It Begins: FBI raids house, terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board, elections

By Leo Hohmann via Worldview Weekend Report

An FBI SWAT team raided the home of an activist mother of four in Colorado on Tuesday, Nov. 16, knocking down her door, bursting into the house with guns and handcuffing her while she was homeschooling her children.

This is the first known case of the federal government making good on its promise to not only intimidate but actually carry out a raid on a mom who was involved in her local school board politics, said Brannon Howse, who interviewed Sherronna Bishop at Lindell TV Wednesday night. 

The U.S. Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland issued an Oct. 4 memorandum directing federal, state and local law enforcement to look for parents to prosecute nationwide who may have made “threats” and made “harassing” phone calls to school board members nationwide, equating such parents to domestic terrorists.

Now a mother, Sherronna Bishop of Grand Junction, Colorado, has felt the brute force of the FBI’s heavily armed SWAT unit used against her family.

Sherronna Bishop has been active in school board politics throughout Colorado and operates a website that helps educate parents nationwide about their children’s education.

She was at home with her three children about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday when she heard someone pounding on the front door, then using a battering ram to break it down. She said the officers “manhandled” her 18-year-old daughter, pulling her up the stairs by her hoodie, while another officer put her in handcuffs and ushered her out of the house. They proceeded to search the entire house.

UPDATE AS OF NOV. 19: The FBI has filed no charges against Bishop.

Three of Bishop’s four children, ages 8, 10 and 18, were home at the time of the raid, as was her husband, who was also handcuffed. Her 17-year-old son was at his high school.

Besides being a frequent attendee at her local school board meetings, Bishop has also been active in the voter integrity movement in her state and locality. She runs the website, and on that site she features an article and video under the title We the Parents: How Did We Get Here?

She said she has not been guilty of anything but speaking her mind in accordance with her First Amendment rights.

“This is still the United States of America, where we are able to state what we think and we believe,” she told Howse. “There was some pounding on my door. I didn’t really know what to think, I thought at first it might be some neighbor kids. They were pounding profusely, and then it hit me it was the FBI. I took my kids to their bedrooms. They used a battering ram to bash down my door, they cuffed me. And then proceeded to search and go through my whole home.”

She said the agents would not tell her why they were searching her home. They did leave behind documents related to the search warrant, saying they entered her home because she was suspected of causing “intentional damage to a protected computer, wire fraud and conspiracy to cause damage to a protected computer.”

“I don’t know anything about this. They couldn’t explain any of this,” she said. “I will tell you why: they were at my home to intimidate me, to shut me up, because I was using my First Amendment rights to advocate for [Mesa County Clerk] Tina Peters on the issue of Dominion [voting machines] and the damage done in our election. And they’ll never be held accountable. Instead they will criminalize this woman who has stood up.”

“I know people will say, well Sherronna, why don’t you just shut your mouth… That’s exactly what they hope you will do. I can open my mouth and say whatever I want to say and that is not a criminal action. This is about their desire to shut you down and stop you from saying it.”

“I’m a law abiding citizen, I’m very supportive of law enforcement,” she continued. “I love the Constitution. And what happened yesterday, what happened is something I never imagined I would experience in America.”

Bishop said she uses her website,, to educate and inform parents and moms regarding their children’s education.

“And since then we’ve gotten involved in school board races. I love my state. I’m a fourth generation Coloradan. Most recently I’ve been a very vocal advocate of a candidate [Peters]… She’s had to fight for her own life, and a guess now I’ll have to fight for mine.”

Bishop has been part of a group of parents that have been successful in fighting the teaching of critical race theory and school mask mandates.

“Colorado was able to flip nine school boards this year. We were able to get one of our leftists to resign and we also flipped our school board in the election,” Bishop said. “And people like me are considered domestic terrorists now, because we don’t stand for the policies that have been forced upon our children.”

Howse said history will be kind to Bishop.

