Beast system demanding ‘your digital papers’ sweeping the Western world: Media blacks out coverage of warnings from those living the ‘Great Reset’ nightmare in growing list of countries including Israel, Australia, Lithuania, Greece, Italy

It’s time for an update on where things are heading in the formerly free Western world as a result of public compliance with a criminal cabal of global predators who are using Covid as a jackhammer to ram into place a new permanent transformation of society that is nothing short of totalitarian.

Things are moving along at a frenetic pace in the direction desired by some of the world’s most powerful people.

The little-known façade under which the rising beast system hides is called the global “Great Reset,” a transformation of society being supported and promoted by the World Economic Forum, the U.N., the Vatican, the Islamic world, the Jewish world, the corporate world, and much of the church world. And while some nations like the U.S. and U.K. are moving somewhat slower toward fulfilling the goals of the global reset, they are diligently working to collapse what remains of the old system.

Others, however, have been released to move more quickly [see video above for evidence].

Just in the last few weeks, the beast system has arrived in many nations of the world. Don’t let the lack of media coverage here in America fool you: The system that demands the submission of every human being has arrived, and we have some brave souls who are starting to send warnings out to we who live in America and other places where this same system has not yet been fully unveiled.

If you depend on the corporate-owned media for your “news,” you likely have no clue what is going on right now in Israel, Australia, Germany, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, or even Canada. There’s a total news blackout of the impending darkness looming over those countries even as the same darkness starts to descend on America.

Why doesn’t the media want you to know what’s going on in other nations? Because the horrific reality of a two-tiered apartheid society taking shape in Europe and Australia foretell what is planned for the United States. We are just a few months behind these other nations in implementing the Great Reset.

That’s why Biden warns of a coming “dark winter” and continues to demonize those who reject the Trump/Biden death serum, which disrupts the DNA of every human who accepts it. This demonization will intensify so they can blame the coming misery on we, the uninjected, as more people die and fall ill from the shots. Expect blackouts, brownouts and supply-chain breakdowns on a scale never before seen in post-World War II America, as the regime tries to make life as miserable as possible for as many Americans as possible.

This is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. This is an infection of globalist authoritarianism that has infiltrated not just the U.S. but all nations of the formerly free Western world.

Why now? Because it is time. The elites believe they have reached a pinnacle of technological knowledge in which automation, AI, algorithms and gene editing can transform the world into their idea of utopia. They no longer need billions of worker bees to man factories and do other unskilled jobs. They’ve got AI-powered robots so it’s time to replace the “useless eaters” who they can’t fully control and who they believe are using up the earth’s scarce resources. That’s the reason for the forced shots.

The forced masking and forced injections also serve as a test run for tyranny. They have learned how many will refuse to comply, refuse to submit to an illegitimate authority telling them where they can travel, what they can eat [meat is now taboo], where they can and can’t work, what kind of healthcare must be submitted to, and what kind of religious or political beliefs will be allowed.

Australia and Israel took the lead. If you don’t have a digital health passport showing you are up to date on the cabal’s endless schedule of “boosters,” you don’t get to enter any public facility or travel more than a certain distance from your home. Germany and Italy are moving toward this same system.

The U.K. has taken a step back from trying to implement full-blown health passports after Brits flooded into the streets to protest, but PM Boris Johnson is chomping at the bit to join the ranks of Western nations who are saying ‘bye bye’ to longstanding traditions of freedom. As long as a good chunk of a nation’s population recognizes what’s coming as brute slavery, the full tide of tyranny will be held back.

The Biden regime knows there is no way a majority of Americans will opt into this new slave system, and so the regime is doing what all communist regimes do. They are turning up the heat, causing as much economic and social pain as they can, hoping that at some point they will be able to step in, declare martial law and blame everything on a small segment of Americans who remain uninjected. But before the regime can do that, they need to get that number down as small as possible. It’s impossible to round up 25 to 30 percent of the population and throw them in camps, and there’s at least that many right now who remain staunchly resistant, unwilling to follow the sheep to their slaughter.

The cancelation of 1,800 flights over the weekend is part of the Biden deconstruction plan. By mandating the injection, he ensured that at least 25 percent of pilots and air-traffic controllers would walk off the job. Yet, the criminal media refuses to report what is actually causing the cancellations. Laughably, they say it’s bad weather!

Most Americans are still not aware that Biden is calling our bluff. There is no law in place to mandate this experimental mRNA injection on anyone. Congress hasn’t passed any law and the federal bureaucracy doesn’t have the authority to force any company to fire the uninjected. To my knowledge, not a single company has been fined for disobeying Biden’s order.

The Biden regime is counting on large corporations to simply volunteer to do the government’s dirty work of firing the unvaxxed and collapsing the economy. So far, most large companies are happy to oblige. That’s why this winter is going to be rough. Who will blink first? The government and its corporate partners, or the unvaxxed workers?

What’s at stake in this game of chicken? For the answer to that question, read the first-hand account of what life is like right now in the small Eastern European country of Lithuania, which has already implemented the beast system demanded by the global predators pushing the Great Reset.

By Gluboco Lietuva

With no Covid Pass, my wife and I are banished from society.

We have no income. Banned from most shopping. Can barely exist.

But we will not accept authoritarianism.

Here’s how life looks after one month in Lithuania, under Europe’s first strict, society-wide Covid Pass regime:

My wife and I have been suspended without pay for four weeks.

We can’t return to our jobs.

Not sure our employers would let us back.

Even if they did, our colleagues despise us, wish on social media for our death. Nothing we can do will ever erase that. We can’t work there.


We can’t find new jobs in our professions.

My wife and I have very different jobs in very different fields. But all jobs in both our fields now require the Covid Pass.

No Pass, no job.


We’re not allowed to buy food in the local supermarket.

We may only shop in small stores with street-facing entrances which mainly sell food,pharma,glasses/contacts, or farming/pet supplies.

In our area, that effectively limits us to one small, expensive convenience store.


The Pass has wreaked havoc with the free market.

Supermarkets which require the Pass report shopper traffic is down 25% in the month since the Pass was imposed.

But in the small stores where the Pass isn’t required, it’s up only 0.7%.

So where have the shoppers gone?


We now buy food in old Soviet-style markets: outdoors, in parking lots, products sold on street, tiny tables, or from back of cars. Produce, eggs, cheese, meat, fish. Cash only. No Pass required.

Not as convenient as a supermarket. But it works for now. Life finds a way.

I need to make some home repairs. But without a Pass, I can’t enter the hardware store to buy supplies.

I can’t call for a repair worker because repairs are banned for non-Pass holders. And I have no income now to pay for outside help anyway.

So our home stays unrepaired.


We went to the dentist we’ve attended for years for an appointment for one of my children, but had to leave because I don’t have a Covid Pass.

No other dentist in our area will see us. We’ve heard of dentists who treat people with no Pass, but they’re far. So no dental care.


We tried to buy art supplies for our kids from a craft store. No purchase allowed without a Pass.

We tried to buy educational toys in a toy store. We were barred from entering.

Can’t buy kitchen supplies. Banal, but frustrating.


We tried to print some papers in a copy shop. The staff refused us service without a Pass.

We can’t enter the library to browse books with our kids. That used to be one of our family’s greatest pleasures. But we’re not allowed any more because we don’t have a Covid Pass.


Our two kids outgrew/destroyed last winter’s clothes.

We tried to buy new ones. But with no Pass, many stores rejected us.

Finally, my pregnant wife begging, tears in her eyes; a manager at a second-hand store relented: “Just this once, ok? Can’t let you people in here again.”


This pressure to submit is everywhere.

And it’s overwhelming. Our ability to survive has been destroyed.

But no matter the suffering imposed and the hardships we must endure, we will never accept the descent into the authoritarianism which the Covid Pass represents.


QR code to enter stores?

Covid Pass needed to work?

Government approval needed to buy food, toys, clothes?

No. No. No.

The Covid Pass regime of government segregation and control — punishing undesired behavior with banishment from society — is the path to authoritarianism.


When Covid vaccinations were released, the original policy was education, trust, and informed consent to vaccinate targeted groups.

But policy changed in 2021: choice and trust was replaced by coercion and punishment.

You’ve shredded trust in public health for generations.

Government approval to exist in society. Banishment based on arbitrary rules. Recording of all people’s movements.

That’s not health; it’s control and power.

This new authoritarian control will only grow to ban ever more behavior as bureaucrats push to expand their power.

Like many cases in history, our slide towards authoritarian control in 2021 – in Europe and throughout the world – has fueled, and been fueled by, hatred and othering which is encouraged by government and stoked by the media.

And it’s ripping our society apart.


Segregation. Blame for disease. Accusation of wartime betrayal. Incitement. Persecution.

This is not a history textbook. This is the reality of life for my family in 2021.

Our humanity has been erased.

This is wrong.

So deeply, deeply wrong.

Our winter is long, cold, dark. My wife and I don’t have savings to last till spring.

But despite hardship, we decided resistance is our moral path. We want our kids some day to feel pride towards us, not disgust.

Freedom is fragile, and we must defend it. If not us, then who?


You have inflicted so much suffering on us already. You plan to hurt us even more this winter.

But know this:

We will never accept your Covid Pass regime.

We will never accept the control, segregation, and hate.

We will never accept this descent into authoritarianism.


We do not stop you earning a living, though you stop us.

We do not ban you from buying food and clothing, though you ban us.

We do not hate you, though you hate us.

We do not banish you, though you banish us.

We do not wish death upon you, though you wish death upon us.


And when the time comes, as it inevitably will, when you too are banished by the ever-increasing, arbitrary rules of the new authoritarianism, we will fight for your rights just as we fight now for ours.

Because we are all equal.

And we all have equal right to exist in society. 

SOURCE: Threadreader

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216 thoughts on “Beast system demanding ‘your digital papers’ sweeping the Western world: Media blacks out coverage of warnings from those living the ‘Great Reset’ nightmare in growing list of countries including Israel, Australia, Lithuania, Greece, Italy”

  1. @ Ian Pomeroy November 13, 2021 @ 9,20 pm
    Just to clarify.
    When I say that the doctrine of the coming of Christ is a salvation matter, I am not saying that in order to get saved. that a person must first have a perfect understanding of the coming of Jesus Christ.
    What I’m saying is. that God’s truth is an integral part of salvation and that God’s truth includes the doctrine of the coming of Christ.

    I hope this helps to put my previous comment to you, into context.


  2. When I see how people are treating each other as they obey the evil state (and all its orders are evil now it seems) I understand why God dumps out the first of His seven bowls of wrath on those with the Mark of the Beast. What I see now makes me sicker than the Fauci Flu ever did.
    (I had the Spooky Sniffles so I know.)


    1. @ Rachel Nichols
      November 12, 2021 at 11:10 pm

      Hi, Rachel. It’s sad to see what’s happening to people. They are being dehumanised. The normal social interactions are being frowned upon and people are afraid of each other. People are losing their humanity without realising what’s going on. The ‘new normal ‘ is here to stay. People can no longer look forward or plan with any certainty, so a sense of hopelessness is setting in. Hopelessness leads to acceptance. People are being prepared to accept without question, the orders of the evil state.

      So now people’s frame of mind and awareness has been hijacked by the evil agenda setters. People are being steered into becoming isolated and cold. Tactile expression is being stifled and facial expressions are being hidden under masks.

      Where I live, families are being told to limit the amount of family relatives who can visit or be together in their home. Christmas festivities are once again being curtailed ensuring that people remain disheartened and become even more disillusioned. This is necessary for the transhumanist agenda to succeed because no right minded human being would ever accept the mutation of their bodies and minds and being fused with technology resulting in a subhuman, trans-human state.

      As Christians we have hope knowing that this is not our end because we are aware of what is taking place and will not comply. Our hope isn’t limited to this world and it’s state of affairs.

      But the average person cannot see beyond the parameters being set for them. Their frame of mind has been hijacked. Their very movements are being determined to bring about conformity to an evil elite agenda. The state of hopelessness which people are experiencing is leading to an inevitable acceptance of an inhuman and cold hearted existence. It’s sad to see how people are being changed.

      As Christians we can be comforted by the fact that as things get worse and worse, our redemption draws nearer and nearer. So we can comfort each other as we remind ourselves of the hope that is set before us.

      Titus 2:11-13
      11 “For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,
      12Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;
      13Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; ”

      Let us pray that our hearts do not grow cold as we wait for our redemption, when Jesus returns with power and great glory accompanied by the angels of heaven.

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      1. Anthony William says: November 13, 2021 at 8:47 am
        @ Rachel Nichols
        In Apollyon’s Orwellian “Digital Age” it’s sad to see the APOSTASY that is happening to many unrepentant, digitally-marked human souls who lukewarmly sit in the Angel of Light’s harlot (501c3) Laodicean church pews. Just as it was in the apostate days of Noah, so it likewise is being replicated in the un-restrained Beast’s NWO. Many Socially-Secured human souls are under a powerful delusion that causes them to believe the humanist Social Justice Gospel of the seductive Serpent’s LIE (Genesis 3:4-; 2 Thessalonians 2:11). God sent an angel to pour out the demonic darkness of this Humanistic delusion, over the Marxist Beast’s utopian Global Village (Revelation 16:10). It’s sad to see how Socialism’s dehumanizing Gospel has made people to become enemies of the cross. For they refuse to obediently take up their daily cross and hatefully crucify their flesh’s carnal-minded beast-like sin nature.

