The rising biomedical security state is determined to use Covid to reduce every human being to a QR code

Without fanfare and with hardly a peep from the corporate-owned establishment media, the United Nations World Health Organization, also known as the WHO, issued a document last week that should set off alarm bells for lovers of freedom and liberty everywhere.

The document provides “guidance” for every nation in the world on how to go about implementing digital health passports, which is something Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and other power elites have said since last year would be absolutely essential to conquering the Covid pandemic.

The title alone of the document appears designed to repel the average reader and lull them to sleep: Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates: vaccination status: technical specifications and implementation guidance.

The WHO is working with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, or CDC, “to produce a high-value standard for international adoption and technical information exchange.” In layman’s terms, we’re talking about a digital health passport. These passports, as we’ve covered in depth in previous articles, are meant for no other purpose than to track and trace the movement of people in real time, scooping up data all along the way.

In other words, one of the most basic rights in any free society, the freedom of movement, will be shattered if your city, state or nation follows the advice of the WHO, the World Economic Forum, or any of its tech partners such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, Facebook, etc.

The WHO paper states its purpose is to provide standards and specs for the governments and contractors seeking to impose digital vaccine passports on global populations.

“This is a guidance document for countries and implementing partners on the technical requirements for developing digital information systems for issuing standards-based interoperable digital certificates for COVID-19 vaccination status, and considerations for implementation of such systems, for the purposes of continuity of care, and proof of vaccination.”

A condensed version of the 99-page document, with helpful graphics, some of which are reproduced below, can be found here.

As can be seen in the above screenshot, this technology will be used to track not only the movement of people but to monitor their need for “continuity of care,” which foretells WHO’s desire for continuous vaccines and “booster” shots in perpetuity for every man, woman and child.

The system is even designed [see below screenshot] for maximum printability so that holders of vaccine passports “without a smartphone can receive a printed QR code.”

The document was issued August 27 with the intended audience being WHO-member states and technology contractors with a stake in the digital passport business, where tech companies stand to reap billions in profits over the next several years installing this new surveillance grid.

This document talks about the need to implement digital vaccine passports throughout the whole of society and how to do it.

“Vaccination records can also provide proof of vaccination status for purposes not related to health care,” the WHO points out on page 14.

A digital vaccine certificate is defined in the document as “a digitally signed representation of data content that describes a vaccination event.”

The coming Fourth Industrial Revolution

If governments and their tech partners are successful in implementing this system and getting the public conditioned to accept it, the next step, already envisioned by the World Economic Forum, is to move the QR code from the smartphone to the person’s actual body.

Klaus Schwab, director and founder of the WEF, which hosts the world’s top political and economic power players each year in Davos, Switzerland, said in 2016 while promoting his book on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that this global revolution will “lead to a fusion of our physical, biological and digital identities.”

Schwab is fond of saying that Covid and the so-called “Great Reset” announced by the World Economic Forum in July of last year, will force people to engage with machines in new and different ways.

He wasn’t kidding. Listen to Schwab in the video clip below predicting that in this process of fusion, people will, by 2026, have a chip implanted in their skin or brain that will connect them to the Internet.

Schwab’s book, published in late 2016, stated that the time was near when developments in technology would not only “change the way we live and work” but would be “even challenging ideas about what it means to be human.”

Of course there is a segment of the population, worldwide, who Schwab, Gates, Fauci, Rockefeller, Soros, Buffet and the rest of the elites know will never get on board with their plan for changing the very idea of what it means to be human.

That’s where the rollout of the controversial mRNA Covid shots has been extremely valuable to the strategists behind the new world order. They are getting a very good feel for exactly who they will need to either re-educate or, if that’s not possible, eliminate from society altogether.

That’s where the digital certificates/passports come in. They are by their very nature coercive, an obvious, in-your-face assault on basic human freedom. Anyone who accepts such an intrusion on their movement and privacy is clearly already primed for the ultimate “marking” of the new world order, which will be to accept the QR code marked right onto their skin using micro-needles and invisible dye. Gates has already funded a project at MIT to do just that.

The WHO document also mentions that once established these digital certificates could be loaded with data that includes not just Covid vaccine status but all vaccines and health records. The ultimate goal is to have a global identification system that is mated to one’s vaccine status, a dream that the Gates and Rockefeller foundations have been striving to fulfill since their launch of the ID2020 initiative in 2019, before Covid was a thing.

