‘We have only begun to fight’: Loudon County’s battle to save its children took a turn when this one thing happened

When every American county becomes Loudon County, Virginia, that’s when we will win back America. The parents there have shown how to defeat the systemic evil that has infiltrated and become ingrained in our cultural institutions over the last 100 years, starting with the education system.

It’s interesting that most of the fighters in Loudon County are female. Hats off to these brave women. They are a force to be reckoned with, and they’ve made it clear they are not about to let themselves be intimidated by that weasel Attorney General Merrick Garland, who showed just how weak and imbecilic he is in yesterday’s Senate hearing. He looked ambivalent, detached and almost childish under the pressure of sharp questioning from Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton.

But the tide really seemed to turn in Loudon County when one dad came out and took a very public stand against the madness.

Infuriated by the brutal rape of his 15-year-old daughter by a boy dressed in a skirt who was allowed, per the school’s new transgender bathroom policy, into the girls’ bathroom, Scott Smith had had enough. He showed up at a school board meeting and the board members tried to dismiss him and deny him the right to speak. But he made his point. The nation saw his pain. Saw his anger. And that pain and anger became our pain and anger.

It was game over for the Loudon County school board’s disgusting and callous cover-up of crimes against more than one little school girl. I predict it’s going to also be game over for their transgender bathroom policy, and hopefully other school systems will follow suit.

Scott Smith’s story of his daughter being raped by a boy in a skirt in a school bathroom was dismissed at a school board meeting before he was hauled off by cops.

It’s well past time to wake up all you dads, and even some of you sleepy granddads have enough fuel left in your tank to get engaged in your local community.

If we are going to win this war, we need some men to join the brave women in some of these battles. Get off the couch and turn off those mind-numbing sports channels. It’s late in the game of World War III, most of which you guys have slept through. But we are now in the equivalent of sudden-death overtime. Time to wave goodbye to the opium of “bread and circuses” that have been used to pacify us for way too long.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

Look out Merrick Garland. You haven’t seen anything yet. We have only just begun to fight. Peaceful non-compliance is the most powerful weapon we have. The images of that dad throwing caution to the wind and saying, no, I will not be denied my constitutional right to speak out, may have been the shot fired across the bow that more dads needed to hear. Because if they don’t wake up now, it could be their daughter who gets raped tomorrow. It could be your daughter or son who gets forcibly injected at school without your knowledge.

As we exit October and look toward the bright lights of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I bring you the following jolt of good news from Christopher Wright in Virginia:

Attorney General Merrick Garland came in for some tough questioning on Capitol Hill yesterday, when he refused to retract his memo calling for the FBI to investigate parents who object to school board policies as domestic terrorists.  Senator Chuck Grassley accused Garland of politicizing the Justice Department and said the memo ”looks like something that would come out of a communist country.” …”Thank God you are not on the Supreme Court,” Senator Tom Cotton said.

Garland may have demurred, but the fallout from the situation continues. 

State school board associations in Ohio and Missouri severed ties with the National School Boards Association which wrote the letter that resulted in Garland’s memo, a letter the national group later apologized for. 

Parents blasted the Loudon County, Virginia school board, which is ground zero in the whole controversy, for failing parents and students. 

“We will not stand by while our children are being harmed, mentally, spiritually, and even now physically by your mismanagement, malfeasance and evil policies,” one dad – excuse me, “domestic terrorist” – said. 

Five former Virginia Attorneys General called for an investigation into the school board’s cover-up of transgender sexual assaults which occurred in county schools and were not reported as required by state law.  Hundreds of students walked out of Loudon schools earlier this week to protest the schools’ handling of the transgender assaults and to express solidarity with the victims. 

Parents in Loudon County, mostly women, are making it very clear for their elected leaders: They will no longer put up with the destructive sexualization, racialization and radicalization of their children. Question: Where are the fathers?

Well, well, well – just when the Left thought it was within inches of completely smashing the political Right forever.  Not even close.  People are fighting back against left-wing tyranny on other fronts, as well.

Federal employees filed suit against the Biden administration, joining the growing ranks of people fighting back against tyrannical COVID vaccine mandates. 

College alumni groups formed a free speech alliance this week to take on campus cancel culture. 

Another alliance – Christian business owners – sued the Biden administration for attempting to force them to pay for gender transition surgery against their religious beliefs.

A Texas border county overrun by illegal aliens voted to sue the Biden administration for failing to enforce immigration laws – you know, that pesky little thing in the Constitution requiring the President to faithfully execute the laws?

Back on the school front, a parents group sued a Massachusetts school district for holding racially segregated events for students in violation of the Equal Protection clause.  A North Carolina school board announced it would fire teachers who teach critical race theory (CRT) and trash America as racist.  And parents sued a school board near Philadelphia for silencing, shouting down, and badgering them at school board meetings.