        As Faithful and Christian Pilgrims we can comfort each other as we remind ourselves of the blessed hope that is set before us. May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, which I daily take up, through which Socialism’s NWO has been crucified to me, and I to Socialism’s accursed NWO (Galatians 6:14).

        Join one another in following my example, brothers, and carefully observe those who faithfully walk according to the holy pattern we set for you. For as I have often told you before, and now say again even with tears: Many foolish virgins in Christ’s Bride live as enemies of the cross of Christ. Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and their glory is in their shame. Their carnal minds are set on Vanity Fair’s earthly things.…(Philippians 3:18)

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  3. Rachel Nicholssays:
    October 20, 2021 at 1:23 am
    Yep, they don’t want us communicating with each other because that would interfere with the propaganda machine. I believe that people are more open to suggestion when they are isolated and under duress. When a person is under duress and confused they will seek a solution. This leaves the mind open to suggestion and enables the propagandists to bypass peoples critical thinking. It’s a type of a covert hypnosis technique similar to a technique which is used by those who practise neuro-linguistic programming.
    There’s also a condition known as Stockholm syndrome where a captive develops a psychological bond with their captor. So the captive can develop loyalty to their captor and become an accomplice with their captor. This is another lever which I believe they are using to turn the vaccinated community against the unvaccinated community.
    Isolation is very distressing for people. It is used in the prison for unruly prisoners.
    The United Nations considers solitary confinement exceeding 15 days to be torture.
    I remember the woman who killed her children after she and her family has been quarantined.
    So even when the lockdowns are lifted, albeit temporarily, the damage has been done
    Peoples natural ability to socialise is being taken away so that they are becoming more media reliant. Our communications are becoming more 2D, as we are forced to use screens more and more. Young teenagers are being forced to learn from home where their only contact with their teacher and schoolmates is through a screen. The natural tactile human bond is being eroded and I believe that people are being prepared for transhumanism where they will eventually have technology embedded in their bodies etc, Klaus Schwab and company are in pursuit of his 4th industrial revolution and are collapsing society so that they can “build back better”

    Here’s an extract from an article on Wikipedia
    “The Fourth Industrial Revolution can be described as the advent of “cyber-physical systems” involving entirely new capabilities for people and machines. While these capabilities are reliant on the technologies and infrastructure of the Third Industrial Revolution, the Fourth Industrial Revolution represents entirely new ways in which technology becomes embedded within societies and even our human bodies. Examples include genome editing, new forms of machine intelligence, breakthrough materials and approaches to governance that rely on cryptographic methods such as the blockchain.”

    Notice, the mention of genome editing ! Well here’s what that involves …
    “alteration of the genetic material of a living organism by inserting, replacing, or deleting a DNA sequence,”
    I don’t know how far they will get with this technology but I believe this explains the dehumanisation tactics which are taking place and I believe that the fake covid vaccines are part of creating a genetic change in peoples bodies to accommodate the fusion with this technology.
    If people become cyborgs then I believe they will no longer have free will. They will cease to have mental and physical autonomy and will no longer be fully human. . The main opponents to this, I believe, will be Christians, by refusing to co-operate with the transhumanist agenda.

    May God keep us strong. We need to stay very close to Him in these strange times.

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    1. All the Christians I know offline think Transhumanism is either an abstraction that has no real bearing on current events or everyday life. Or that it’s a crazy, paranoid conspiracy theory only wearers of tinfoil hats believe exists.


  4. @ john shaphatsays:
    October 20, 2021 at 3:58 pm
    ” Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” Luke 18:8
    I remember thinking about this and it is a forboding thought but in Mark 13 Jesus says that he elect will be gathered from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven. So there will be Christians on the earth but one wonders what state they will be in.
    Jesus might also be referring to the apostasy which Paul mentions in 2nd Thessalonians 2.
    So I see a small Christian remnant holding on to the faith who will be scattered because of persecution.
    Something that I’ve started to consider is the ‘new age and its influences on the church. Also the demonic activity which has been going on in the apostate church for some time now, such as the Toronto blessing which you mentioned in a previous post. I believe that these demon possessed so called Christians will probably be our biggest enemy.

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    1. AMEN! Faithful and Christian Pilgrims fellowship together in the Spirit of Noah’s holy faith until they are separated in Vanity Fair. They obediently fled out of the City of Destruction onto a very narrow path into the faith-building wilderness (Revelation 12:6, 14) Thank you, Anthony.


  5. @ Rachel Nicholssays:
    October 19, 2021 at 10:56 pm

    Hello Rachel
    I don’t believe that we have entered the great tribulation yet, but I do believe that we are entering the tribulation period which precedes the great tribulation. I believe that this tribulation period will last several years before we witness the ‘great tribulation’
    I think that we can expect to see wars and famines and natural disasters such as earthquakes etc. Also the man made food shortages which I mentioned earlier.
    I believe that the devil sees this coming and will blame the natural disasters on global warming. . But Jesus says that this period is not the end, yet.
    I believe that the ‘great tribulation will be far more spiritual with huge demonic activity being unleashed when the abomination of desolation is seen standing in the holy place. I believe that this will be a period of unrestrained evil being unleashed upon the earth.
    Jesus warns those in Judea to get out immediately and escape into the mountains, saying that somebody on a rooftop should not even waste time by going down into the house or a man in a field should not even turn back to take his clothes. I don’t think we can quite comprehend what causes Jesus to express such alarm.
    With regard to Revelation 13, I would say that Revelation 13 contains a lot of symbolism so we have to be careful that we don’t draw the wrong conclusions or change it’s meaning in any way.


    1. 42 months could be a metaphor for a longer unit of time then?
      BTW, the Reset has not yet happened. It may not before 2030.
      Wish I had someone offline to discuss this with. In my red state everyone thinks I’m crazy when I mention the prospect of a NWO. Conservative Christians no less. Even the unvaxxed think I’m paranoid. And they get irritable when I suggest setting aside dried or canned goods for the winter due to supply chain problems. Complain I’m being negative and obsessed with “conspiracy theories.”
      “Sure it’s annoying. Amazing what bad decisions Biden is making. But he does have dementia. Well the pandemic should be over soon. Too bad they exploited it to win the election. Well maybe we can win it back in 2024. We survived 8 years of Obama after all. Buck up. It’s going to get better soon.” And the MSM talks about potential uprisings in MAGA country. Bwahaha. That’ll be the day.


  6. Something occurred to me. A big reason They don’t want the vaxxed and unvaxxed mingling freely is we can compare notes during flu season. I’m sharing information from Alex Berenson, the Blaze, Lifesite News, Project Veritas and other places. I believe that by spring far more will be awake.
    It will take the experience of the Dark Winter to shatter the normalcy bias.
    I just feel that we should make hay while the sun shines. Frustrating how we could be organizing and planning where I live right now, but so few listen. They think things are almost back to normal and can only get better as things continue.
    3% could win the Revolution with muskets. But 3% of a population is not enough to build an economy from scratch.


    1. Satan’s futile attempt to round up and exterminate the small remnant of wise virgins in Christ’s Bride, who suffers labor pains while waiting for her Bridegroom’s return, will end in less than 4 years. Not unlike her birth pains suffered while under Nero’s vicious persecutions. Cowardly hunkering down in Covid confusion is facilitating the self-destruction of Uncle Sam’s harlot church/state. Think of the bold spiritual warfare that the Bridegroom’s 2 witnesses (Elijah and ___) will openly wage against the Beast and its Judaeo-Xian rider—the Great Babylonian/ American Whore.

      The Bridegroom’s wise virgins obediently deny themselves by joyfully taking up their daily cross to be martyred in Rome’s Coliseum as a witness to the jeering pagan crowds. Btw, do you really believe that the more people who are alive on earth in these last days will make it more difficult for Satan’s demonic 4 horsemen to implement God’s destructive righteous judgment? These demonic 4 horsemen are NOT cowardly, out of shape, old technocrats.


  7. @ Pomeroy

    If somebody insists on challenging the truth, then I am compelled to reply. Politeness/subtlety is no substitute for the truth. If the truth males you uncomfortable then you must search your heart and ask yourself, why, that is .
    Let me just say that I’m not going to play ‘piggy in the middle’ between the various Pomeroy personas .
    If you want a discussion with me then please do so through the one account.


    1. Thank you Anthony for all your comments , I am definitely seeking the Lords discernment in these days in which we live , we need to seek truth above all else , I have always questioned the doctrine of rapture and to see all the different views is make me question even the more

      Blessings, Frank


      1. @ Frank M
        Thanks Frank. I’m glad that you found my comments helpful. May God guide you in these confusing times.


  8. Thanks Brother, Our holy spiritual ‘freedoms’ are NOT found in Democracy’s demonic Social Security System, but only found and eternally secured in the Lord Jesus Christ’s theocratic kingdom.


  9. @ conservatvemass
    Either way you die. But I would rather die from hunger than die a probable trans-human mess with potential life long health issues and a dependency on more and more vaccinations/medication. I believe that those who have taken the vaccine have passed a Rubicon where there’s no going back and they are now prisoners of a very evil elite.

    As a Christian I see my body as a precious temple and so I am not willing to pollute it with a Covid vaccine which I believe would leave me prone to manipulation by Klaus Schwab and company. So for me , the choice is a simple one even with it’s difficulties.

    Having said all that, I appreciate the difficulty that you are having to face right now with your job under threat. It would be no harm for you to learn survival skills like fishing etc., Your savings etc., wont last forever. I believe that Covid vaccine refuseniks will eventually have their bank accounts frozen etc., which would mean that savings will only be accessible for a limited time.
    Sometimes I am just astounded at how the world has changed so quickly and how so many people have been conned so easily.
    Stay strong.

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    1. Anthony,
      Really appreciate your thoughtful comments!

      I have until this Thursday to make my decision to preserve the family financially is higher priority

      I hope everyone is looking at ways to prevent being forced to taker additional boosters

      It’s unbelievable that Americans have lost their freedom to choice. As you noted, this evil Xiden cabal will continue to go after unvaxxed by any illegal means. Not too difficult to see that they stole the 2020 elections so there is no immediate end to their evil agenda

      So call Republican party ceased to exist as they allowed the 2020 stolen election and now they are allowing Xiden to issue unlawful EEO that forces individuals to take toxic jab for job or face financial ruin

      My only hope is in God’s power to intervene with the auditors so that my religious and medical exemptions are approved
      Update later this week


    2. In Armageddon’s Orwellian “Digital Age”, billions of Socialism’s ‘secured’ human souls have been bewitched and held under the strong delusion of the democratic Beast’s Humanistic Social Gospel. Digitally-marked with Socialism’s ID#, they have become dependent-wards (i.e. merchandised property/slaves) who are incarcerated from womb to tomb within the Beast’s Marxist Security System. They will be faced with increased societal restrictions involving digital passports, that are imbedded with the Beast’s SS#, resulting in continued persecution under government tightening restrictions.


      1. @ john shaphat
        Hello john. I’m not sure that I understand all of your terminology but suffice to say the system is working against our freedoms and Christians will suffer for not complying with the evil agenda which is being rolled out. I wish you well and may God guide you and reward you for being such a zealous warrior.

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    3. my response is to conservatismass I do think that you have some good points. YET taking the jab is not as it will be IF you take the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast is THE END for that is a mark of allegiance to The Antichrist. Taking the jab is an unwise thing to do, in my opinion, as it puts a person firmly in this penultimate stage of the evil one. Many, including Born again Christians have probably taken the Jab – It does not separate any from Eternal salvation. Eternal Salvation is secured when we, by faith, put our trust in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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      1. In response to what ianpomeroy says:

        Faithful acceptance of the UN-Fourth Reich’s Social Security Number (by which deluded human souls become the digitally-marked property of the Marxist Beast) in conjunction with obedient compliance to Marxism’s progressive Covid jab mandates, is confirmation that your soul’s eternal welfare has been entrusted to be a dependent-ward (merchandised and enslaved for life) within Socialism’s antichrist Security System. The digital mark of the Beast’s SS# is THE END for foolish virgins in Christ’s digitally Unmarked Bride, for it spiritually marks their reprobate ‘old wineskin’ heart’s allegiance to the authority of Democracy’s Marxist antichrist spirit. The unregenerate, carnal-minded human heart is self righteously the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how vile, self-willed, and reprobate it is? Jeremiah 17:9

        Taking Socialism’s diabolical jab is an unwise and sinful thing to do, as it puts the foolish virgin in Christ’s Bride firmly in this penultimate stage of Marxism’s demon-cratic spirit. All wise virgins of Christ’s Bride will repent and therefore be forgiven of ever having received Socialism’s Security Number or taking its demonic Jab – However, the Beast’s Socially Secured foolish virgins, being under God’s strong delusion, will not repent unto forgiveness and therefore will be separated from Eternal salvation. Eternal Salvation is secured by the wise virgins when the Spirit of Jesus Christ’s most holy and obedient faith (the New Wine) enters their repentant ‘new wineskin’ hearts, working within them and causing them to will and to do all the foreordained good purposes of God’s will. Ezekiel 36:25-27; Philippians 2:13


      2. And they are innocently deceived. At some point ignorance cannot be pleaded, but at this stage in the game many think these shots will save their lives.
        As things keep happening and more truth comes out they will have less excuse. Especially those who demand everyone else play Russian roulette with them to appease the State or Scientists. They sin by trusting and obeying evil people.