In fact, the slippery slope toward making every man, woman and child a walking QR Code is already being traversed worldwide.

Scannable QR Codes allowing employers, businesses and other organizations to see your vaccination status and decide whether to allow you onto their property are already making their way into several states and cities across the U.S., and throughout Europe.

The ‘show your papers’ society is emerging before our eyes and very few Americans seem concerned, or even aware.

A company called MyIR Mobile is working in several states, providing an app that allows the user “to prove your Covid status for travel, school, work, or any other situation where proof is required. Simply register your account and open the QR Code in your app to allow others to scan your proof of vaccination.”

The screenshot below is just one of the technocratic bombshells that can be found on MyIR Mobile’s website.

In true dystopian fashion, this company trumpets its “show your papers” app as if it was a great achievement, like how did humanity ever get by for thousands of years without having a scannable QR code phone app that allows them to be tracked and traced, to have their mere presence at a public location questioned and challenged, as if they were someone’s property? A dog on a leash has more freedom than this, but still you’re encouraged to “register now.” It’s “simple and secure.”

This is classic case of a technology company committing digital terrorism against humanity.

There is no other way around it. This is the digital form of Nazi Germany’s “show your papers” society, announcing itself as having arrived in the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. It’s no longer hiding. It’s right in our faces.

The premise behind MyIR Mobile is clear:  Either get vaccinated or your life is over. It is just one of dozens of such tech companies seeking to cash in on the fear-crazed “new normal” that globalist elites have created in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

They are using the power of technology for the utmost evil, to literally cancel you from all of society.

This is the global technocrats getting their foot in the door of a place they have no business being – your personal healthcare – and claiming they have the right to convince every business to discriminate against you based on your so-called “vaccine status,” which has nothing at all to do with whether or not you are healthy or a danger to others.

The CDC and lying Fauci have already admitted that these vaccines do not stop you from getting Covid, do not stop you from spreading Covid, and only protect you against “serious illness” for three to five months. Within five months your protection starts to seriously wane and you will need another “booster” to retain your coveted status as “fully vaccinated.”

Those who can’t prove they have that status will not only be discriminated against but the government will incentivize businesses to discriminate against them.

The Civil Rights movement was fought and won over this same type of legalized discrimination.

Wars have been fought over far less.

Globalist elites love to play the Hegelian dialectic: A crisis [real or manufactured] provokes a reaction from the people, who demand the government take action to protect them, and then the horrifying solution is brought forth.

And it’s not going to stop with digital vaccine passports.

This is merely the first stop on the way to creating a digital ID that will be required of all “global citizens” in order to be allowed to buy or sell. It will start with your vaccination status and eventually include data points allowing the government and corporate world to know everything about you in a single glance.

Some will recognize these societal changes as tyranny and balk at the transformation.

That’s why it’s critical to get all of the children into the system. Fauci and company are frantically pushing the vaccine for children 11 and under. They already have it for those 12 to 18. They want this so young people will grow up thinking it’s normal to be asked to prove one’s vaccination status before being allowed to enter public venues and businesses. It has nothing to do with health and everything to do with putting in place the structures of a new surveillance state where every human being will be tracked and traced 24/7 in real time.

Do as you are told, or prepare to hibernate inside your home for the rest of your life, unable to work, shop for food, travel anywhere, go anywhere.

If you aren’t comfortable in such a world, prepare to resist.

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94 thoughts on “The rising biomedical security state is determined to use Covid to reduce every human being to a QR code”

  1. It’s an understatement when I say they’re rushing this. For decades they’ve slow-simmered us, turning the heat up now and then with periodic terrorist attacks. But this worldwide pandemic hoax is them suddenly turning the temperature up to a vigorous, messy, splattering boil. It doesn’t fit their prior pattern of societal change via slow cooking us frogs with deliberate and carefully calculated steps.

    These pandemic and vaccine moves indicate acute anxiety… even panic! What comes to mind is a chess player on the wrong side of the board. Are these the panicky moves of a player who just recently saw their own inevitable checkmate?


    1. It certainly does not seem as if any human will stop this,the other side hold all the aces and care not a jot for anybody or anything.We only have the germans who can come through for us now,the rest of the media can just await their own fate.This should have been fought a year ago,not now that 80% of the public have,or are being coerced into a depopulation program.Even sites like RT
      only give one point of view so what are you going to do?