“I believe you will go down in history as the first mom targeted [by the FBI]. The FBI has said it plans to do this and I believe you are the first mom to have this done to you. Mask mandates, opposing critical race theory, election theft, which Biden said if you question that you are involved in subversion. But I believe you are the first mom to have been targeted and had your door literally busted down while you were homeschooling your kids.”

Bishop said she has always made a point of being transparent.

“I have always made myself available, I’ve never tried to hide from anything and now for them to bash my door down, manhandle my daughter… I think the timing is really interesting, because we don’t want people to be silent because of what happened to me. If anything I want people to be more vocal,… because this is still America and you still have the right to stand up for yourself and your family.”

“I believe elections have consequences, and in this case this illegitimate regime is having serious consequences for all of America.”

Howse asked if she ever thought she would be targeted in this way by her own government.

“No I never thought in America that a suburban housewife and mom would have her door bashed in by the FBI,” she said.

He asked about her three children.

“My kids are very resilient. And part of schooling them has been to teach them the proper role of government and the proper role of law enforcement and I can’t convince them now that the FBI are good guys. And I really have my own doubts about that now. You cannot just say ‘I followed orders’ to go bash someone’s door down. They are responsible for what they are doing.”

Howse had just concluded a series of interviews with a panel of four retired FBI agents just days before the raid in which they had described similar raids against non-violent patriotic Americans over the last few years, starting with Gen. Michael Flynn in 2016, followed by the pre-dawn raid on author and Trump ally Roger Stone in 2019 and then the violent entering of journalist James O’Keefe of Project Veritas just last week.

“I was on the [FBI] SWAT team for several years,” said Brian Shepard, appearing with three other retired FBI agents at a symposium aired by WVW TV on Nov. 16. “And I can tell you from my experience, and I think all others of the bureau agents here would echo what I’m going to say. We never conducted a search or conducted an arrest of someone who was not a violent offender. And the thought when I heard about what happened with Roger Stone, just outraged me so much that, it just rose up inside me.”

Now, an activist mom has been targeted, raising the question: Has the FBI become the political shock troops for the White House, seeking to harass and intimidate anyone who speaks out against its policies?

Howse said it was obvious that Shepard became emotional when he began talking about how the bureau, he gave the better part of his life to serve, had now taken to bashing down the doors of non-violent American patriots.

“Brian’s reaction is very typical of men in that generation who served in the FBI, and many of those men have responded the same way, because they gave the best years of their lives to the agency, and upheld what they believed were the values of the agency, bravery, integrity and fidelity, and they become emotional when they saw how this has been discarded. They are beside themselves. It happened to others and now it happens to you, within days of our filming [of the panel].”

Bishop said the timing was not lost on her.

“I can’t explain it. I can’t explain being a target, for an agency that typically takes down the cartel, human trafficking, and now I’ve had my children traumatized and if this can happen to me, they’ll come for you too.”

“I made myself completely transparent to them and yet they chose to break down my door, terrorize my kids and try to intimidate me.”

She said the agents took her phone and other devices and kept her handcuffed for at least 30 minutes.

“No, I never had any access to any voting machines. They know I am just a voice, an advocate. We must have been effective. I know the people here, they’re not going to back down, and we’re not going to stop. In times past they never would have moved forward on this, but the narrative in America right now is one that is pushing a progressive narrative of communism. Now you can stay in your home and talk about it privately but you dare not come out and talk about it publicly …or they will send the FBI to your door because according to this regime you are a domestic terrorist.

“We’ve got to stick together and we can’t let these thugs put us into fear and intimidation.”

Howse said he was shocked by the news of Bishop’s experience.

“I could see them moving against someone like me, or Mike Lindell. It is hard to see them coming after someone like you, to come after a mom, who is working at the school board level and the election level, and to bust your door down? This is totally unprecedented by the agency in how they conducted themselves. So even for someone who has studied communism and a color revolution, the way they are doing it and the pace at which they’re doing it, I never anticipated it to move this fast.” is 100 percent reader supported. Help us keep the cutting edge investigative reports and timely commentary coming: Send your contribution c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264, or via credit card below.