    4. We are going to have to work out a new currency. Wish I could remember the name of the town. But it was a small one in Austria. Shortly after WWI. Money had depreciated so much it became worthless. But they stayed afloat. How?
      Barter, trade, and coupons they printed locally.
      Which is more valuable if a potato costs $100? $2,580 a month before taxes? Or your own potato patch (or the ability to exchange your services with those who own potato patches)?

      Walking out and quitting is not enough. We must work to provide goods and services to benefit one another. Not the Corptocracy waging stealth warfare on us.

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      1. Excellent advice, Rachel, Thank you! The wise virgins of Christ’s holy Bride daily fellowship-breaking bread together in the Socially un-secured wilderness, having all things in common.


      2. @ Rachel Nichols
        Hello Rachel
        Yes that’s a great idea. Or even if a group of Christians bought some land and farmed it like a kibbutz. My concern though, is, that the evil elite will forcibly dismantle any attempt to set up a system, independent of the coming WEF (world economic forum) roll out.
        But in the immediate future, men and women need food and a roof over their heads for themselves and their families. So I fear that many more people will take the jab in the coming months as mandates become more prevalent.
        I believe that the elite will take further steps and organise famines and seize any crops that independent farmers produce, claiming that they are seizing it for redistribution. I believe that when they’ve taken control of the food supply they will force people to give up everything they have in exchange for food and medicine.

        For an example of the power the government will have in a famine, we need look no further than our bibles where we see the power Joseph had over the Egyptians, when they surrendered everything they had to Pharaoh, Their money their cattle and horses, their land and even themselves. (Gen 47)
        Then Joseph removed them from their land and moved them into cities,

        I believe that this is what will happen in America and around the world. I believe that America will be hit very hard because of it’s Christian stance , continued resistance and weapon ownership. When people are starving they will surrender their weapons in exchange for food. Ultimately most people will actually surrender themselves for food. Remember that Bill Gates already owns approximately30% of the farmland in the US.
        Having said all that. I agree that we should be looking at ways to survive as long as we can.
        One of my preparations is that I have started learning how to fish so that I can source some food that way. People should be storing up food etc. But eventually, I believe that most Christians will be executed or starved to death.
        I believe that we are entering the tribulation period which will lead up to the ‘great tribulation’ . But I will be making efforts to survive with my faith intact. I day dream sometimes that I might be one of the few Christians still alive on Earth when Jesus comes to gather His elect. What a wonderful sight that will be.

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      3. As it was when God sent a strong delusion upon the apostate world in Noah’s day, so it is in this deluded world’s Orwellian Utopia in 2021 AD. And the Lord said, “When the Son of Man returns, it will be like it was in Noah’s day. Will not God bring about justice for the small remnant of His elect wise virgins who cry out to Him day and night? Will He continue to defer their help? I tell you, He will promptly carry out justice on their behalf. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He find the obedient Spirit of Noah’s most holy faith working in anyone on earth?” Luke 18:7

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      4. AW, if this is what Revelation 13 predicts it will end in less than 4 years. Rounding everyone up will take some time. It did in China.
        While we are able we should witness to the lost while the power of Satan becomes more visible. Feeding the hungry and caring for the sick are good testimonies. There will be lots of those in the days ahead.
        Hunkering down got us into this mess. Think of this more as trench warfare. Read about the catacombs. Christians could have fled Rome and the hot spots entirely but stayed to witness to the pagans.
        Btw, the more people who are alive the harder time the technocrats will have implementing their plans. If they have 5,000,000+ to deal with it will be harder than rounding up/killing 1,000,000. These guys differ from commies and Nazis in that they prefer peaceful methods versus overt war. Not because they’re nice guys, but they are cowards. And mostly out-of-shape, old men.


  10. @ Pomeroy
    You have disputed my comment with statements which I don’t believe are supported by the Bible.. It is quite reasonable then, for me to ask you to show me where the Bible says what you are claiming it to have said. But your response is to end the discussion, insisting that you were correct despite evidence to the contrary. And then I am accused of looking for bullets to shoot you with.
    I am only interested in the truth. I am not here to win an argument just for the sake of it. But if you insist on challenging my comment then please support your argument with the Bible. If you can’t then you should stay silent. It is a serious thing to knowingly misrepresent God and His written word. If that is what you are doing then God will be your judge.


    1. A W I shall refuse to dispute. I have stated what I believe to be truly, truly correct. I have hope and real peace in the midst of the horrible disastrous evil period. I know whose I am and where I am going. Jude 22, Titus 2v 13. I see no hope or peace in your understanding of the future. I have put my hope in belief, by faith of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, He is the way the truth and the light.


      1. @ Pomeroy
        But you already have disputed the truth and by reaffirming your original contention you continue to dispute the truth. You have failed to show where the bible says that the tribulation lasts seven years and you have failed to show me in the bible where Jesus says that He will take His bride out of the earth before the tribulation, which you claim to be the case.

        You tried to discredit what I had shared with Frank, where I showed the pretribulation rapture to be a lie. And when I asked you to provide proof from the bible to back your claims, you couldn’t provide any. So, I suggest that you go away and study your bible instead of relying on fake stories.

        PS Titus 2:13 clearly refers to the” glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;” and not the fake pretribulation rapture.


      2. When I consider the spirit in which my husband wrote to you I have come to the conclusion that you are just an out and out bully aren’t you?


      3. A W Leo has specifically asked please do not debate this issue and I shall respect his request. I have made a simple clear comment. What is it that you do not understand about this. You are continually trying to harass me about this. I suggest you read Galatians 5.


      4. If you’re honest then you will admit that this debate began when YOU decided to get your spoke in, while I was speaking to somebody else, in an attempt to discredit what I was saying. So with due diligence I replied to your comment and and addressed your remarks. Since then you keep messaging me and I keep responding.
        If you stop messaging me then I wont have to answer you. So there it is.


  11. leohohmann, John Wimber’s unearthly Toronto Blessing spirit produced uncontrollable LOLs around the world.


    1. Rigged Game:

      On October 15th, my company has issued a mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy for U.S. employees in response to recent federal government orders and guidance.

      On September 9, 2021, President Joe Biden announced Executive Order 14042, Executive Order on Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractor.

      Double Standard / Unfair Medical Mandate:
      President Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandates for federal employees don’t apply to members of Congress or those who work for Congress or the federal court system.

      Biden issued two executive orders on Thursday requiring vaccination against COVID for federal workers and contractors who work for the federal government. He also asked the Department of Labor to issue an emergency order requiring businesses with more than 100 employees to ensure their workers are vaccinated or tested on a weekly basis.

      Two class society / Communist Political branch vs. American citizens

      Biden’s order on federal workers applies to employees of the executive branch. However, the House of Representatives and the Senate belong to the separate legislative branch, and the courts to the judicial branch of the federal government.

      The New York Times reported that the executive order doesn’t apply to those who work for Congress or the federal courts, citing White House officials.

      New Dictatorship & Mandate for Bio Weaponized Injection

      Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said at a press conference on April 29 that the House couldn’t require members to be vaccinated.
      According to Pelosi, “So—so here is the thing. We are—we cannot require someone to be vaccinated. That’s just not what we can do. It is a matter of privacy to know who is or who isn’t,”
      “I can’t go to the Capitol Physician and say, ‘Give me the names of people who aren’t vaccinated, so I can go encourage them or make it known to others to encourage them to be vaccinated.’ So we can’t—we can’t do that,” she said.
      Hypocrisy Revealed:
      Pelosi is saying she cannot force Members to be vaccinated, which is true. Ut Biden and Pelosi can force federal employees and all employees working for a company with a federal contract.

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      1. The Covstapo are on the march. The U.S. is operating an apartheid system which militates against Covid vaccine refuseniks. I hope and pray that you will stay strong and not get the vaccine. It is a very worrying time for people like yourself. I can see people losing their homes because they wont be able to afford to pay their mortgage. We are living in very dark times.


      2. The Xiden tyranny and global elites / CCP has forced upon all people with two starkly different extremes life choices:

        Extreme left position: Take the jab and avert immediate personal / family’s financial catastrophe in exchange for unknown short- and long- term risks to compromised natural immunity

        Extreme right position: Don’t take jab and go through late career reset that will create significant loss in retirement likely unable to close the family financial gap. In addition, you will be faced with increased societal restrictions involving digital passports resulting in continued persecution under government tightening restrictions


  12. Who cares who is right about the Rapture? Let those who want to want to believe they will experience God’s judgements believe it. Let those who believe in the blessed hope, find peace and comfort.

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    1. @Steve , you are right on brother , I’m preparing if there is no rapture and if there is Praise God I will see Him that much sooner
      Blessings brother

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      1. Hello Frank. It’s not just about you. It’s about your witness to others around you. It’s important that the church upholds the truth on this matter so that the man of sin is exposed for who he really is. Jesus and Paul gave special attention to the timing of Jesus’ second coming.
        Paul in his second letter to the Thessalonians had to correct the false rumours that were circulating that the return of Jesus was at hand by pointing out the events which must happen before Jesus returns. i.e., the apostasy and the man of sin sitting in the holy place showing himself that he is God.
        Those who believe in the pretribulation rapture will probably accept the antichrist, believing him to be God. If they have been so easily fooled once then they will probably be fooled a second time, especially with all the false spiritual phenomena which will accompany the man of sin.

        When asked about the end times Jesus said “do not be deceived” , so I think that we should take His advice because there will be so many signs and wonders that will take place that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. But the elect wont be deceived because they will pay heed to what Jesus and Paul said,. If people ignore what the Holy Spirit is saying in the Bible now, then why should they expect to listen to Him when the great delusion comes upon the earth.
        I believe that the devil is behind the false pretribulation rapture. So I ask myself, what is his reason for pushing this false doctrine with such zeal. It must mean a lot to the devil that there is little opposition to the man of sin. Notice, that the great apostasy must happen before the man of sin sits in the holy place, showing himself to be god. So there will be little opposition.

        To be passive about this very important subject is allowing the man of sin to enter the stage unopposed. Is that what the church is going to allow happen?
        There will be number of Christians who will take a stance and be true witnesses for the truth. I hope that you will be one of us.
        I believe that this generation will witness the most terrible evil ever unleashed on this earth , where our faith will be tested to it’s limits. We need to be prepared by being grounded in the truth paying full heed to the Spirit of God.

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      2. I do believe that you are correct the evil one is causing so much confusion and division. However Jesus Christ of Nazareth has said that He will take His Bride out of the earth first. there is absolutely no justification in claim that He will allow Her to suffer His judgement which He will release upon this earth in and through the 7 year Tribulation. He has identified how much He loves His Bride, He died for. her, therefore He will come and remove Her before that awful time. Therefore we have a different understanding about the Church suffering through that time. Oh boy I will probably see the look of absolute surprise on your face when He calls us to “come up here” when He rescues us. It is His wrath that He will be pouring out upon this world, just like He did when Noah escaped. from that Wrath.


      3. @ Pomeroy

        @ Pomeroy
        You’ve made a number of points, so for clarity I will itemise them and respond to them individually.

        (1) Please show me in the Bible where Jesus says that He will take His bride out of the earth before the tribulation.
        (2) Please show me where the Bible says that the tribulation lasts 7 years.
        (3) The words “come up here” which you quote are from Revelation 11:12 and are referring to the two prophets and not the church. As for me I will be waiting for what I’m promises in the Bible. “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God:”
        (4) The tribulation is NOT God’s wrath. The church has always gone through tribulation. Through history, millions of Christians have been martyred for their faith.
        I hope that we can have a civil debate whilst sticking to the subject and not getting into personal banter. Leo has been kind enough to let this discussion happen so let’s stick to the subject matter.


      4. I have not made any mistake with my comment wrt to the events soon to take place. Scripture is clear on the matter. No furthe discussion is necessary


      5. Hello Frank. The Truth I found in Anthony William’s un-deleted comment to you greatly encouraged me! Thank you, Lord Jesus!