      1. I agree Michael, this battle should have been fought a year ago. And much of what we are experiencing should have been fought 20 years ago during the last manufactured crisis. But we Americans and Europeans have been lulled to sleep by our creature comforts, the state-sponsored bread and circuses, and most won’t fully wake up until the gestapo arrives and the door and the buses bound for the gulag await in the driveway.


  2. Thanks Leo! My Life will Soon be Over then! … I accept Jesus Christ and prefer HIM over this Stinkin, Crummy world! I am only sticking it out for my 93 yr old Mom…. I’m here for her, and THAT’S IT!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My mom is 92 years old and I refused for her to have “the shot” in her care home. I’d rather her die of Covid than have her DNA altered before she goes to Heaven. Same with me. Ivermectin cures Covid and if I have to take her Ivermectin dosed cookies if she is sick, so be it. Jesus come back quickly! We need you!


    1. Yes! My Christian relatives are berating me for not taking the “shot”. I’m telling them that this is part of the end times and they foo foo it. They say it’s not for years and years in the future. I can see it. This is the evil from Satan. This is only the beginning and it will get worse for us that don’t take the “shot”. My son-in-law is losing his job because he won’t take the experimental jab, and I am losing rent from him on my farm, but we will manage. I’m hatching chicks that can lay eggs and that we can eat. Also we have a huge area to plant a garden and have at least 35 fruit trees and grape and berry bushes on the farm. With Gods help we will survive.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That is great and I would do same. Yet, what of the larger church. No organizing to share with those in need (or will be in need) when they can’t buy or sell. Time to get on our knees. Come Lord Jesus!


      2. Do you really believe God will abandon us and that we will starve to death? No way. Are we not the Body of Christ? Then why would He do that to His Body? God has shown me so many marvellous things as I have walked with Him and I know that every one of His promises is true and I have even experienced that at times too.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Brilliant, may I also recommend a site my best friend runs – she is a Christian who loves Jesus so much and she adores gardening so much it is part of her own business, she makes little money from it but she is, foodwise, totally self-sufficient. Groceries From The Garden – Growing Food Anywhere – Join the Backdoor Revolution. If nothing else her blogs are really funny. She is based in the UK.

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      4. My mother lets me refuse without calling me selfish and dangerous to others (doesn’t buy the lie about it not protecting unless we all get it) but she’s said if more people were like me, polio would be a real problem and we’d still need iron lungs.


      5. Faithinwhat13, check out Gab sometime.
        Not sure a black market will work, but its worth looking into. Check out the Corbett Report for ideas. As the economies of the world collapse we can set up a new one of our own.
        It won’t just be Christians locked out. Food will be the new currency soon.


    2. You might garner a few clues from reading Romans 1 and 2, where God is not just referring to the unbelievers but to believers also, He has given them over. In other words He is letting them have their way but, alas, when you push and push and push to have your own way there is a price to pay and that is you lose connection with God. Not, of course totally if you are born-again but you will be sucked into this brainwashed society and be unable to, any longer, see the wood for the trees. As ever it is spiritual and when we choose to go our own way the tragedy is God lets us. I should know, in times past He has let me have my own way but now I am only too grateful that I was able to hear Him well enough to turn back to Him.
      As I have said, for varying reasons there are many Christians who are blind to the evil – after all this is a spiritual war and our enemy knows the Tribulation is so very close.


    3. Because they have been slowly boiled in preparation. We became Christians in 1975/6. God had us chuck the TV out. Many said that u will make your children odd. NO we washed their brains with Jesus Christ and His word. They said we would make them ” isolates” Sure thing, we all became God centered and NOT of this World!!!!


    4. Rachel , I so agree with you , I just don’t get it , it’s like their under a spell of some type , my wife and I canon get our heads around it . Like you said how can they be so blind after reading the Bible for so long I just don’t get it.

      Liked by 1 person

    5. Jesus said the love of many will grow cold when we reach the end of the Age. We need Jesus more than ever and the Holy Spirit to sustain us.


  3. Dated September 8, 2021 the headline from the Epoch Times: White House Signals New COVID-19 Measures Coming for People Who Are Unvaccinated

    You may need a subscription to view the entire article but I will inform that while no specific threats were made it does imply that they intend to move against the unvaccinated. “ When asked about how the new steps would impact Americans’ lives, Psaki said that “it depends on if you’re vaccinated or not.””

    Liked by 1 person

      1. “Gates has already funded a project at MIT to do just that.”

        Gates or Microsoft already has that technology patented, no? WO2020060606.