You lefties like memos?  I’ll give you a memo: you’re on the wrong track and people aren’t putting up with your tyranny, anymore.  Capture all the institutions you want, we are building new ones and you will never subdue us.

Christopher Wright is a retired attorney living in Virginia. Read his entire article at The Daily Skirmish.

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47 thoughts on “‘We have only begun to fight’: Loudon County’s battle to save its children took a turn when this one thing happened”

  1. I wonder, though, if it is enough, I truly do. May the Lord give strength to all those who fight for righteousness and justice. usually a very lonely battle as my beloved and I know to our cost.

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    1. ‘We have only begun to fight’: Loudon County’s battle to save its children October 28, 2021
      RE: Christopher Wright taunts the unrestrained Marxist Beast with this boast—

      You Marxist lefties are on the wrong humanist track. The digitally-marked souls of people, who are incarcerated within Satan’s abominable Social Security System, aren’t putting up with your Orwellian tyranny, anymore. Capture all of Democracy’s liberated humanist institutions you want, we (patriotic Xian ‘foolish virgins’) are democratically building indestructible new ones and you will never demonically keep us subdued within Socialism’s Marxist Security System!


      1. It will be a tough fight,because you are fighting the dirty Chinese Communist money.They are all traitors.


    2. Why would any decent parent (s) put their kid in a gov. run school having no standards or values being taught, and condoning rape in girls restrooms?

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      1. Laura I agree & I think the solution is for a group of parents to hire a qualified teacher & have that person teach all the neighbor kids, etc. There are plenty of willing unemployed teachers who refused the “Woke Poke” that would do a great service to these kids. The working parents & children would be far better off in life then throwing them to the Commie Party to “Brain-Wash!”

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      2. Why ask me, I am 78 years old and not American, so it is nothing to do with me really, these days. I have fought that battle years ago.


    3. I hear you loud and clear Julia. Realize when under attack there comes a point where the ones realizing the depth of the inflicted unseen wounds turn, dig in the heals, and make a stand.
      This is the moment we conspiracy theorist have been waiting for. The unveiling and wakening of those nay Sayers believing Governments would never more to control us. That cat’s outta the bag and we’re going to see some fur fly. It’s about TIME. .
      People have now been shown just how evil and smothering these moves to take our children. Thankfully the women are stepping up to Vanguard. Fathers will fall in when intimidating moves to resist parents/students rights come into play. Have Faith Julia, it’s the dawn of resistance and where better a place to begin than in Virginia led by Virginian Women. See the Va. Flag? She’s holding a sword. . .
      One last note; The father who’s daughter was accosted in the rest-room should be commended. Many other fathers would have been knocking on the skirted perv’s door for some fun time…


      1. Don: simple and to the point: parents need to remove their kids from gov. schools and hire a tutor or another parent who home schools, or home school so mom can work from home. We can’t fight the system at this point like at school board mtgs, where parents get arrested.

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      2. Are you prepared to support those parents who cannot afford to do that because both are most probably each working two jobs to make ends meet without forking out for home-schooling either by paying somebody or one of them giving up work? It’s all well and good spouting off but it would be a lot more helpful if people put their money where their mouths are. Some parents and I, along with my husband were two, were not in the position to be able to do anything other than spend time with the children in the evenings and praying with them, reading the Word of God with them and enabling them to see the world with a biblical point of view. It must have worked because now at the ages of 50 and 47 they are still walking with the Lord.
        What if the parents aren’t Christians, then there’s your chance to tell them about the glories of being an adopted child of God through Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


    1. It’s TIME to stand up to The Communist Party & Stop Their Insanity! Who wants their kids to grown up to be a part of these Scumbags ONE WORLD GOV.? Good for these women & if I were Mr. Smith & that happened to my daughter- Louden Co. would be looking for a new school board! SEMPER FI!

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      1. Honestglen: Pull kids out of public schools and home school or find a tudor or Christian school with high ratings. What
        is wrong w/ parents who condone this filth anyway, incl teaching LGBT lifestyles in schools.? They weren’t raised like my gneration because the parents then woldn’t condone all this, now they just don’t care what thier kids learn.

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  2. This equality attitude is a monster that American women and even many men tolerated and fed until it got too big to control. Even women who claim to be Christians have pushed the feminist lie that women are equal to men. So as a result, the natural consequence is that feminist brainwashed society forces everyone to use the same bathroom. The consequences of this equality agenda so far has been an astronomical divorce rate and a feminizing of men. You created the problem and mocked those of us who warned you over the last few decades, so you can take your turn at this fight now and if you are successful, maybe we will have another chance at freedom in a few years.


    1. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28 Sorry to burst your bubble but in Christ we are all equal!
      My beloved and I have been married for 53 years and seven years later Jesus came into our lives and I am thrilleds to say my husband is a man, a gentleman, in every sense of the word and I love it and I love him.