        RE: Anthony William— Humanism’s Social Gospel is a strong demonic delusion that has allowed the man of sin’s antichrist spirit (i.e. Democracy’s licentious spirit) to enter the Vatican’s holy stage unopposed. Uncle Sam’s harlot Laodicean church/state (the Great Babylonian Whore) has allowed this metastic demon-cratic delusion to happen within (the Marxist Beast’s UN Global Village) Sodom’s Socialistically Secured ‘City of Destruction’. Where are the few Faithful and Christian Pilgrims who have obediently fled out of the Marxist Beast’s global City of Destruction? The Beast’s Broadway is leading billions of delusional, digitally-marked, Socially-Secured human souls into eternity’s nuclear holocaust!


      6. Anthony William, you can set forth your eschatological views in the comments on my blog. It’s not journalism like this. More literary criticism/creative writings/arts/theology/random stuff. My latest post was “What the ‘Left Behind’ Series Got Wrong: How a One World Government is Now Possible.”
        Lookingupliving dot wordpress dot com.

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    2. Steve, I do care about belief in the Rapture and I will respect Leo’s request not to debate it. For me the issue is settled and I thus have Hope in Jesus Christ of Nazareth and I have no fear of the future or of the horrible current world events, They are abysmal and so many are suffering terribly – even so Titus 2 v 13 and Jude 22 are truly, truly appropriate.

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  13. If it wasn’t for the fact that I promised Leo I would ignore you this Pomeroy would be thanking you not to speak about us as though we do not exist or are inanimate objects for you to diss as you see fit.

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    1. I really want all this back and forth between commenters to stop. This site was never intended to be one in which people air out the finer points of their theological differences. That’s a distraction and could lead others away from this site. These debates always devolve into personal, childish attacks that I frankly find embarrassing. Please keep our comments to the article without speculating on the timing of the Lord’s return as this detracts from my articles and what I’m trying to accomplish with this site. From this point on all comments that make a dogmatic reference to the timing of the second coming will be deleted.

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      1. I could not believe my eyes when I read your comment this is exactly what I have been begging people not to do and you you considered I was the appropriate person to nag. I’m out of here.


      2. Do you really want to stop all this back and forth spiritual combat between commenters (I.e. David’s truthful proclamation vs Goliath’s taunting heresy) in the airing out of their opposing faith’s theological differences? Who cares who is truthful and who is heretical about the Rapture? Does God? Whatever happened to the lukewarm spiritual compromise that occurs within the Angel of Light’s Harlot Laodicean Church? Where everyone ecumenically agrees to disagree and lovingly assimilates together within the interfaith melting pot of the Beast’s Democracy? Did God really intend for this site to be boldly proclaiming His sharply divisive, two-edged Sword/Word of Truth that always separates the wise from the foolish virgins within Jesus Christ’s sanctified Bride? God’s Word is holy, an offensive distraction to the foolish virgins’ carnal-minded flesh, and therefore could lead others away from supporting this site. Does the spiritual debate between Christ’s wise virgin Bride and Satan’s foolish Laodicean Whore always end in failure? Does this spiritual battle of good and evil always devolve into personal, childish attacks that God frankly finds embarrassing? If so, then Jesus of Nazareth would admonish His Bride to please keep her comments to the article without foolishly speculating on the timing of His return as this detracts from Leo’s ecumenical articles and what he is trying to accomplish with this interfaith site. From this point on all comments made by Christ’s Bride that are not ecumenically lukewarm, that are not according to the Social Gospel of the (501c3) Laodicean Church seated within Marxism’s Security System… that divisively make a dogmatic reference to the timing of the second coming, will be deleted.


  14. @ Julia Pomeroy . If you want people to desist from speaking the truth about the Lord’s return then you are not in the truth. As for me, it is my Christian duty to challenge the false pretribulation rapture. If you don’t want to discuss this very important event, that’s your choice. But, don’t push the false pretribulation rapture myth and then expect Christians to stay silent at your behest.

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    1. At this moment my 17 year old grandson is dangerously ill and could die and he is thousands of miles away, plus Leo has asked us all not to debate this topic on his blog yet you persist. Well, well done you, you have reduced me to tears, I trust you feel very proud of yourself. I am sure Jesus Himself is applauding you, at least the jesus you believe in, my Jesus must be broken hearted.


      1. @ Julia Pomeroy
        You have sought to undermine my faith in an effort to discredit me and my testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ. It is therefore imperative that I respond and defend myself and my testimony.
        First of all, I will not succumb to your emotional manipulation. . I worked as a teacher for 22 years and am not easily fooled, so please spare me the drama.

        As for me, I was made one with Jesus Christ. I know Him and He knows me. I have preached from the pulpit, I have preached on the street and witnessed door to door. I have had my ups and downs but after over forty years I am still confessing Jesus Christ and seeking to glorify Him.
        My testimony is true and I speak only the truth about Jesus Christ. Anything I say about Jesus Christ is based on the clear teaching in the Bible. When somebody pushes a false doctrine then I will try to correct their misunderstanding. If however they refuse to be corrected then I will challenge the false doctrine.
        When I respond to your comments, I am conscious of other Christians who are reading your comments and am concerned about how they are affected.
        You have insulted many Christians on this site by insinuating that they are not a genuine Christian. I fear that attacking a Christian in this way could cause him/her to lose confidence in their salvation.
        You show the characteristics of a bully. Manipulative and controlling, throwing tantrums when your not having things your own way.
        I have asked you before what you get from visiting this site but you refused to say. What I perceive from your attitude is a person who enjoys putting other people down in an effort to boost your own ego. It’s interesting that the Pharisees were guilty of the same behaviour.
        So I think that rather than undermining the faith of others, you should instead, examine yourself honestly and check whether you are in the faith.


      2. My grandson suffers from quadraplegic cerebral palsy, microcephaly, PVL (holes in the brain) and epilepsy as a result of my daughter in law suffering from twin to twin transfusion syndrome when carrying him and his twin brother who has severe autism. This frequently happens when TTTTS occurs, my daughter in law also suffered from pre-eclampsia, therefore she was taken into the hospital at 18 sweeks of pregnancy and the boys were monitored twice a day, until the day when the cord was around one of their necks ,they were born by caesarian section at 24 weeks and 3 days of pregnancy.
        The older boy was not expected to make it to double figures and yet he is still alive at the age of 17. This is truth, I do NOT lie, I never knowingly lie. Your comment is offensive to the nth degree but don’t worry you have managed to get rid of me, I have enough to break my heart over, what with the possibility of my grandson dying and my being thousands of miles away from him without your vitriolic and nasty tongue. Don’t bother to respond I will not see it. Just enjoy that nasty, nasty mind of yours and may God forgive you and I will seek to forgive your nasty words too but it will be hard, it has been many years since anybody who claims to be a Christian has spoken to me in the way you have, my oh my, the Bible is correct most of our enemies claim to belong to the same house.


      3. P’s You also have a massive big head, whatever I have done for the Lord is between him, me and those who might have been involved, I have absolutely no intention ever of blowing my owsn trumpet.
        PPS Wherever it is you went to learn to read people’s minds just from things they have written I suggest you go back and ask for your money, you have no idea how bad you are at it.


      4. PPS No, I do not refuse to answer the question, it has no merit and is not worth answering.
        By the way just in case you are wondering, I am really, really, angry, not at what you say about me but that you say I am lying about two of the most precious souls to me in all the world, my grandsons, pray God that the oldest lives, this is not at all certain. I can only thank God they are both in His hands as are their times and an undeserved curse does not come to rest because that is what you have done with your nastiness you have cursed my innocent precious boys with your attitude.


      5. Anthony William_ No. My wife did nothing of the sort and I have traced through this blog and note that YOU first mentioned the last days in a manner designed to glad her. Her reply was in compliance to Leo’ s wishes, yet you have continued to goad her.
        I do believe that what Paul wrote in Galatians 5 v 12 + 13 is something that you need to heed.


      6. You have made repeated attacks upon my wife and you have he gall to think that you are behaving in a Christlike manner. Galatians five covers your behaviour.


    2. Anthony Williams you should re-read 1 Corinthians 13.
      Knowledge puffs up. Love builds up.
      Being right–assuming for the sake of argument you are–is no good if you tear down a sister in Christ. The Pomeroys are already in dire straits. Please show some compassion.

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      1. My oh my Rachel what a roller coaster of a day it has been, that man had me in tears as I wait to hear if my grandson will even live through the night. Thank you so much for what you said, now I’m crying again. This is all, in one way, because my beloved and I came back from a restaurant somewhere which does not check up on you and we had the most glorious opportunity to share Jesus which a Sikh lady who asked questions, this is our main reason for ever going to a restaurant, it is to see whom God wants us to talk to, there is an advantage being ancient, people are mostly disarmed by you! She says she is going to email us, we’ll see but on the way there I was feeling really sick for no reason I could think of (which I think had something to do with the enemy but would not make a doctrine out of it!) but on the way back last night we were both so high it was ridiculous and then today happened.
        Not only do we have the concerns over our older, severely handicapped twin grandson and our son and daughter who, because they have been caring for severely handicapped twins for over 17 years, are not exactly in the best of health but I posted on the UK broadsheet The Times about them being ill and a friend of mine in the UK saying that she has another five friends who are ill after the second jab! And I was so attacked, it was horrible, I had not even mentioned Jesus Christ of Nazareth which is when I am normally attacked. You see our grandson’s condition is that it is a miracle he is still alive because the medics did not expect him to be. Then that man ANTHONY WILLIAMS – I have written to Leo about him, this was just too much. Then along comes your post, how precious is that, I am sure you are not aware of how much you have just been used by God, bless you again, dear sister. Now who would have thought I would ever have called you that? XXX

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      2. @ Rachel Nichols
        If you love your fellow Christians then you ensure that they are kept in the truth and will challenge anything or anybody who seeks to hurt or mislead other Christians. Paul, whom you quote was not short on challenging the brethren when the truth was at stake.
        Loving the brethren means doing the responsible thing .
        Having said all that, I see you as gracious benevolent Christian and I wish you well. May God keep you in His truth and watch over you.

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      3. Rachel, let us just thank God He has given us the humility to accept this sort of behaviour and leave it at the Lord’s feet and learn to ignore certain people. Because of Leo’s comment to me I am out of here anyway so certain people who feel it right, without any sort of relationship with me, and with no reference to my husband who is my spiritual covering, to be rude to me will have to find another sucker.

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  15. The following is not related to “rapture” timing, merely a response to comments.

    @Julia; You posted the following:

    “And the scriptures you are referring to are from the Old Testament, now you might have forgotten but there is a reason for the Old and then the New Testament – it is the life, death and bodily resurection of Jesus Christ of Nazarth in which He gives to all His discples a NEW covenant.
    Being, still, a fairly free human being, I have chosen no to read the rest of what you wrote”

    It appears as tho you are saying the entire Old testament is of no use in the New testament age and that God has fundamentally changed in the way He deals with humanity.

    The entire Old testament was a foreshadowing of what came to fruition in the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. The God I serve is the same yesterday, today and forever! There is no shadow of turning in Him and Jesus is the Lamb who was slain before the foundations of the Earth were laid, which pre-dates even the Old testament covenant. So the passage of time makes not a lick of difference, as in whether the covenant is old or new, God’s intentions for mankind, which were His intentions before the universe was ever formed, were fully realized because an acceptable sacrifice, which is required to atone for sin in the OLD testament, was made, once and for all, by His only begotten Son. The old and new testaments are inextricably intertwined!

    And you are right, you are a free person and free not to read my comments in their entirety before choosing to comment on them, but doing so is the very definition of ignorance.

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  16. Shalom Leo and shalom to your readers. Thank you for your cogent, salient and insightful reporting. Truly we will need transcendent forbearance, courage and discernment for what’s coming. I think that the enemy is “bleeding” us. Zbigniew Brzezinski described a strategy of political warfare (bleeding) and that seems apparently what is being perpetrated against humanity in general and those which resist evil in particular. To gradually and progressively weaken a victim is a natural proclivity of sadistic minds. Yet for those “victims” to retain their dignity and virtue gives glory to the One for whom we have this very short opportunity within eternity to honor. He is more than worthy of our sacrifices!