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114 thoughts on “It Begins: FBI raids house, terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board, elections”

  1. Well Leo, FBI agents have to eat too ya know? If they didn’t make this “raid” on Mrs. Bishop, they probably would have been reprimanded by their superiors (Biden appointees, all) and reassigned to the boonies somewhere, if not outright fired. I am absolutely flabbergasted that this can happen in the USA, just as is Mrs. Bishop. The country is teetering on anarchy, all stemming from a stolen election. She is a brave American and I salute her and her organization.

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    1. You coward you! Don’t you dare make excuses for this vile and disgusting action!! My god, choke on your wicked tongue you. Those federal thug pukes should be beyond ashamed and resign or find a new line of work. There is NO honor at all in terrorizing women who speak at school-board meetings. This is the crap that goes on in China and Russia.


      1. If the mom was really smart, she would stay away from public schools, having nothing to do with these scum bags who want to wallow in filth. Parents who send kids to public schools want their kids to learn perversion and filth anyway.

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    2. trump should have cleaned house, as in, “your services are no longer required,” to a couple thousand of fbi, cia, and military. someone signed off and approved that raid.
      obama purged the military of conservatives, trump could do the same to traitors. being new to politics, he picked and depended on many wrong people, such as his 1st worthless AG, sessions.


    3. I signed up for WordPress just to comment on this.

      If you did mean that as sarcasm, you did a terrible job of it. If it wasn’t sarcasm….

      Wow. SMH. This isn’t the group for you.


      1. I am so ashamed of the country the USA has become! Instead of going after child sex trafficking illegal immigrants crossing our border to get the free hand out the Biden administration is offering we’re going after moms who are homeschooling what the hell?


    4. The FBI has been practicing illegitimate raids for several years now, though they often do it when their victim leaves the house empty for the day, or preferably the entire weekend. They literally sneak in to unlawfully watchlisted people’s houses (AKA “domestic terrorists”) and install pinhole cameras and mics in EVERY room, from which they then proceed to watch you use the restroom, take showers, sleep, etc. I know this is mind-blowing to think about, but believe me, there’s no limit to what these bastards will do to harass innocent people for revenge and profit. Also, they hire your neighbors via the local sheriff’s department and the neighborhood watch group, to cyberstalk you, pick through your trash, burglarize your house every time you leave, and worse. They make a whole economy out of subjugating their innocent neighbors, who, I’m convinced, they KNOW are innocent, but refuse to acknowledge that fact, because where’s the profit in THAT? These disgusting bullies also get sick enjoyment out of watching people in their private moments and laughing about them later, because THEY ARE UNCREATIVE, BRAINLESS DOOFUSES WHO ARE INCABLE OF MAKING A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD OR EVEN JUST RUNNING THEIR OWN LIVES, SO THEY HAVE TO RUIN SOMEONE ELSE’S. I ALSO BELIEVE THAT THESE SAD LITTLE PEOPLE (RIGHTFULLY) HAVE LOW SELF-ESTEEMS AND NEED TO PULL DOWN EVERYONE WHO’S BETTER THAN THEY ARE.


    5. Yeah, Maybe next time they will start the gas chambers as those nazi’s were just following orders and needed to eat too. Morons like you are what got us to this point in the road, appeasing the mental class to feel good inside or attempt to justify this type of stuff. Well, I guess Lil Kim Jung Un is a good guy, as he too has to eat.


    6. Yea? Nazi guards had to eat too. Abortionists have to eat too. Never do anything that is wrong unethical or immoral for a paycheck or money. You will be held accountable.


  2. Christians should become more proactive in providing an alternative educational system. Or rather a local network of systems. Small parochial schools, homeschool hubs, and homeschooling parents to advise and help each other. And reach out to parents seeking to leave these institutions.
    Of course these guys love bullying and will pick fights over that. But walking away would leave these Marxist boards with fewer kids to hurt or parents to “trigger” them. There is no way such corruption can ever be fixed when a corrupt state is behind the whole thing.
    Christians can “fight” this corruption best by reclaiming areas the Church abdicated to Uncle Sam decades ago. Education, medicine, and providing for the poor.
    As a virtuous pagan said, “It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.”