    1. Thank You! I can’t stand that Psakki red headed floozy….(I’m trying not to use bad words!) L👀ks like they’re coming after us like an out of control bulldozer


    2. There was an excellent video I watched last night between Jack Hibbs and Charlie Kirk (even now I find it so hard to realise this young man is still only 27 years old he has made such an impact with his ministry Turning Point USA) talking about all this. It took place at Dream church (I think that’s its name) in Phoenix.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Rachel and Amen, you’re right!
        for some reason I can’t click on the LIKE button here””
        So, I’m giving you a Like this way….
        (gotta run….time to turn on the Fake P resident)

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  4. Extermination Protocols with the Deathcare Industry leading the way to the 4th Reich & Billions of Holocaust Victims. Welcome to Satan’s Paradise!


  5. well We the People will see what comes of it and the extent to which they place value on Life. Many of the world’s brightest scientist doctors and Nobel prize winners have already equated their actions to child abuse and mass murderers. Meanwhile, those running the shin dig are responsible for having created the cv 19 itself. In addition, not only do the “vaccines” not work it defies logic that with nearly 60% “vaccinated” in only eight months we are experiencing a surge. Many are saying the surge in illness represents that the “vaccines” are the cause. Well wishes to all.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Graphene oxide make up over 90% of jabs. It can be used for internet of things and neural interface. Its in the documents of EU operation GRAPHENE FLAGSHIP. Elon Musk talks about it.


  7. Don’t give up and don’t give in. The numbers of true jab supporters are less than we think. The media is hyping this to make it feel the majority are the pro-jabbers. It’s not the case. We can lose the battle but we don’t have to. The Lord is present in all of this. We have an opportunity to strengthen our faith and walk in his light in a time that feels dark to many. There are frightened people everywhere – what a wonderful time to be able to calm fears and remind them there is a God that loves us and His strength and gift of this amazingly designed world and our amazingly designed bodies are able to heal and stay healthy utilizing naturally God given derived remedies and prevention. The evil side of this has one goal, thru already have all the money, power and notoriety- what is their true goal? To bring as many souls as possible to the dark side. We can stop that. Be a beacon, join a group of likeminded people in your area, a good church, whatever gets you doing something positive. We have strong armor but armor isn’t useful if you don’t put it to work and stand up for what is right. I am so thankful to not be afraid, to have comfort that I’m part of the most powerful team run by the smartest, kindest, most well known – Our Creator, Lord and Savior, who gave his only Son, Jesus Christ
    to save us. He is still saving us! – be a beacon, a soldier, a comforter and don’t ignore the feeling you are being called upon. When it comes you need to act. Rejoice! Pray! Help others to find the Lord. Be at peace and do what you can now to make a difference, you are blessed, share the good news in this time of overwhelming bad news. There is hope in having faith. Spread the word!


  8. Dear Sheryl, I had to chuckle, ironically, at part of your comment encouraging us to join a group of like-minded people in our area or a good church. Where I live on the whole of this island we cannot find another person who is born-again, Bible-believing (all of it without censoring the 27+% prophecies), Spirit-filled who speaks English. Not one on an island with a population of over one million! Just my husband and me! For over three years we went to classes to learn Greek and, I think because of our age, we were unable to get past the very rudimentary phrases.


    1. I’m sorry to hear that. Perhaps you are strategically placed to start the church or team or group in your area? I’m glad you’re chuckling – that is good medicine!
      Until you find that opportunity stay close to supportive people on line or through the word, be the beacon. I often forget we have to start with milk before we can move onto the meat of the topic. Just a smile and kind action may be enough for you to make a difference. I’m not eloquent when speaking about the Lord but am often asked why I am so enthusiastic and positive in this messed up world – and there the door opens! There is a God and he loves you, no matter your shape or past deeds. And unlike anything else we are experiencing – this King allows and encourages questions and the ability to choose. It’s good to know you are there and what an opportunity you have! Keep the faith.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Bless you sweet but we have both been walking with Jesus for over 45 years now and all your suggestions have been, and are still being applied, the major problem here is the Greek Orthodox Church has a stranglehold on this island, even the priests are paid by the government. Doing ‘good works’ is one of their main projects to enable them to get to heaven. I cannot begin to number all the people to whom we have told the truth over the last 9+ years. However we both know God called us here. in one way we are very protected! However we are now banned from going anywhere and we are both in our late 70s, the main irony is we are not great fans of sun, sea and sand and this gives us the great opening as to why we are here, however, it never seems to go any further than that. But, God knows what He is doing and this I have to stick with as, truly, there are days when I do wonder why I am here. His call was very, very clear. It is just that whilst the temperature is above 35C and it goes way past 45C, we do not venture out.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I am sure you have no idea how much I laughed at your post. You see for two years from ages of 7 to 9 I was a weekly boarder at a Roman Catholic convent, where I made my first communion and I can ‘adeste fideles’ with the best of them. However in those two years i was taught about penance, purgatory, confession, works, hell and the likelihood, which was high because I was so naughty, of my going there. I was UTTERLY TERRIFIED by it all – hence my amusement at your comment. In those days the mass was still said in Latin and I could ‘tell’ the rosary in Latin too – at one time! The utter irony is that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was ever able to get through to me at all, but thank God He did when I was 32 and I have walked with Him ever since, He IS my life, my joy, my peace, and I am so looking forward to spending eternity with Him wherever He may be. By the way my beloved husband feels exactly the same about Jesus too as do our children and grandchildren. I take it you do know God only has adopted children, He does not have any grandchildren?