  17. There can be no doubt as to the lateness of the hour, unfortunately the darkness will get darker still and will only continue to get darker. And if it’s true, as some have said in the comments, that God intends to pull His church from this world then there’s no truth to the Scriptures that speak of the Light growing brighter as the darkness gets darker. And no hope for those who remain on the Earth for redemption. But anyone who knows The God of the Bible knows that He doesn’t abandon or write off any human being. There’s hope in a chance for repentance until the dying breath. I saw it also said in the comments that a Believers place is assured, regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated. Very true! No one can remove a person’s name from the Book of Life, including that person themselves. And knowing that, God has never shrunk from allowing His Church to be persecuted, to share, however minutely, in the sufferings that Christ endured on our behalf. There are those who say it’s not for the Bride to suffer but isn’t the ENTIRE Church the Bride? From the 1st century on to today the Church has existed and there most certainly has been persecution right from the very beginning! “If the world hates me they will hate you also”. When the very simple, mostly uneducated disciples asked Jesus when He would return and what would be the sign of His coming, He didn’t give them a convoluted answer or a parable they’d need to figure out. His answer was simple and straightforward….”AFTER the tribulation of those days you will see the Son of Man returning on the clouds”. Also, the a/c time is cut short “…for the sake of the Elect (“Elect” refers only to the redeemed who have accepted Jesus as savior and not to an automatic salvation of any nation or people). In short, there’s only 1 removing of God’s people from this world and it occurs after the tribulation, which we are likely staring down the barrel of now, so there’s an urgent need to prepare as best you can if you have not already. Scripture is replete with examples of preparing…”Look to the ant who works all summer to prepare for the winter” “A wise man sees trouble ahead and avoids it, but the fool does not and suffers for it”, Pharaoh prepared for the 7 lean years based on Joseph’s wise counsel, Noah built the ark prior to the flood. And once again as to God’s people being left during the tribulation, Scripture confirms itself. The Hebrews were left in Egypt as God poured out the plagues and aside from the first 3, which were merely nuisances, the Hebrews, their livestock and crops were supernaturally protected! With the very last plague requiring an act of faith and action on their part.
    From what I have seen in Scripture, we have been forewarned, by many Apostles and Jesus Himself, that we will be the Light that remains in this darkening world, as our place in Heaven is assured but this world remains lost, but not without hope, as long as Christ’s Ambassadors remain. Therefore, we must prepare, as best we can, knowing full well you cannot prepare for the full tribulation and trust Him to do what we can’t.
    I say all this not to stir an argument about the timing of Christ’s return but in the hope that it might spur some to prepare, however much they can, with the thought that what I’ve said here might be right.

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    1. I would love to debate with you about the Rapture but I have made a commitment to Leo not to do so as he does not want this forum to be about debating doctrine. Also I prefer to ‘prepare’ by telling as many people as possible about Jesus Christ of Nazareth because we have so very little time. However, just one thought if we are supposed to store up food could you tell me how long should we cater for, where will we store it, will we need another fridge, another freezer, another larger home because we do not have enough room to store all this extra food, there are no such things as barns in the city! And who will pay for all this, me on my pension of £84.37p per week? And if I use all my money storimg up food for ever and a day what do I do when somebody needs help in paying a medical bill, give them a tin of baked beans?
      My heavenly Father gave His Son’s Bride many promises and the main one Jesus told us was not to worry about tomorrow as tomorrow has enough worries of its own. In fact it might be helpful for you to read all that He says in the Beastitudes because He was speaking to people under enemy occupation. Even Paul, never told us to store up for ourselves food all we are told is to reach the lost, to be Jesus’ Ambassadors in reaching the lost. If you have loads of money good luck to you but please, do not encourage people to do things which, quite frankly neither Jesus nor all the Apostles told us to do.


      1. Julia please go back and re-read my entire comment and you will see that I said;
        “Therefore, we must prepare, as best we can, knowing full well you cannot prepare for the full tribulation and trust Him to do what we can’t.”

        And yes, you are correct that we are told not to “worry”, that’s not to be taken as “You don’t need to prepare”. In fact there are places in Scripture that speak of someone not providing for their family as worse than a non-Believer and also if you don’t work, you don’t eat. Not putting back some sort of provisions for the future is the same thing.

        I personally have been preparing for decades with non-perishable items (bullets, silver/junk silver, camping equipment, etc.)

        Food wise, how much does a bag of dried rice and a bag of dried beans cost? I don’t think too much anywhere in this world today but simply committing to buying say a 5lb bag of rice and a 1lb bag of beans per week to set aside is a good start and shouldn’t put too much financial strain on most any budget. If it does strain the budget then simply find a formula that works! Every other week, or once a month, but something is better than nothing. And if I’m wrong, and we are “raptured” pre-trib then I have every confidence that God will bless someone with those provisions left behind.
        Preparing, I just find this philosophy to be sound and Biblical wisdom all the way around! Yes, still trust God to do what you can’t, knowing ahead of time that you can’t possibly ever be fully prepared, but you’ve at least done all you can do. And if you’re truly trusting in Him that takes care of any worry.


      2. At my age, dear, I am not required to ‘provide for my famiuly’ any more. I was born in
        April 1943.
        And the scriptures you are referring to are from the Old Testament, now you might have forgotten but there is a reason for the Old and then the New Testament – it is the life, death and bodily resurection of Jesus Christ of Nazarth in which He gives to all His discples a NEW covenant.
        Being, still, a fairly free human being, I have chosen no to read the rest of what you wrote.


      3. IN YOUR OPINION, now will you please get off this topic this is not why Leo posts his blogs and I have promised not to speak about it, so please, for his sake go thou and do likewise.

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    2. Raven,
      I have carefully read what folks like Andy Woods, J D Farag, Jack Hibbs, Gary Stearman not forgetting Jack Langford and many others. BUT I also have diligently read the bible to check out the voracity of what they say and see if they are IN harmony with scripture as a ”Good Berean”

      You do make some good points however. Not everyone shall be saved for those who reject the truth that salvation is only by Believing In Jesus Christ for our salvation then they end up by not being saved.
      Whilst we are here on this earth the Lord offers us many chances to respond to Him but when we die it is too late.
      The Elect are to be understood by the fact that there are two groups of those, The Elect of Israel and the Elect of His people .
      It does seem to me as I read your post that you mix a number of aspects that are separate. I give the following as an example; The Jews were taught that they needed to tithe. whereas that does not apply to the Christian Church – in fact everything we have comes from God and we need to ask Him how much we are allowed by Him to keep!!
      Therefore you may easily begin to appreciate that as far as scripture is considered we have a different take on these issues from you. The bride of Christ is all believers since Jesus was here on earth, some are no longer alive be we shall all be called up to be with Him, the dead in Christ first and then we who are alive very shortly afterwards and we shall be transformed in the twinkling of an eye, ie. a very short period of time. Then and only then will satan be free to do his damndest for until that moment he has been restrained by the presence of the Holy Spirit.


      1. So you are assuming that “The one who restrains him (i.e., the a/c)” is the Holy Spirit. In studying out the words in that particular verse I found that it was ambiguous, not clearly pointing to any individual being. But if we follow your premise and the Holy Spirit is removed from the Earth, so is the opportunity for salvation for the lost. It’s the Holy Spirit that continues the work of salvation on the Earth until Christ’s return. If you read on to the next verse Paul explains exactly “who” it is when he speaks of “restraining”.
        He says that: You know very well who it is that restrains him (a/c), for it is not yet his TIME.
        Time is personified in the masculine here, just as in proverbs, when wisdom calls out to any who will listen is personified in the feminine and the 4 riders of the Apocalypse are personified as the 4 riders.

        As far as tithing and offerings go, I made no mention of that. But the nation of Israel at that time was a Theocracy, having Almighty God as their leader and the Levite priesthood to represent them before God. The tithe was their “tax”, so to speak. It helped to support the Levites whose full time job was representing the people. They didn’t engage in normal work or jobs as did the other tribes so they needed that support.
        The Church is called to give gifts and offerings as led by the Holy Spirit. And it isn’t always money that’s called to be given. It may be your time or your talents but my wife and I also give a set amount because we feel it’s what we’re called to do on a regular basis. We are open to giving more or not at all, but it’s at the behest of The Spirit.

        But The Holy Spirit will not be leaving the Earth until Christ comes back. To do so would be to abandon humanity to satan and that is not found anywhere in Scripture. Even reprobate hearts such as Pharaoh Ramses was still given opportunities until the very end. Jonah knew this very simple personality trait of our God and ran into rebellion because of it!


      2. You are not honouring Leo by continuing, this is not what his blog is for, out of courtesy to him please desist, my husband and I will NOT be responding to you any more.

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      3. Julia, We know Christ-followers are not “appointed to wrath”– I even know those who would rather delay Christ’s call for us to “come up hither” so they can see their grandchildren grow up– how tragic to love the physical realm more than the heavenly!! We are simply seeing the stage being set post-Revelation 4.
        The USA IRS is being prepared to monitor personal bank accounts, the pope and the grand imam kissed as they signed on for the “universal religion of humanity” (aka “Chrislam”)– vax expectations are an(other) introduction to one-world-kumbaya, so they think.
        So dumb & ridiculous that conversations are muffled by masks and most won’t shift it so they can be understood– I gaze in amazement.
        Keep looking up, Sister-in-Christ! Prayers for you and yours.


      4. ianpomeroy,

        As it was in the apostate days of Noah, so it is in this Orwellian Digital Age. The Lord’s Arch Angel Michael is removed from restraining the lawless Marxist Beast that is accursed and under God’s strong delusion. Not all professing believers in the Bride of Christ shall be saved. For many Socially Secured foolish virgins (goats and tares) in Christ’s Bride foolishly reject His commandment that forbids them from being digitally marked with the Beast’s ID#. The wise virgin’s lamp oil is divinely supplied by the Bridegroom’s Holy Spirit. Therefore they cannot share their holy lamp oil with the Devil’s deluded foolish virgins who received Socialism’s Security Number that allows them to buy their oil from merchants in the Beast’s UN global village (the City of Destruction).

        The wise virgins are divinely drawn out of the Beast’s Socially Secured City of Destruction and into the ark to meet their coming Bridegroom. As the foolish virgins are suddenly raptured away in the falling deluge of God’s wrath, they can be heard crying out to Jesus of Nazareth: Lord save us, open the ark’s door and let us in!! Didn’t we believe in You and studied the Bible to know You better?!


  18. You let the mentally ill rule you saying they were more worthy than the capable man of Donald Ttrump.

    SO EAT IT, if you are lucky to find something to eat.


  19. However if born-again Christians have taken the shot, for whatever reason, there is no way they have lost their salvation, that is impossible because their salvation is not dependent upon what they do or have done, it is dependent upon what Jesus has done and is contuing to do.


  20. All I can say is thank god that I live in the great state of Texas. We don’t mask and nobody cares if you took the shot or not. My family will not be taking it.


  21. The sooner the world realizes the truth about unicorns, er viruses (I sometimes get the two mixed up, lol), the sooner the world will be freed of the tyranny which is based entirely upon this deception.

    Millions already know the truth. For only $5 anyone can download Dr. Thomas Cowan’s 45-page e-book (written for the layman) and also have this knowledge.

    Breaking The Spell: The Scientific Evidence for Ending The COVID Delusion


    1. But as some of us have never heard of the man why should we, in what way can we ascertain if his life is modelling the fruit of the Spirit, for Jesus told us we would know those who were His by the fruit in their lives.


      1. @ Julia Pomeroy. Where does it say in the Bible that Jesus will return before the great tribulation.??


      2. Leo would rather we did not debate the Rapture -v-the Tribulation. Suffice it to say Jesus returns to the earth just the once.

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  22. My neighbors that have gotten the shots have threatened to kill me because I haven’t. They used to be so nice, so tolerant and respectful of others but they have changed and are angry and hateful now.
    This is in the USA.

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    1. Cowardice is a sin.
      Not all the vaxxed act that way. This brutality started back in spring of last year.
      At one point I told people online that if someone passed out in a store a Christian should break social distancing to offer help before ER arrived. They could quarantine later the way Jesus did.
      Lots expressed shock at my advocating such risky behaviors. Aren’t some things worth risking your life for? Or dying for?
      No wonder the church has been dying. No harvest to reap because that requires the sacrifice and death of the seeds.

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      1. I don’t know everyone in this world that have gotten these shots. I can only speak from my experiences .
        As far as the church goes, they have always served evil.


      2. And I thank God for the fact that, according to you, “I have no idea”! The only thing which I know really well is the Word of God through reading it from cover to cover on a regular basis for the last 46 years. With that ‘under my belt’ anything else is superfluous.


      3. Now there’s a lady who knows her Bible, I wonder of the person to whom she is responding knows the difference between wheat and tares and between sheep and goat here in the Middle East. Clue – there is none – outwardly!