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    1. I don’t see churches doing any pushback around me. They follow the dictates of politicians and sit in the pews masked up. No fellowship while getting sermons about fellowship. Mine can’t even set up a freekin coffee machine with a plate of cookies anymore. Singing sad joyless hymns thru a face panty. Only old folks—the children and young families are gone in my small town. I’m old and I’m done. I looked into another more Unitarian Universalist in the next town and you had to make a reservation on line to attend. NOPE. If satan had a plan—this surely is the one. We are cautioned by Jesus to not follow the “powers and principalities of this world”. False prophets. I’m preparing myself and getting close to God—the only voice I listen to now. I feel more worshipful walking in the woods on my own or with the real fellowship of friends. God will win—but it won’t be pretty and too many are deceived.

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      1. There are Catholics–the kind who are angry at the corruption in the Vatican–and the Greek Orthodox Church. But too many Protestants don’t know because they don’t care.
        This could cost them their souls. The System they blindly obey is so clearly evil now. Almost everything they forbid is godly. Meeting with friends/family, helping your neighbor, working for a living, going to church. Everything they order is evil.
        This is a one world system. They talk about a vaccine you cannot buy or sell without. (Bill Gates has it slated to come out as a patch for one of those boosters.) How can the Christians not dig in their heels?
        Some are. FINALLY.
        Doug Wilson. John MacArthur.
        My preacher is Amillennial, but I’m able to reach him and his wife. You don’t have to agree this is the Kingdom of the Beast to realize all is not well.
        Doug Wilson is Postmillennial. John MacArthur is Pretrib Premillennial. But both are taking a stand. MacArthur has said what I have.
        Everything our alleged federal government orders is evil now. Everything it forbids is good.
        Tribulation has been around since the church began. As far as suffering goes, it’s hard to beat getting crucified or turned into a human torch.
        The significance of the political system described in Revelation 13 is that it is global (every nation and race) and has a single currency controlled by one man with “the number of a man.” (If the man chose the number I guess that makes it his?) It also makes it clear that Christians must be faithful and persevere. And this time is restricted to 42 months for some reason.
        “But no man knows the day or the hour. If this is what Revelation 13 predicts and we take it literally we could pinpoint the day of His Return.”
        Nope. It’s hard to say exactly when the Beast System started or will start. The currency patch has been rolled out already in parts of India. Even after it ends, that doesn’t mean Christ will come immediately.
        Just wish more practiced discernment. Just asked if this was the right thing to do. I wish more would pray about it.
        Writing about the morality of what we are doing using Substack. Rnichols dot substack dot com /p/the-weapons-used
        Publishing a book in serial form to be used in women’s Bible studies or independently. 21st western Christian women lack discernment and courage. They love comfort, safety, and the approval of others. A book for them is needed.

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      2. Great comment Rachel as usual. Feel free to put the URL of your work in this space for my readers to click over to. I haven’t read it yet but I trust anything you write will be solidly biblical.

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      3. Excellent post your not alone. Lukewarm church has no idea what’s coming. I left churchianity years ago. Only thing churchy people say is where do you go to church? If its acceptable for gubermint to do this then they are next. I support whatever Gods will is period. His Kingdom come His will be done.

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      4. We’re pretty much down to the Charismatic Catholics and Fundementalist/Eastern Rite Catholics. The Prodies are too much ‘pie in the sky when you die types’ and too much into $.


    2. Majority of corp. churches w/ apostate 501c3 pastors are controlled by the state run heirarchies/nat. assoc. People need to leave these social clubs and pro globalist denominations. Home church or meet w/ friends for fellowship and /or go online to: for fundamental preaching. Remember HItler and Stalin subverted the churches to comply to the state leaders.