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      1. @ Ian and Julia Pomeroy
        October 28, 2021 at 8:44 pm
        But what about 1st Corinthians 11:3
        But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.
        Gal. 3:28 Is not referring to man’s role as leader. It is referring to justification by faith where there is no distinction between Jew and Greek, bond and free or male and female
        Justification is not about hereditary entitlement. So the Jews are no more entitled than any one else in Christ when it comes to being justified before God.
        Paul is pointing out that the true seed of Abraham are those justified by
        faith in Jesus Christ who are born of the Spirit of God and are not reliant on their nationality, profession or gender status when it comes to being justified before God.
        I hope you find this comment helpful.


    2. @ Jaysays:
      October 28, 2021 at 7:03 pm

      Hello Jay, according to the bible, God took a rib from Adam’s side and used it to make a helper for him. The Hebrew word ר `ezer {ay’-zer} is used in the original text and means ‘helper’. So from the very beginning, the woman’s role has been that of a helper and through history it has been so, all around the world.

      It’s interesting that the first mentioned act of the serpent in the Bible is to turn God’s order upside down and cause Adam’s helper to become a hindrance to him, when Eve persuaded Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit, leading to his ruin.

      She ignored her purpose as set forth by God and did the exact opposite.
      And that’s what the liberal agenda is doing. They are set on destroying God’s order. Manliness is frowned on by the liberals. Women are encouraged to be independent of men and be their own boss. The welfare system encourages the separation of parents as does the legal system which has a strong bias against men when their is a dispute between a man and a woman.

      Headship has been appropriated by God to man. Even though it was Eve who sinned first, the one named through whom sin entered the human race was Adam. Because Adam was the head and therefore bore the responsibility for mankind’s fallen state.

      Man is the head of God’s creation. We see this in both biblical and secular history. To see this order being overturned in the world and in the church, is I believe, another sign, suggesting that we are approaching the end of the age.
      Political correctness is the religion of the liberals, who are not liberal at all. It is divisive and it is intolerant of God’s order and serves the devil’s agenda which is to destroy mankind.

      May God bless you and be your strength.


      1. Amen, thank you, Anthony. Marxism’s politically correct Social Justice Gospel is the Humanist religion of Freemasonry’s licentiously liberal democrats, who are under God’s strong delusion.


  3. Wait until they find out the so-called ‘government’ of the United States, Inc. is a FOREIGN CORPORATION run out of Scotland, on behalf of The Crown (and no, I’m not talking about QE II), and that the American States Assemblies are back in Session for the first time since the Civil War. The American schols just might be teaching our TRUE history within the next few years. see http://annavonreitz.com/fraudalert.pdf and dozens of other articles on that site proving this.


    1. I might have taken on board your comment were it not for the fact you decided upon Scotland. Gales of laughter can now be heard in our household. As you might have guessed I am not American I am a Brit!


    2. This gov. incl Biden is run out of Geneva Switzerland by the W.E.F.’s Claus Schwab and Rothchild and their ilk, who control the national leaders in each country, and the UN oversees control and agendas for each nation. It is a Marxist/globalist agenda 2030 plan that will enslave humanity under medical tryanny like msot countries are under now. Not enough men w/ spines anymore who will stand up and resist for their family and future. America will be no longer is a short time. No one really cares enough to stand up in communities.

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      1. As it was in the violent days of Noah, America will be no longer in a short time. No one really cared enough to stand up against Socialism in communities and help Noah build God’s life-saving ark.

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    1. Sorry sweet, we are not called to decree, we are called to pray, we are called to put on our armour but declarations and decrees are God’s prerogative just as much as He rebukes the devil we do not.
      By the way for future reference do you think you could find another way to cause us to realise how serious you are, I found it very difficult just reading capital letters. I am sure you know that when people write in capital letters it is the written equivalent of shouting?

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    1. You should have been with me and my husband in the 70s and 80s when we fought for children and the crap they were being taught in schools, the only children who were not affected were our own. Did any other Christian couple stand with us during this time? Not a chance, jusst my husband and me.

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      1. Ian Julia: why didn’t you home school or get a tudor, ? no excuse to send a kid to public schools. Few stood up for truth all thru time it seems.


      2. Nasty, nasty. For a start Tudors ceased to rule England near the end of the 16th century. For a second there was no such thing as home schooling in the UK in the 1970s and, for a third we would never have been able to afford it, as it was the money usually ended before the month did, each month. Happy now?

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  5. This is a word to the wise in Law Enforcement. It is time to chose which side you are going to support. Either you support American citizens against the forming governmental tyranny or you support the state against our people. We would hope that you choose wisely, because if you don’t you may pay the price for that bad decision with your livelihood. When the SHTF all cards are off the table and you may be considered the enemy, like dragging that man whose child was rapped out the school board meeting in handcuffs. That was a bad decision and you are going to pay the price eventually when and if the citizens vote to defund your department.