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  23. Very true Leo and I agree totally , there is this thing called wisdom which God gives all of us if we ask . 1 chronicles 12:32 From the Issacharites who understood the times and knew what Israel should do , by the way great listening to you with Jan Markell

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    1. I am replying to the first reply button available after the few comments concerning storing up food and necessities or not storing up what may be needful for the survival of an individual, a family, a community, and or beyond. As true believers in Christ and in the written and preserved Word of God, we are admonished in Proverbs 6.6-8; “Go [look] to the ant, you sluggard [lazy or unconcerned or undiscerning person]! Consider her ways [the ant] and be wise, which having no captain, overseer or ruler [religious or political], provides her supplies in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest.”
      This Scripture along with all of Matthew 24 and Jesus’ in advance warnings of end time events, great tribulation, affliction, sorrow, and the offending of one-time so-called believers and their betrayal due to their go along to get along with what appears to be mandates instigated by the approx. thirty-eight global leaders being used at puppets for Satan’s end time agenda, may prove in time to be of an important nature for us to consider as it relates to whether we are faithful in being prepared or not.
      Along with 2 Thessalonians chapter 2, revealing the exact end time sequence of four end time events, in their exact order; 1) the revealing of the son of perdition or man of sin, or known as the Antichrist in other places in Scripture, and 2) the falling away or in the original language the departing from the faith. And only after these first two end time events taking place, 3) then the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in power and in glory, along with 4) the gathering of the saints together with Jesus Christ by His angels as described also by Jesus immediately after the tribulation of those days as found spoken by Jesus Himself in Matthew 24. 28-31.
      Having said that, because of the many other warnings in Scripture such as from Daniel, Jesus, Peter, Paul, and John in the book of Revelation, and the overwhelming abounding lawlessness and or iniquity also predicted by Jesus in Matthew 24, my wife and I have been preparing for nearly ten years now for end time events as recorded in the bible. Revelation predicts that a quart of wheat will cost a family a days wage. How close are we to that particular warning and prophetic prediction? How close are we here in America to not being able to buy or sell without compromising our faith in God’s glorious immune system given to each of us, by bowing down to the insidious mandates of the puppet global elite, the shadow governments in control, that are simply one part of the depopulation end time agenda of the above mentioned.
      Someone earlier was right, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty for the pulling down of strongholds in our lives and in the world. Yes, greater is He who in us than he who is in the world. Yes, Satan, Lucifer, the devil, whatever biblical term we want to place upon him at any given moment and for any given evil in which he attempts to steal, kill, and to destroy our faith and trust in God our heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the living written and preserved Word of God; yes, he is called the prince of the air [airwaves], but Jesus is our Prince of peace, Lord of lords, and Savior of our souls, of which the enemy can do nothing to destroy.
      What you and I decide to do as it pertains to preparing for the tumultuous times that are now fast approaching, in a short time, if you should change your mind as one who sees no need to prepare, it will be too late to prepare. Does God protect His people? Of course He does. But please keep in mind what God has declared through the apostle Paul, “Yes, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will [not maybe but will] suffer persecution.” Therefore, if what the bible graciously describes concerning end time events takes place in our near future, millions of human beings will die of starvation, die of the killing serum filled so-called vaccines, or be killed by rogue and roaming inner city gangs hell bent on locating food, more guns, ammunition, and whatever helps them to survive to fight another day.
      As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and we will prepare for what the Word of God declares is coming before Jesus is found coming. Do not be found believing the lie, and worse, I pray you and I are not among the majority who will be deceived either by the many end time false prophets Jesus and other biblical scribes have warned us of. I also pray we are not among the many who will or are being deceived and negatively affected by the strong delusion God Himself promised and predicted He would send upon the end time occupants of the earth who would rather believe the lie of the enemy, the lies of the global elites, and the lies of so-called religious but not spiritual wolves in sheep’s clothing that have wrongfully inserted themselves into places of religious organized institutions, as if evil birds comfortably lodging in the branches of an abnormally overgrown tree as in the parable Jesus gave us as a warning in the gospels.
      I thoroughly enjoy reading the many various thoughts that have been made on this site and on other similar sites. It give me a better perspective of what average individuals are thinking and willing to contribute to the conversation. Forgive my many run-on sentences! And if you disagree with my thoughts, I understand. But please consider others of whom you may be responsible for when deciding whether to prepare or not. We are attempting to prepare for seven (7) years and for approx. 200 people finding their way to our small humble homestead.
      Our favorite type of food storage has been primarily 20, 25, and 30 year long term freeze dried and dehydrated # 10 cans. If a person is serious about truly preparing as prescribed by God in Proverbs, one must consider being able to remove water from a well, maintain a garden, have on hand much firewood, propane, medical supplies, and of course paper products, and protection methods. But, the most important and most precious item to stockpile is our personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the love for the Word of God, and a ready at all times willingness to repent of our sins when convicted by the Holy Spirit of God.
      And by all means, let us be found fostering an eternal perspective about life hear on earth. Let us realize that to be absent from this body by way of an earthly death, is to be present with the Lord for all eternity. That is why it is called an eternal perspective. And that is enough said for now by me! Thanks for the opportunity to voice a few thoughts. In Him Always, Brother Mike…

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    2. @ KJ ,
      I went to the website that you suggested. Since the articles maintain incorrectly that there is a bucketful of holes in the truth of the Pr_ Tribulation Rapture I went no further.
      You maintain that the Pre Trib Rapture is false. We do not agree. It is a highly significant issue but not a salvation matter. Therefore I trust and hope that you are born again and will see you joyfully in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth where all consideration will rest.


      1. @ ianpomeroysays:
        November 13, 2021 at 1:13 pm

        You imply that the doctrine concerning the coming of Jesus Christ is “not a salvation matter”
        This is a saying used by you pre-tribbers, to persuade Christians that they needn’t be overly concerned about the doctrine of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is another sly attempt to quieten the truth and any resistance to the false ‘pretribulation rapture’ heresy.

        The truth IS a salvation matter. Those in Christ are born of the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of truth. Jesus said “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth”
        Those who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit cannot tolerate a lie when it concerns God’s word. God’s truth is so important that Christians have been willing to die rather than relinquish this truth or accept a twisted version. A Christian’s spirit burns with the truth and cannot settle on a lie, when God’s truth is at stake.

        Jesus Christ is the way the TRUTH and the life.

        In 2Thessalonians 2, Paul, clearly explains the sequence of events which must precede the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. And following the warning given by Jesus in Mat 24:4, Paul repeats the same warning in 2Thess:3. Paul warns the saints to let no man deceive them on this very important doctrine.

        Speaking in the context of the coming of Jesus Christ, Paul says that God will send a strong delusion upon those who did not receive a love of the TRUTH so as to be saved

        2Thessalonians 2: 11 & 12
        “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

        At the end of the chapter Paul cautions the saints again telling them to stick to the tradition which they have been taught.

        2Thessalonians 2:15
        “Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.”

        So Jesus Himself and then Paul lead their comments on this hugely important doctrine with a caution against being deceived on the matter.

        I hope people reading this will see how important the truth is and how salvation and God’s truth are inseparable. You cant have one without the other.

        Those who knowingly contradict the teaching of Jesus and Paul on the doctrine of Christ’s coming, are not in the truth and face the wrath of God.

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      2. How utterly sad that you take so much out of context. Salvation can only be found in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth by faith in Him. John 14 v 6. Nothing else is Salvation.


      3. ianpomeroysays:
        November 13, 2021 at 9:20 pm

        If you read further on in 2nd Thessalonians Paul shows how salvation is inseparable from the truth. He says to the saints that God has chosen them to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and BELIEF OF THE TRUTH.

        Here’s the full verse :-
        13But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:”

        Faith in Jesus Christ must be based on God’s truth otherwise it is a false faith. You cannot separate salvation from God’s truth.

        Paul goes on to encourage the saints not to abandon what they have been taught.

        “15Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.”

        Those who knowingly depart from the truth and preach a fake gospel will be judged by God accordingly.


      4. Anthony William says:
        November 14, 2021 at 12:01 pm

        RE: But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:”

        The holy faith of Jesus Christ, to always obediently do His Father’s will, is daily being worked out within the sanctified (new wineskin) hearts of His beloved brethren, by God’s indwelling Spirit of Truth (New Wine). Otherwise, in self-righteousness, it is the false faith of the deluded, carnal-minded flesh. You cannot separate the sanctifying Spirit of Christ’s most holy faith from the Spirit of Truth’s mighty power that is working out God’s gracious salvation in your repentant new wineskin heart. Philippians 2:13; Ezekiel 36:26-27

        For by grace are you saved through the Spirit of Christ’s obedient faith; and that repentant/obedient faith is not of your carnal-minded flesh: it is the gift of God’s Holy Spirit. Ephesians 1:19; 2:8


      5. @ john Shaohat November 14, 2021 @ 7.45 pm

        Hello John
        Yes. We are chosen in Christ from before the foundation of the world. We are saved by the grace of God and not of ourselves lest we should boast. Our salvation is revealed when we respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ with God given faith. Only the regenerate man can have saving faith because saving faith is not just a concept it is the action of the Spirit of truth in us confirming that we are children of God. I remember Jesus saying “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. ”

        The description you give of the wineskin analogy is profound. I’ve never heard such a good description before. So I am feeling blessed right now with better understanding having read your comment.

        May our faith continue to grow to the glory of Jesus Christ.


      6. Anthony William says:
        November 13, 2021 at 7:27 pm
        @ ianpomeroysays:

        AMEN, Christ’s brightly burning Spirit of Truth joyfully says within me! Thank you Anthony William.


      7. john shaphat
        November 13, 2021 at 8:03 pm

        Thanks John. Your comment filled me with happiness. It’s great to hear of your love for Christ, Jesus.

        I think we Christians need to study Mat 24 and 2nd Thessalonians 2, and of course Mark 13 and Luke 21. I find that reading these passages helps with understanding other passages on the subject of Christ’s coming. These passages are clearer and easier to understand.

        So many Christians turn to fake literature and videos instead of reading the Bible and then become unable to untangle themselves from the confusing web of lies that they’ve been told.

        May the Spirit of Christ continue to shine brightly in you and fill you with His truth.

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      8. Thank you, unibokk! Wish we could know each other face to face and love each other having all things in common, like the true church in Acts 2:44.


  24. If you live in the USA and you aren’t putting back food, water, and hygiene items, you are making a big mistake. When this gets implemented here and it will, you won’t be forced to take the death jab just to buy food.


    1. Out of curiosity where does God come into all this or of you of the persuasion who believe that God helps those who help themselves, which is absolutely nowhere in the Bible nor is its sentiment there either. I am not writing to be nasty or confrontative for all I know you are not a believer so, of course, you would do those things.

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      1. Is it anti-Christian to prepare for famine? Isn’t that what Joseph did in Egypt and was therefore able to help many people as a result? If I, using the discernment God gave me, know what’s coming and am able to prepare for it ahead of time, then this allows me to help others when the lean times arrive. This is very biblical, I believe, but that’s just me.

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      2. I do not live in the times before Christ I live in the times after He came and in the New Testament this is not the tenor of the whole book but rather we are to learn to trust in the Lord, to depend upon Him as children who depend upon their Father and that is the way we choose to live. It requires faith I know, but what an adventure, it is this sort of faith which He delights in and He has ministered to us in incredible ways because we believe His Word, particularly referring to the New Testament.
        When we were extremely poor we had an ‘open house day’ and expected about 20 people, 20 was all we could afford to cater for, we had 70 and the pan of lobby (Midland stew) never emptied until the last person was full. This is what I mean about trust your Father to care for you like a Father. He has never let us down so why should He start now? We have a little in store mainly just in case one of us ill and are unable to go online to place our order, otherwise we will continue to walk with our most glorious God into eternity.
        PS The more we spend on food the less we have to give to those in need – it’s a ‘no-brainer’ really!


      3. Julia, soon our money will be declared worthless and replaced with a new digital currency tied to one’s health passport and bank account. I think food will be the thing many people will need at that point, especially the uninjected whose social credit score will be so low that they will not be allowed to participate in the new digital money system.

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      4. So how much food should we buy, a week’s, a month’s, a year’s? And if we do that from whom will we be taking it if, as you say, there are shortages? Another problem, where are we going to find the money to store all the food? Will we have to buy another fridge, another freezer? Where will we find the money for that, where will we put tham and what if there are power outages?
        You know, Leo, I have been reading the word of God from cover to cover on a regular basis for over 46 years and nowhere has He ever told me to store food because ‘famine’ is coming, in fact what He tells me is I will not be here when the famine comes so, I reckon I will use the money God has given us serving the Lord by supporting those out there on the coal face, rather than spending it on me and mine and trust God will care for us. After all He has done a brilliant job up to now, why should He fail now?
        It makes no sense in the light of what He calls us to do and how He promises us to just concentrate on one day at a time. I have the advantage of being old so it is highly likely I will die soon, which will be brilliant as I know He will be with me through it.
        I am sorry but I totally disagree with all this storing of produce, unless, of course, you have grown it yourself, as my friend is doing, that is another matter entirely, but then if she did not grow it herself her ‘income’ is so minute she would starve so the Lord anointed her hands and gave her green fingers.

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      5. Hi Julia, I don’t say this with malice, but, just because you’ve read His Word for 46 years does not mean you are well read.
        I kindly ask you to read the following regarding a pre-trib rapture
        Also, please re-read Christ’s parable regarding the 10 virgins regarding preparedness. God Bless


      6. Really, I trust you realise that your comment is just your opinion, as far as I am concerned those who know their Bible well are the best read people in the world because they have had hearts which seek after God, which love Him and which desire to know Him better and there is no better way to know Him better. If He is the Creator of the Universe, If His Son the Lord Jesus Christ gave His life in order to pave the way to a relationship with God. If the Bible is God’s inspired Word given to men, then I cannot believe that anything else can improve on one knowing the Word of God inside and out. As far as I am concerned the thing which delights God most of all is when His children put their entire trust in Him and believe His promises and choose to fulfil the one commitment He has given us which is to go into all the world and preach the gospel. This my beloved and I have done having left the country of our birth and, amazingly, despite being, according to you, not well read, we have had the most brilliant time fulfilling His commission and He has not let us down once, nor failed us, nor have we ever gone hungry, except through choice, nor have we ever not had decent clothing, nor have we ever been without a roof over our heads, anything else He has given has been an added bonus. Everything we have been given by Him is His and we hold onto nothing not even this world. I do not need to read what somebody, of whom I have never heard, says about the Rapture, I know what the Bible says and that for me is being “well read” enough.
        I have no idea why you felt the need to respond to me, I am walking the walk God has given to me, if you are unable to trust Him with all your tomorrows that is your challenge, it is not for you to show me where you think I am going wrong.