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      1. There is a plethora of pathetic pantywaist pastors, positioned behind pretty pulpits, placating parishioners proudly positioned on padded pews. I pity America without pastors with the power of those who have preceded them.


      2. The churches easiest to corrupt are those with a clear hierarchy and megachurches. The first is easy to infiltrate at the top. The latter can be manipulated by donations and risk of public shaming.
        But the churches going along with Covid fascism are committing suicide. Though they don’t realize it yet.
        They have already lost many members and will eventually agree to go online only permanently. Using Big Tech platforms easy to censor or report on.
        My own church is wonderful. I love to meet them in the flesh. But we are non denominational and less than 120 in number. Grass roots and decentralized. The kind of thing technocrats hate unless they can use it. Both make things (and people) harder to control.


  3. This is our ROTTEN Communist government harassing individuals.
    We really need to PRAY hard for these people targeted by these antiChrist psychos


  4. Thank you, Leo, for your articles and your diligence and faithfulness to get the truth out to us. I found out about you through Jan Markell. God bless you both.

    I am dismayed, but not surprised, that instead of living under Constitutional liberty, freedom and protections FROM our government, we now have to adjust to living in fear OF our government, just like every other country that fell to communism. And these Democommunists and Republicommunists are all in this together. Most politicians are professional liars. My Dad says if there is no special Hell for politicians, then there is no Hell at all. I’m sure there are one or two true Americans still serving in our government, but alas, not enough to stop it or really do anything about it.

    If God is NOT judging America for not repenting of our national sins, then we must be REALLY in for it in the near future. It doesn’t seem like the communist steamrolling of America is being stopped by anyone. Rush Limbaugh must be turning over in his grave. I hear lots of great speeches, but nothing being done to stop it. Talk is cheap, right? I have no faith in the results of upcoming elections because, just like they stopped Trump’s second term (and nothing has been done about that either), they will stop EVERYBODY who opposes them the same way they stopped Trump. They’ll just send America’s KGB after their opponents, like they did to the parents in your article. I have no hope of a great or even a good future for myself, my children or grandchildren in communist Amerika. My only hope now is for The Great Snatching Away of The Church of Jesus Christ. I pray for that everyday.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I know The Lord is in charge. But I hate to see what is happening to America. God help us. Thanks, Leo. Joe Hartka ________________________________

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  5. THE LORD called and called the MEN TO STAND UP AND PROTECT THEIR WOMEN AND CHILDREN,but the men refused ,They said WE WILL NOT HEARKEN TO YOUR COMMANDS,we would rather be sent to hell then fighht OUR HERO’S .WE LOVE SATAN AND HIS WOLFPACKS,we will not lift a finger tisave the women and children SENT US TO HERLL..


  6. THE LORD told all the people,YOUR GOVERNMENT IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE,TO TO BOTTOM ,INSIDE AND OUT,THERE ARE NO GOOD ONES LEFT,,the men will not stand up..AMERICA will be removed from the NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT ,there won’t be more then a few hundred survivors


    1. Men don’t stand up anywhere, look at Australia and New Z, sissy spineless men, ditto for the E.U. more E.U. lockdowns and now must show covid pass on phone, like in L.A. and NYC now, but we must fight back which will be mostly women.


      1. In ‘One’ Hour (Future) the U.S.A. will be judged by God of the Bible, and made a waste land. Please look up and get the study guide showing where America IS IN the Bible, http://WWW.PROPHECYUSA.ORG America has an ‘appointed’ time to meet HER fate for the Sins SHE has committed. You will not be disapointed !


  7. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn, “The Gulag Archipelago.”

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    1. “We didn’t love freedom enough”. Chilling statement but very appropriate for 2021 America. Whether real or imagined, COVID-19 and America’s reaction to it told the globalists everything they needed to know about who loves their freedom and liberty and who would just blatantly hand it over in exchange for safety. All over a virus that is 95-98 recoverable.


      1. Joe: majority of Americans functionally illiterate, also missing left brain function. For most parents, having kids was an afterthought, they don’t care who or what schools are teaching thier kids. These sorry parents are also products of public education and liberal colleges.

