right, by injecting us all with poison “vaccine” and destroying national borders. Global means Global, a One World Government, the wiping out of borders along with most of the people. NATO and the EU along with the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan is the growing list of nations that will become the Global Government, once Russia and India are converted and China is reduced to a quivering, mindless jelly.

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  6. Thank you to whomever risked personal prosecution from the state & federal authorities who surely – watch and observe – will be more interested in finding the destroyer of the Baal worshippers’ stone monument than the destroyers of lawful society by lack of interest in prosecution of real criminals rampant in the high places of Wall Street and Washington including FDA and CDC.

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  7. I was just thinking about that thing the other day and wondering why it’s still standing…..answered prayer hearing about its destruction!


  8. I would like to think God busted up this monument, just like he did Dagon, the fish god of the Philistines, when the Ark of the Covenant was brought into the temple. But I would not put it past the very people who agree with the “commandments” on the Guidestones to destroy it and blame right wing, Bible-thumping, Christian fanatical bigots, because they seem to want an excuse to either draw us into a civil war, or declare martial law.

    In any event, if we are truly living in the last days, expect Christians increasingly to be victims of cancel culture. Persecution will get sharper, and if they can’t find fault with us, they’ll manufacture some.

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  9. So glad to hear that monument to the evil globalists plan is gone. If the government is removing statues of our history then the people can remove statues that advocate for Marxism/communism. Good on them! And they did it without harming a single person. The difference between conservatives and liberals.

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  10. It would be great to find out there was a tiny earthquake that only took down those stones. Almost like a miracle. Remember that bolt of lightning that singed away that shrine set up to venerate/worship that dead criminal George Floyd?
    I strongly suspect Ted Turner of setting them up. Why?
    1. He’s very vocal about being pro abortion and anti natalist. Said the State should be able to limit children couples have.
    2. He went on record shortly after these stones appeared saying the Ten Commandments are obsolete. Boasted that he could write better ones.
    The devil is definitely at work now. You can see his handiwork everywhere. It’s nice to see occasional actions from our rightful Ruler.
    The prince of this world rules through might as a usurper. Not a lefitimate ruler at all. Kind of like the people in government who steal and harm rather than governing. Satan seems to be yanking those around like puppets nowadays.

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    1. It doesn’t look like earthquake damage, though, Rachel. It looks more like there was an explosion on the side towards the photographer: there is a cloud of fine dust in the foreground where the explosive ablated the surface, with debris launched well off into the background.

      Something similar might happen if the stone was snapped in two, but no dust would be in the foreground. And for an earthquake to destroy stone in that fashion (snapping it) the stone would have to be rigidly fixed at the top so ground motion could twist it into snapping.

      In their configuration, an earthquake should only have knocked the stones over. And why aren’t the other stones standing literally a couple of feet away not affected?

      If God had quashed it, He wouldn’t sort-of blast 25% of it in a half-baked attempt and then leave the rest – we’d see slag and a smoking crater, not much else. So either it was demonic or human caused, and if human then why haven’t police released video of the destruction? Sure would help to catch the perpetrators, and the whole “monument” was on video surveillance!

      I would bet a false-flag operation so that they can see who they can pin this on. It wouldn’t help liberal/progressive/elite “narratives” if a male/female, black/white, tall/short individual is seen setting charges on the video yet they accuse a female/male, white/black, short/tall (i.e. opposite) individual.

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      1. Yes, so someone illegally put up a monument on county property and it was never removed because why? Why didn’t the people there make “their” government take it down. I bet if you put up the 10 commandments it would’ve been down in a heartbeat.

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    1. The story notes that it is located on property owned by Elbert County.
      This begs the questions:
      What do the County Commissioners know about it?
      Did they give approval for erecting it?
      Has the monument’s presence been discussed at a regular public County Board or Commission meeting?
      These seem like basic questions a journalist would ask but I have not seen any answers- sans this website that noted who owns the land.
      If a “Let Freedom Ring” monument had been mysteriously erected on public land with all our founding documents engraved in granite there would have already been civil unrest by the thugs of the Bolshevik Democrat Party.


      1. Thomas, this was private property when the Guidestones were erected back in March 1980. It only became county owned property within the last two or three years.


  11. Praise the Lord for His encouragement to us, His Children, in these wicked last days! This is yet another message letting us know He is sovereign, He hears our prayers, and all will be well. Hallowed be HIS name. HIS Kingdom come, HIS will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven!

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  12. Thanks Leo! This news with my morning cup of coffee goes great together! Hope nobody was hurt but happy that this globalist monument goes to dust!
    Booo hooo illumi naughty” 🙂

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  13. Leo, you made my day. I hope no one was hurt. I think the Lord’s hand may have been in the partial takedown of the devil’s Guidestones. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the rest of that monstrosity collapses into the ground. Looking forward to the days when divine intervention brings down every evil monument on the planet. Will rejoice here with the fall of every tower of Babal.

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    1. Anne:
      July 6, 2022 at 3:46 pm
      Will rejoice here with the fall of every tower of Babal, including the Freemason’s licentious Statue of Liberty and Washington Monument. When the Lord’s hand destroys the Beast’s sacred Masonic edifices, they will be utterly vaporized in His fiery wrath. Foolish Judaeo-Xian patriots of the great American Whore have broken Uncle Sam’s civil law by defacing and damaging the devil’s Guidestones. This defiant political act of anarchy will cause the ten horns of the Beast to violently turn against them in a murderous demonic rage. Their digitally marked souls will suddenly be aborted out of the Social Security System of the Beast’s UN Global Village (See Revelation 17:16-17).

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