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      7. I would say, do what the Holy Spirit leads you to do. This relates to all things, but can be applied to storing up goods etc.


      8. Actually I only do what I believe the Holy Spirit is leading me to do if it harmonises with scripture, it is way too easy to be deceived these days, it is the major thing we are warned about, therefore the one thing I know I am hearing from Him is when whatever He says, is in line with scripture – with the whole counsel of God – of course, you have to know the whole counsel of God for that to be possible but I have been reading His Word from cover to cover on a regular basis for 46 years now so I reckon I have just a little more than an inkling!
        Everything I have belongs to God and He has called me, as He has called all His adopted children, to preacb the gospel, in fact I took Him seriously with regard to going out into all the world. Therefore that which He has and continues to give us goes into clothing, housing and feeding us and after that it goes into helping others to preach the gospel, there is no time nor money left to indulge myself in something which I have not been called to do. After all, from my reading of the Word of God I do believe we are called to live by faith, not by sight and to believe that what He promises, He means and He will care for us. Nothing delights God more than seeing us walk in faith believing what He has said will come to pass without any, apparent, evidence of that fact.


  25. We have lived with this since 1st August and are learning to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and not to lean on our own understanding. At the moment we are banned from all medical establishments and churches and anywhere which can house more than ten people including staff, anywhere smaller people are free to let us in or not at their discretion! It is mostly “not”! However we can order groceries through online shopping and, because I do not like shopping anyway unless I have to, this is a bonus. However Cyprus has starteda census which it does every ten years so this will be interesting! We have learnt the true meaning of what Jesus tells us that if we love Him the world will hate us and oh boy it does! Water off a duck’s back I know who is at back of this and Who it is Who is really hated, I am proud to say I am a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. My pride, by the way, is in what He has done, not in anything I have done.

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    1. Thank you Julia for this update. Apparently everyone in Cypress is just A OK with the new “normal” you have described? I haven’t heard about any protests or push back, even in Greece of late. In Italy we are hearing of some rather stalwart resistance to the mandates being forced on people there. We will all be in this same boat before it’s over, that much I am sure of, because this is a satanic drive for one-world government now in play.


      1. Oh Leo why do you Americans, you are definitely not the first but I doubt you will be the last either, insist on saying the country in which I live is called Cypress? , (There is a ‘Cypress’ in Texas, though!) A ‘cypress’ is a tree, I live in ‘Kyprou’ which, in English is ‘Cyprus’, it is also known as ‘Kittim’ in the Bible – Jeremiah 2:10; Ezekiel 27:6..
        One of the things which many people do not realise is that, whilst Cyprus is in the EU, if you look at its geographical location you can see that the chances are that the main mindset of a Cypriot will be Middle Eastern not European, after all the country was ruled for 400 years by the Ottoman Empire, hence the continuing animosity between Greeks and Turks.
        Therefore were we to ask those whom we know they will, to a man/woman, not be in favour of what is happening but will not say so and are, most probably, unlikely to do anything about it. For example my nextdoor neighbours have had the jab, I believe, and now avoid us like the plague because they know where we are coming from! But when you talk to younger people then they have the same opinion and put their money where their mouth is. For example there will be some restaurants and other businesses which will not push having to be jabbed, but it could be a challenged finding them. It is highly possible the police know about them but either turn a blind eye out of choice or because of a bribe.
        Whatever is going on in Cyprus politically we have no knowledge about despite reading an English edition of a particular Cypriot newspaper so we are, mostly in the dark.
        Needless to say only about one in a thousand is aware of the spiritual background to all this and, tragically some of those will be Christians! However, I am mindful of how Joseph spoke to his brothers when they came to him, not knowing who he was. When he revealed who he was he said, in effect, “you meant this for evil, but God . . . . . . ” and this is where we are coming from – the “but Gods . . . .” make all the difference in the world.

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      2. Leo,
        Great info, once again. I am in Brazil now where one only sees masks used in urban areas and where the President has refused the jab. Back home in rural central Texas, one gets a sense of normalcy, people sick of the tyranny, “unreconstructed”.

        We are certainly in desperate times, but so what. Cowboy up, stand up to evil by doing the right thing, and we will prevail!

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      3. My mom and dad are in denial that there is a one world government being thrust upon us. They say things are almost back to normal now that Covid deaths are dropping.
        We are going maskless and acting normally. Except in public schools. My dad wears masks in restaurants though he laughs about it. Says it will all be over soon. Says the pandemic has about run its course.


    2. Julie, if you and Ian need financial help please let us know. The food shortages here are not bad yet. This is a farming community. I can spare quite a bit this month.
      Things are bizarrely normal too. As if the spirit of fear has not overwhelmed us. Not even my Democrat landlady.
      Weird how some places are relatively unaffected. Without this insane fear the globalists would never have pulled this off. (And an equally insane trust in the government and celebrities. Fauci is implicitly trusted by many simply because he’s a CELEBRITY. Ugh.)

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      1. Rachel, I am blown away, considering how our ‘relationship’ has not always been cordial you are certainly modelling Jesus right now. Thank you kind soul we are managing on our pensions, after all there is not much we can do so not much is being spent. But I do truly appreciate your offer and I pray that the Lord will bless you in some special way today for your kind thoughts.

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      2. This is what I always hoped this site’s comment section would inspire. Thank you Rachel and Julia for your showing how true Christians are supposed to relate with each other with kindness, love, compassion and respect.

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      1. I have been a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ for 46 years and have read the Word of God from cover to cover on a regular basis throughout that time, what on earth made you think that I would believe in ‘coincidences’. Should there ever come a time when I become tired of reading the Bible, perhaps I might take you up on your suggestion, in the meantime I will keep my focus firmly on Jesus Christ of Nazareth and His Word.


  26. “ Trump/Biden death serum” – Is Trump Part of the totalitarian plan? I have not heard any speech where he has condemned mandatory vaccination. Is he a wolf is sheep’s clothing?


    1. He has 2 years of Jesuit education and has indirectly contributed to this Agenda; as to whether he was fully conscious and aware of this, God only knows. Trump assigned full blown Jesuit Robert Redfield to head up the CDC; and the CDC’s policy with airline passengers definitely contributed to COVID getting into the US on a big scale. Despite that Redfield has distanced himself from Fauci’s Jesuitism and claims that COVID originated in the Wuhan Lab; he has still contributed to this Agenda. Jesuits and Liberation Theology contributed to the socialist changes in Latin America; and the same is happening here today. They are in politics and government positions; they hold positions of power as judges, etc. etc. Where they don’t actually hold and edict their powers, they are able to influence others to do so; despite the religious convictions of officials carrying out the marching orders. A Jesuit’s allegiance is to the Pope – not the US Constitution. Francis is an obvious Socialist – pushing a Marxist/Communist Agenda. Fidel Castro was a Jesuit. When is America going to see the correlations? If they cannot control Biblical interpretation; then they will burn the Bible and those who believe in the Almighty’s Word of Salvation by Grace Alone.


    2. Yes he started by giving Big Pharma whatever they needed to get going at “warp speed”.
      He also allowed the wolf VP Pence to bring in Fauci and Brix.
      Think about it what did he do to drain the swamp?


    3. I too have questioned this. I voted for the man and was a staunch supporter, but I’m not so sure what his part is. From Warp Speed to The Abraham Accords, these have raised my eyebrows. I wonder if those accords are the ones that eventually get “confirmed”? Perhaps after the Magog invasion? (purely speculating here) I guess we will see how it all plays out.

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  27. I hope the Lord comes back before His children have to endure anymore harsh persecution! This is all very hard, disturbing to watch. I keep asking WHY isn’t anyone being arrested for committing clear illegal actions in the U.S.? Not only is Satan’s plan happening, but more importantly, God’s plan! He WILL be victorious! I dwell on the scriptures that promise a new world of peace. 😊


    1. The Christians who read the original copy of Revelation probably shared your sentiments. The Neronian persecutions were no picnic. Even now we haven’t seen REAL persecution yet in America. What puzzles me is the inequality of the vaxxed versus unvaxxed. Meaning well intentioned older Christians get the shots to avoid getting sick. They don’t act crazy and wish death on others. Many of the unvaxxed are freedom loving hippy types.
      Many of the vaxxed are Christians–and still act like it. Many of the unvaxxed are not Christians. Some are New Agers like Russell Brand. Others are self described liberals.
      The separation of God’s people and the world’s people is not yet complete.
      Many–maybe half–of those in my community got the “vaxx.” We disagree about how effective it is, but don’t give each other the cootie treatment. I’m hoping I can help people realize the boosters are bad, but many will die first I fear. Trust of government and media is very low. We remain open and I’m trying to red pill others.

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      1. ” Many of the unvaxxed are freedom loving hippy types” – I just loved that, as it is the first time in an age that I have been described like that especially as I have never actually been a hippy and now it is way too late I am 78 and my beloved is 77 and he’s not a hippy either, he prefers to look on his body as the temple of the Holy Spirit as do I therefore we have no intention of putting anything in it which will change our genes, the genes which God gave us.


      2. The separation of God’s holy people (whose souls are NOT digitally marked with the Beast’s
        SS# making them the merchandised property of Marxism’s abominable Reset Social Security System) and the world’s Socially Secured people (whose deluded souls ARE digitally-marked with Satan’s Social Security Number to become, from cradle to grave, dependent wards of the Marxist Beast), is not yet complete.

        I’m hoping I can encourage people to repent of receiving the Beast’s SS# and trusting in Marxism’s Covid inoculations are demonically pernicious. The wise virgins of Christ’s digitally-unmarked Bride trust in the eternal security of Jesus Christ’s gospel, and hatefully reject the Humanistic gospel of Socialism’s democratic government and Orwellian media.


  28. Once again, Thank you Leo for the information. Tragic, utterly tragic BUT God. He warned us ahead of time. Romans and Timothy and Thessalonians and of course ALL the He said set the scene.
    Staggering to realise and yet He Jesus Christ of Nazareth has everything IN His control. Therefore we can trust Him.
    The evil one is determined to kill us, and of course he has failed for there is no way that he can kill our souls! Jesus Christ has the victory, He has already one the war for He said IT IS FINISHED! He defeated death and has demonstrated this so completely for thousands of years.
    As awful as this is, we who have accepted our God, that in Jesus Christ we have Eternal life, the moment that we submit to Jesus Christ and accept Him, He has told us multiple times in the scriptures that this is so. Whilst we anticipate the soon return of Him we must invite others to turn to Him and also accept His offer of eternal life.
    The only other thing that we can do, with His help, REMEMBER He is NOT on our side we are on His, we join Him and we proclaim the Gospel and as long as I am able I shall refuse to submit to the authorities. Whilst the authorities rule in accordance with His rule I have obeyed, now that they have dismissed Him I shall follow only Jesus Christ, God.
    Jude 22: Titus 2 v 13. Let us warn others and seek to snatch them from the eternal fire before it is too late. Keep looking up for our hope is in Jesus Christ alone.
    No 7 year tribulation for His bride!!

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  29. There is some resistance here in America by elected sheriffs which is good. Recently in L.A. county they said they wouldn’t enforce those mandates and there is an organization of sheriffs promoting constitutional rights. We are not in darkness for that day to suprise us like a thief. So, keep looking up. Encourage one another. Continue to sound the warnings. The labor pains will continue to increase. Out Sovereign Lord has a plan and let all our actions glorify His name. Do not repay evil with evil.

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  30. Zbigniew Brzezinski stated in the ’70’s that it is easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.

    Furthermore, it is much easier to herd people than to herd sheep.

    …and why don’t the masses get it in their heads that this is about culling the population of the world (killing, you all get that) which has been foretold many years ago?

    What does one do when it IS OBVIOUS they want to kill you, Do you turn the other cheek or …?

    I’d like to point out that in the 20th century, the results of turning the other cheek didn’t work out too well for the people of:

    You all have a hard choice to make and it better be NOW! There will be pain, more than likely, but much worse if you sit on your butts and wimp out. Don’t let fear stifle you. Think of what kind of legacy you’ll leave for your kids and beyond. It’s 1776, version 2.0 or slavery. Again, you have a choice. Prepare…

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    1. Too bad these countries under police state rule (proving a covid pass) just don’t get it, nihilism and people’s electronic addictions rule the day.