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  8. If anyone reading about this incident was clinging to the fiction that the United States is still a democratic republic, I hope he or she has been disabused of that belief. The degeneration is proceeding faster and faster to try to keep ahead of increasing public awareness of something seriously wrong.

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  9. They are moving very fast and “We The People” are still in a deep slumber. Until we finally take to the streets in the 10’s of millions nothing will be done. Counting on the GOP is ludicrous.

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  10. You know, I’m really beginning to think UCKF the FIB. They worked against the people’s choice Donald Trump and his friends and now they are working against moms at home.

    Unforgivable and they better stop this SH IT of theirs.


  11. This article should be screamed from the rooftops as the roaches need the light of truth shined on them! Their nefarious deeds need to be shown to the world. Individual officers ARE responsible not for the search warrant, but for their own conduct while serving that warrant. Once they see there’s no threat to them from a mom and her three kids, they should be on their best behavior. Problem is, many people are corrupted by the power they wield and should not be in the job they have.


    1. Not only that, but FBI agents take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the U.S. When they are called upon to violate these laws, they have a duty to disobey these unconstitutional orders. In fact, if these orders continue, FBI agents have a duty to remove offending managers from their jobs in the FBI. Where are those in the FBI who will uphold the Constitution?

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  12. The Left understands where the Culture War frontline is located!
    The battle front is for the hearts and minds of our children.
    We MUST rescue our children from public school indoctrination centers.


    1. Yes, Richard! And foolishness to hand over one’s children to be digitally-marked dependent-wards of Marxism’s Social Security System. From cradle to grave their numbered souls are held captive as the Beast’s enslaved merchandise.


  13. To leave one’s children in the care and control of total strangers, in the government indoctrination centers….aka public schools, should no longer be an option. They are institutions of darkness!

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  14. Hmmm…these jackbooted thug FBI agents were “just following orders.” Where have we heard that excuse for bad behavior in the past? Without men and women willing to stoop so low tyranny wouldn’t be enforceable.


  15. “I was using my First Amendment rights . . .”, “I can open my mouth and say whatever I want to say . . .” Nope, not when you’re a 14th Amendment ‘citizen’ OF (means belongs to, created by, or a member of) the United States. You may THINK you’re entitled to the protections of the Bill of Rights, but NOT when you’ve been converted to a cash cow for the international municipal corporation called the United States (Inc.). You don’t know that you’re considered a state-created ‘person’ – a fictional entity that exists ONLY on paper – by the registration of your birth with the corporate state’s ‘department of health / vital statistics” and, more importantly to them and their schemes, also the FEDERAL level’s “department of COMMERCE”. Your parents gave up your birthrights for you when they unknowingly ceded your ‘vessel’ to the international investment corporation for the benefit of the Queen. Your actions are considered mutiny (since it’s in admiralty) and they can treat you however they want – IN THEIR SYSTEM. The trick is to comprehend who and WHAT you are – a woman, not a state-created ‘person’ – and take back YOUR body, YOUR good name and return to the status of an American on the land and soil jurisdiction and get OUT of THEIR admiralty/maritime jurisdiction system. Go to or and start reading. This is what your children’s HISTORY and GOVERNMENT home schooling lessons should include. They certainly didn’t teach any of this stuff in the government-funded brain laundries, because it would have shown us how we’ve been hoodwinked by a bunch of bankers and how we’ve been taken advantage of for over 160 years – as chattel. Want proof? See the article #3349 on


  16. How utterly despicable!!! This further proves how utterly corrupt the US Government has become. Sadly this is only the tip of the iceberg! Those following Leo for any length of time realise that it is currently many times worse in other countries. Australia and Canada ore just a couple of examples.

    With so many media sites under the control of ”others” they are no longer independent and little truth is shared by them. Where I live there is virtually nothing in the press, we stopped watching TV programmes years ago. We are banned from any sizable shops and any areas of recreation. The hospitals are also barred. Many surgeries are also out of bounds. The surgery that I attended for years for treatment – Just one Doctor and one other practitioner, literally closed the door in my face when I did not have a ”free pass’ – We are no longer free.