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    1. Forearmed, I agree with you 100%. I have talked to the local sheriff & SWAT TEAM & they quietly say they won’t (If Instructed) come out to our homes to Confiscate your firearms nor to help hold you for Vaccination! However, one must watch ALL OF THE U.N. Troops that O’Biden has brought into this country & stationed on our Military Bases. Also, all the FEMA Camps being built with Your INFASTRUCTURE TAX DOLLARS! Foreigners Hate AMERICANS’ because of the Commie Party in office!

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  6. Where are the fathers? They’re out working for a living. See how scared these communists are when 1 father shows up to defend his child; the communists use their jack booted thugs to squash and remove him. We need 10,000 fathers to show up. These communists should be afraid. The Giants are awakening and soon will cry havoc.

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    1. LongTimeTexan says:
      October 28, 2021 at 10:50 pm
      RE: We have the most vile, evil, immoral, disgusting tyrannical people in America’s government, military, media, churches and schools indoctrinating our children with their Marxist social gospel.


  7. I pray almighty God gives wisdom courage and boldness to the American people to stand up against these tyrants who are destroying the 3 pillars that made this country great. God, family, and patriotism. Destroy these pillars and the America we will all knew will cease to exist. Right now they are on fast track to do just that. Pray we are not to late. With God’s help all things are possible

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bill Benavidez says:
      October 29, 2021 at 2:44 am
      RE: I pray Freemasonry’s almighty god (Democracy’s Angel of Light) gives occult wisdom, courage, and boldness to the Democratic spirited American people to proudly stand up against these demonic tyrants who are destroying the 3 Masonic pillars by which the founding fathers made this licentious country a great Judaeo-Xian Whore. God, family, and patriotism. Destroy these sacred pillars of Satan’s Masonic Temple and the “indivisible” America we all knew, proudly seated/riding upon the UN Marxist Beast, will cease to exist. Revelation 17-18


  8. Thank God people are fighting back. Enough of the corruption within our government and them taking away our freedom and giving us the middle finger as they do it!


  9. What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right in todays world and maybe people are waking up.Having your daughter raped at school tends to get your attention.To have the school board cover it up is no surprise the school districts have the attitude that the parents are not as smart as they are because they have not been to the communist college that they have so parents are not very brigght.I have seen this even when I was in school back when. Its time to tell these communist bastards we are not goimg to take it any more.I think this is the reason that thr AG communist did what he did.May have gotten their attention.


  10. All you need to do is look at some of the signs the women in the photo are carrying to see how this is going to turn out. “This Democrat Supports Female Only Spaces” tells me that these people are only concerned about “safe spaces” for female students, not getting rid of the idiocy of so-called transgenderism, nor the racist teaching of CRT to their children. Because I live in a neighboring Communist Democrat-run county next to Loudoun Co., I can assure everyone that most people living there are woke to the core and as soon as they get “safe spaces” for the female students, they’re all going right back to voting Communist Democrats into office. The majority of people in the county normally don’t care about people with differing political views from theirs having the right to free speech, in fact, they do whatever they can to stop them from speaking, and once the school board assures them that their daughters are safe, they’ll go right back to being the good Communist Democrat supporters they’ve always been. Sorry, Leo, but I would never call most of these women “brave” because I know where this is headed. I’ve lived in the area for 50+ years now, and eventually most of them will be right back to trying to take free speech away from conservatives, bashing Christians, and trying to take away the first and second Amendments from those who refuse to go along with their radical Leftist agenda.

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    1. When Pearl Harbor was attacked, then the successful surprise attack celebrated, the high ranking General in charge said,” I fear we have awoken a sleeping giant.” He Was right then. And IT IS TRUE TODAY!!!!!! Voice’s CAN be HEARD all the way up and beyond Pelosi right to Soros. America has been a problem for COMMUNIST’S FOR ONE REASON. WE HAVE THE 2ND AMENDMENT. And it CANNOT BE IGNORED FOR WHAT IT IS.


      1. Jim, I believe you are correct but what I see happening is O’Biden is letting America Implode & then he’ll try to DECLARE Martial Law! That’s why he let thousands of U.N. Military on Bases throughout America! They’ll come knocking since they HATE US! By Mandating Workers to get HIS WOKE POKE/Death Shot & many Quitting or being Fired will help Shut Down America! That’s their Commie Goal it appears! ALL Part Of The One World Govt.. Most Patriots are READY! SEMPER FI!!


  11. It is time for all Americans, especially God fearing Patriots, to do what we must to win our America back. It’s time for us to teach our children and grandchildren to know God. Deuteronomy 6:7, “you shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down and when you rise.”
    Thank you God for brave Americans.


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