  31. This is happening because the secular citizens have no idea what is really happening. They have no knowledge of the end times and the coming one world order. They cannot believe that their Democratic government would have nefarious purposes behind this whole covid mess.

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    1. Lots of Evangelical Christians have no idea what’s happening. Those most obsessed with “End Times” expected it to happen exactly like those cheesy, poorly written novels made into cheesy, badly made films starring Kirk Cameron.


      1. Many shall be purified, made white ,and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand. Daniel 12:10
        So much deception today

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      2. I do believe those novels were not cheesey or mistaken in their conclusions. Yet we shall soon actually see how this concludes.


      3. Not going to argue about the literary merit of these pot boilers. Not room for that. Fred Clark does a great job of that in The Anti Christ Handbook: The Horror and Hilarity of Left Behind.
        The methods used for this global takeover are vastly different than those described in those books. I don’t like Fred Clark’s theology/politics at all, but he was correct in his critique of the world building in this series. He goes on and on making excellent points about how establishing a One World Government would not be possible. Using the methods of the book.
        Thanks to the “wonders” of technocracy it is. Just 20 years after the series.
        Both LaHaye and Clark were wrong it seems.
        Going to blog about it.

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      4. I look forward to reading whatever article you put together on this Rachel. I agree that the plots put forth in those novels, well-intentioned as they may have been, did great damage to the Western Christian psyche.


    2. I have sent this article out to many who study Bible prophecy, are aware, now we are being conditioned for the Rev 13 event, majority of ppl in the U.S. also will line up just as they did for these poison jabs. 80 mill people still refuse the clot shots.


      1. Hang on a minute we have Revelation 6 through 12 to go through yet, in other words the Man of Perdition has not yet signed or confirmed a seven-year agreement with Israel as written in Daniel 9:27. What is going on now is God preparing the stage and bringing His judgment to His house.


      2. Ian and Julia, I read her response as, they are setting us up for when that happens or conditioning us. Which I do believe is true.


    1. This is not the UN Beast’s global pandemic of the unvaccinated. This is the infectious demonic constraint of Lucifer’s Neo-Marxist global authoritarianism that, via FDR’s Socialistic Security System (i.e. the digitally-marked frog acclimating to Marxist Socialism’s boiling water), has infiltrated not just the U.S. but the UN Global Village of Fabian Freemasonry. Things in Socialism’s “Digital Age” are moving along at a frenetic pace in the direction desired by the Iranian Mahdi’s (Daniel’s “little horn”) promise to “fundamentally transform” (i.e. fundamentally UPROOT the 3 horns of capitalism’s Judaeo-Xian Super Power) the Babylonian/ American Whore that is enthroned upon the ten-horned UN Beast.

      Life under Socialism’s strictly enforced Covid Pass regime covering all deluded human souls who have been digitally marked with the Beast’s Social Security Number: the Reset Global Village’s Lithuania.

      Without being marked with Socialism’s Security Number, you’re banned: banking e-commerce accounts, driver’s license, business license, credit card’s global digital currency, passports, unemployment checks, Medicare, Covid Pass, shopping, work, eating out….Is this accursed Satanic world order “The ONE” you want to be a Socially-Secured dependent-ward of when you stand before the Great Judgment throne of Lord Christ Jesus?!?


    2. also Ian and Julia: me and other ladies focus on informing when we have the chance, so u are judging us for oding nothing, and don’t know about us. We live in the S.E. USA and we are on the computer, sending out info, and one friend retired from the school board. Other parts of the coutnry have way worse schools, some teaching LGBT. Christian parents would shun the public schools. We are not rich, some are widows on fixed income. We are not rich country club women either. So few know that many apostate protestant denominations incl Catholics and Mormons are part of the globalist agenda to remain silent in the pulpits because they get tax exemptions 501c3. We all have much more to learn, keep studying online about apostasy in the end times. and pull your kids out of these secular schools. Your kids deserve better. Home church if u can’t find and ind. church. The state controls churches and their nat. assoc. in the U.S. and overseas (HItler and Stalin era incl)which are nothing mroe than social clubs.

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      1. Amen! Thanks, Laura McDonough and Sandra Zollman for sharing your much-needed Spiritual discernment exposing the Angel of Light’s (501c3) Democratic church/state.


  32. This is only possible because the love of many has grown cold. Wishing for the death of former friends on “social” media.
    If enough “little people” showed compassion to others this would not be an issue.
    Unlike Hitler’s regime there are only a few running this genocide. Doctors, nurses, teachers, police are going along with this. And those in the Top Tier have no idea of the horrors awaiting them in the future as they play Russian Roulette with the boosters.
    The big strength in America is not our guns, but our faith in God and love for one another. The Fear has passed over certain areas. This makes it harder to pull this stuff.
    The NWO’s most powerful weapon is Fear.
    The Big Lie is we should look to the State and Scientists to save us.
    The Scapegoat is every neighbor. Even with passes the Vaxxed live in fear of one another I noticed. They seldom enjoy outings–Bill Maher was ranting–they stay distanced and masked even from other “safe” people.
    They want us to view our God given bodies with loathing. To view the rest of humanity with coldness or hatred. To look to the State to save us from sickness and death.
    Many Christians have fallen into grave sin and don’t know it. I’m not talking about the vaxx itself, but the beliefs and attitudes I have listed.

    I have seen the future the Reset Cult has planned for its surviving remnant. It does not tempt me. No one who has seen it likes it. But people continue in that direction–slouching toward Babylon.
    There is no political solution. Without fully realizing it, the bulk of humanity has chosen their technocratic transhuman future.

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    1. Well said Rachel, as usual! Jesus warned that in the last days the love of many would wax cold, and we can see that attitude of indifference, even contempt of one’s fellow man gripping the masses. We are called to be different!

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      1. Leo I too said to myself, when the pilots/ATCs walked off the job, that it was exactly what the powers that be wanted. They want chaos and destruction of the US. The more pain the better. Then, when the people cannot control the basic functions of society, why the government will swoop in to help with their military. I don’t know how much time we here in the US have, but I think at some point, it will happen suddenly.

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      2. Thank you Leo for this post. I know I am in loving company even if I can not see you and many others I communicate with through the internet. I spoke with a very nice gentleman that came to fix something at my house today and there is so much about this agenda he was unaware of and I could tell he was a little shocked at what I told him. He said he is afraid for his grandchildren, but indicated by body language that there is nothing he can do. Nobody ever asks me ‘What can I do” after hearing what I have to tell them. People are so stunned by the truth it hardly, if at all, registers.


    2. Agree and America will not recover, because very few really care anymore, too involved w/ social media, selfies, texting, video games, etc Parents rarely teach their kids standards and values because they send them to public schools where they watch drag queens in the library, and learn about LGBT lifestyles. I blame the moms for not home schooling or finding a tudor or good Christian school for their kids. The reset is closer than we think. Most ppl don’t even know what is happening or never heard of the reset and the globalist plans for slavery. To the real men and other replys: it is too late for your country you live in like ones mentioned in my other comment, because most people chose that type gov. police state by doing nothing to stop it..

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      1. How utterly tragic your attitude to mothers is. What if they cannot afford to homeschool, to pay for a Christian school, are they to blame too because, legally their children have to be educated and they are unable to afford anything other that state education? Get off your high horse and look around at those who do not have the privileges you obviously have.
        Since when has it been a sin to be dirt poor, hmm? God forbid you should pray for them or, if you are in that sort of a privileged position, offer to help to pay for a better education for a mother’s child.
        By the way not all Christian schools are godly, think on that! And most people don’t know about what is going on because people like you do not tell them.


    1. No one will take a stand for human rights because the men in Australia , Lithuania, Greece, China, UK and other police state countries, have no spine, they are cowards and wussies. I don’t know how women can respect men who won’t stand up for their families future. Most these countries are atheist anyway and want communist life styles and leadership. They hate any religion esp. Christianity and want to live under oppression and slavery.


      1. I have to inform you that whilst you are dissing men of other countries, men you most probably do not know nor will ever meet. I am married to a man who has always stood up for justice even before we were Christians and I do not believe for one minute that, here on this island, he is in the minority, I am sure there are many others. You, my dear, are believing too much of the narrative which has been spewed out against men in the last few years.
        In fact, in reading your comment again, it truly screams out your total ignorance of how it is in other countries. For a start I think the Greek Orthodox church would have something to say to you with regard to Greece, and where I live, as being atheist countries, for goodness sake the government pays the priests who have to be married, ironically, not like the RC church which has not done the family of God many favours!
        All in all that was a pretety nasty comment, I presume you are not married? And, not a Christian.

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      2. @laura,
        You are either trying to bait people or are completly and utterly ignorant of the implications of “real men” standing up and taking direct action.
        If you think the action that real men should take is to march in the streets carrying signs and chanting freedom you really, really, really dont get it.
        We are way past walking in the streets now – to do so simply paints a target on your back and puts you at risk of Police brutality nd possible life changing injuries.
        There are 100s of thousands of men around the World who are quite capable of a making a stand and resiting this tyranny, however the implications are so serious they hold back – for now.
        Your comment is hardly worth a reply, but for those who may be discouraged by such drivil and baiting, I write to let it be known that the decent into the hell of civil war is not a matter to be taken lightly or rushed into – especially if there is still a chance this can be turned around.
        However, if eventually the governments begin rounding people up and taking them to the camps they have prepared – or worse killing them as per the Soviet Union and Nazi occupied Europe, then the horrors of war will visit your door, as it will every man, woman, and child in the western world.
        Dont talk about things you do not understand, and dont bait people with your ignorance. When the time comes the real men will stand up, you had better pray you have one prepared to stand up for you.
        To the real men out there – I will stand with you when the time comes, and when that time comes may God guide us, strengthen us, and protect us (and our families).

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      3. Amen. I thank God I am married to a ‘real’ man, who has always fought for justice even when he was not a Christian as I have too. But there is a time and a place to do these things as you so rightly point out.


      4. Laura, the police state is only possible thanks to the “helpful” neighborhood busybodies known as snitches or karens. Citizen enforcers.
        You know who the biggest supporters of the New Abnormal have been? The unwitting (ignorant) sycophants of the tyrannical NWO? Women!
        I speak in generalities. But they used certain weaknesses to bring on this coup. An insane desire for cleanliness and hygiene (not the normal kind), phobia of microbes, cowardly risk aversion, vanity associated with SM apps, opportunities to brag about how “kind and considerate I am being” with no sacrifice involved, gullibility, and a complete lack of spiritual discernment. All common to the Fair Sex.
        And part of the reason men lack manliness is from all the single mothers. Boys don’t learn how to be men by watching mom. Even if she does work a full-time job. Lots of single mothers choose this life by divorce or getting pregnant with no husband too.

        Not blaming all women. Just pointing out how a lot of cowardly, foolish females enabled this societal meltdown.

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      5. Yes you are correct, most of the male population has been beaten down, belittled, derided, insulted, the list goes on, all in the name of equality, woman’s rights. I’m not blaming just speaking the truth as I see it.
        The decisions we make today will and do affect us in the future.

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      6. Isn’t it brilliant that this phases God not one whit because He is totally capable of redeeming anybody and moulding them into the person He designed them to be in the first place – even men!

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      7. Well you can thank Feminism for the weakened male state in the West. It has led to all of the social “norms” we see plaguing our societies today. From the alphabet soup to straight Communism. All planned out of course.


      8. Because it is the women that sign up for socialism and make their men beta men and then incomes communism.
        Women are born socialist, raised socialist because daddy pays or boyfriend pays or husband pays or government pays.
        You make men live by girl rules and now you have beta wussies.


      1. Never forget deagel publushed in 2017 all nations projected populations by jan 1 2025 . By combing the list-u.k, ireland, germany drop 85%. America & israel drop 60%. France, italy, canada, australia, n.zealand drop 35-50%. Some others drop about 20%. China and islamic nations & mexico stay same or grow as does russia. India & e. Europe etc are stopping or reducing jabs. Kind of strange the big depop extermination nations are the jabbing nations.

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      2. I do recognise that this “crisis” has been manipulated by the evil one. His puppets have been diligently obeying him for 100s of years.
        The Lord God has allowed him to go this far, to what end? The distruction of mankind, no less. It will not succeed as our Creator God cannot be beaten so look up maintain our focus upon Him and see how He achieves this!

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      3. M-
        On Friday, my company provided the email stating get jab for your job or be ‘voluntary’ termination – Total rigged game
        unconstitutional – violates Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
        unethical – crime against humanity

        For what? an experimental gene altering concoction that is unsafe and lacks efficacy

        Natural immunity is proven, durable and long lasting for entire sars cov2 virus not just specific man made bio weaponized spike protein

        I am convinced more than ever this is global reset on humanity with end goal of enslavement through vaccination digital passports

        Watch that fully vaccinated will go from 2 to 3 to 4 to endless number of jabs of experimental toxins

        It’s time for standing up to Xiden and his CCP handlers

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      4. Conservative in mass. I am in mass too. My work place has made vaccination optional. If you need a job , let me know and I will help you. It pays over $20 a hour.


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