    That is the really , really bad news – However FEAR NOT! There is good news and that can only be found in and by Jesus Christ of Nazareth – He is our only Hope and it is a blessed Hope. Submit to Him, admit to Him that you are in need of His free gift of Salvation, yes Eternal Salvation, we cannot buy it or earn it because it is a free Gift. Once we have received it let us do the best that we can to encourage others to also receive it. The time is really running out, any moment now the end will come and thus we need to share whilst we are ”permitted” to go outside and talk to those who do not yet know Jesus Christ of Nazareth as their personal Saviour.

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  17. Fellow Patriots, call the Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, tel:303-894-2200 and let her know we the people have had enough. Jena is Soros funded and decrees Colorado elections as she sees fit. Another Patriot, Tina Peters, a Mesa county CO, election official, in her 60s, a Gold Star mother, had similar treatment by the same jack-booted thugs on the same day.
    In the time it takes to read this comment you can make a difference by calling her office.


  18. The FBI, once the world’s finest investigative organization with the highest standard of integrity, is now a criminal organization. They were corrupted to the core starting at least from the 1993 FBI files sent to the Whitehouse. then the hounding of the innocents in the anthrax and Olympic park attacks, the Crime lab faking results to get convictions, lying to the FISA Court, attempts to influence a Presidential election, then to undermine a duly elected President and framing people in the Russia gate that they knew was a lie; they need to be shut down. They have committed treason and their rank and file stood by and did nothing making them equally treasonous. They are all criminals worse than any Clan or Mafia member so no citizen serving on a jury should ever believe a word an FBI criminal says under oath. Anyone involved in this type of illegal political intimidation raid, including the Russiagate and their war on journalists, should be arrested for civil rights violations and for following illegal orders. The FBI is a greater threat to liberty than the CCP for whom they now work.




  20. If she is indeed innocent, which I have no reason to doubt in light of the reported DOJ targeting, then we are in serious peril. This is desperation on the administration’s part. They are losing grip on the citizenry, so they have to double down with an iron fist. I would expect much more strict measures in the coming year. Even if they lose court battles and state/local elections, I think they are going to continue on with the plan.


  21. I wonder if it’s possible that these weren’t really FBI agents? Could this have been a clandestine operation carries out by some group of blackwater mercenary type organization posing as FBI? Is there any way to very that?


    1. Micah 3:11

      Micah 3:11
      “Their heads judge for reward and their priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money: yet will they lean upon the Lord and say, is not the Lord in the midst of Us? no evil shall come upon us.”

      Nothing new under the sun. LBJ was the big mover with getting the churches under the 501c3 shield. He had to make sure there was no anti war talk during the Vietnam days.

      How powerful was it for most major denominational “leaders” to bow to the Covid lockdowns and eventually the jab? Their paychecks and pensions were hanging over their heads. The people just followed. It wasn’t always that way:

      Acts 17:11
      The Bereans were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that received the word of God that Paul spoke with all readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily whether those things were so.”

      Wow and wow! They didn’t even take the great apostle Paul’s word for it .
      They did their own research. God called them noble. Today the do your own research folks are considered dangerous.

      Today it is noble to obey and do as you’re told. People wonder where God’s hand of deliverance is in these dire times. He hasn’t gone anywhere. Satan’s minions, the leaders, have been bought off and the people have followed into bondage

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I heard a recent sermon by John MacArthur that everything our state orders us to abstain from is good and everything they order us to do is more or less evil. We no longer have a legitimate government that bears the sword for good purpose. They allow robbery and violent crime. Unless the crime can be used to whip up identity riots. They venerate domestic abusers, murderers, and pedophiles.
        America is no more and no election can change that. People have gone insane at the bottom. At the top they know what they’re doing. Which is crushing and destroying humanity and civilization.
        I admit I struggle with misanthropy a lot myself nowadays. The top couldn’t do it without help from half the “nobodies” below. Despite all the resources in the world at their disposal.


  22. Based on who was raided, I suspect both women had copies of the hard drives as evidence, and they are now under FBI custody, never to be seen again. The deep state is very good at covering up their crimes. SWAT and shakedowns, and confiscation of any evidence that would prove the election fraud crimes.

    I’m extremely impressed with the level of forensic preservation and analysis. I can only hope the clerk was able to spread enough copies of the data around that they cannot all be confiscated and ‘disappeared’.


  23. Every worthless Nazi with an Office Badge or Uniform who enable this!!! It’s time for the Police and Military to Honor their Oaths!!! They need to choose a side!!!


  24. “She said she has not been guilty of anything but speaking her mind in accordance with her First Amendment rights.” Hmm, there’s that mysterious “1st Amendment right” which BTW I can’t seem to find anywhere in the 1st Amendment where a “right” was granted. It does make reference to our pre-existing rights and that the Federal Government (Congress) can’t make any laws which infringe on those rights. She has an absolute natural right to speak her mind, and here we have the Federal Government trying to squash her rights.


  25. If the transhumanist agenda goes to plan then here’s what I expect will happen regarding education.

    I think that education will be moved from the school building to the home in order to facilitate social distancing.

    This will further dehumanise students, making them ready for what is to come, i.e., ‘trans-humanism

    Thanks to repeated RNA/DNA fake vaccines and nano technology etc., I believe that students will become trans-human and will no longer need hardware such as PCs , or I phones. They will be able to receive 5G signals directly into their brain. They will live in a virtual world, governed by the evil elite. The Metaverse is paving the way for a virtual reality.

    I believe that students will not be able to opt out of any part of the curriculum. The curriculum will incorporate an increasingly liberal and transhumanist agenda.

    I watched a short video clip (3:15 minutes), where a girl of school going age, decides that she want’s to become trans-human and no longer live in her body. She said that there would be clinics available soon, where they could take her brain and download it into the cloud where she believed that she could live forever as data. She said she wanted ” to live forever as information, because that’s what trans humans are”.

    It’s interesting to see in this video a more extreme definition of trans-humanism. Humans will become so dehumanised that this scenario is a strong possibility, in my opinion.

    Whilst the video is just a fictional situation, I believe that it is pushing the trans-human agenda. with a special focus on people of school going age.

    Here’s a link to the video.

    Could it be that many people will become so sick from the jab that they will avail of this option should it become available. Whereupon the very same jab which is making them sick could be providing the nanotechnology to enable them to be ‘digitalised’ and downloaded into the cloud ??

    Having said all that I wonder will God allow the evil elite to fully succeed with their trans-human agenda. ??


  26. This action truly displays that the F.B.I. has truly become a Jack-booted, UN-Constitutional Federal Bureaucracy that needs to be truly Disbanded!


  27. We are now under communist rule our government has taken full control of our country. This is just the beginning we no longer have the Constitution, our rights are all gone. Wake Up America ! Many Americans died defending our country against communism and we handed the communist our country without a single shot being fired.


  28. John,
    Thank you for taking the time to voice your love for the scriptures. I’m proud to stand with you in this fight for freedom and against tyranny.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. ‘Thank You’ Leo for your honest and straight forward thought provoking articles. I am new to this Word Press protected forum. I look forward to your accurate reporting !

    I believe that the U.S.A. is now quickly going down the wrong road with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a very late hour in America. I am following a ministry that has the theme ‘America’s Role In Bible Prophecy’. And yes the host has provided 53 biblical descriptions of identifying America as the ‘7th’ providential nation of the final 8th.

    This ‘7th’ nation or kingdom rises up just before the last or ‘8th’. The program is hosted by Richard Pearson Ministries from Ontario Canada. 35 years of intensive research has preceded this growing program. For those interested it has an Internet presence at http://WWW.PROPHECYUSA.ORG


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