  9. “That’s where the rollout of the controversial mRNA Covid shots has been extremely valuable to the strategists behind the new world order. They are getting a very good feel for exactly who they will need to either re-educate or, if that’s not possible, eliminate from society altogether.”
    Thank God, those of us who know we are adopted children of God (John 1:11-13) will, indeed, be eliminated but not quite how Mr Schwab et al are expecting it!
    Maranatha Lord Jesus as here in Cyprus we are already confined to our home and are unable to enter any building be it commercial or medical. At the moment we can go for a drive, and, now the temperature is dropping into the low 90s we might do that but otherwise we go nowhere and we see no-one except those who will deliver our groceries and our cleaner for four hours once a week. This is, I believe, a dummy run for the world and started on 1st August, long before it started happening in other countries in Europe!


  10. Wow Leo, u Gon and dun it again!!!
    I have begun to look at the Who document. It is a well crafted measly mouthed bunch of flowery words intended to ” take us in” and as you say keep us boiling slowly until all are brainwashed!
    As for me and mine, I encourage all to copy Paul, We have washed our brains with the word of God.
    Keep on the good work. There are many other sources confirming this global, diabolically led attack on mankind.

    The only real lead in standing against this evil comes from USA there are little lights in the UK and perhaps elsewhere. Maranatha Lord Jesus


    1. I agree! Leo is on it and I look forward to each and every post.

      So I heard in my local town that the mu variant is now in our community. I want to know what kind of tests are they giving each person? Is it the PCR test? How many cycles are they using ? How do they know if it’s the delta, the alpha, or the mu variant? I think it’s a big psyop. They don’t know what variant is going around if you ask me. Just a bunch of fake stuff being pushed. That’s all I have to say today. Be blessed everyone and stay healthy and happy. This is the Day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it!


  11. This is a wonderful site. So glad I found it. It’s getting to be a very lonely place in the world so it’s nice to see there are like minded people out there. Holding fast to the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s all any of us can do, and speak the truth and never give in to the lies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen Adriana. Welcome to the site. We are all family here. Well, almost all. We do get a troll now and then trying to divide, disrupt and disorient but for the most part we are all on the same page about the issues that matter most!


      1. Yes, since you came back from your hols it has been a joy to read all the comments again. I might not agree with all of them but at least they are no longer offensive. Thank you for that Leo. XX


    1. I wonder, sometimes, if you are even capable of writing one sentence without some swear word or other being in there. Why? In what way does it enhance what you are saying? All you are doing is revealing to those who bother to read your posts what an ignoramus you seem to be attempting to project. Surely you can communicate and converse without using unacceptable words? The rest of us seem to be able to do so.


  12. Thank you, Leo. Your coverage is excellent of this diabolical plan. With all Father Guides us to do, we continue to Not take the graphene oxide bioweapon shot built to kill us. It just makes your mind spin that these villains think we will bow to them and agree to have kill shots put in us–and want them to track us. We are thankful we have Heavenly Father on our side through these trying times. And Revelation 21 trumpets the outcome: We win!


    1. Mind you, can I just add one encouraging thought, anybody who dies who is a disciple of Jesus Christ of Nazareth immediately goes to be with Him. Not their body of course but then He will be giving us a new body, an incorruptible, eternal body in due course. So death for the believing Christian is not actually the end of the world, in fact I am looking forward to it, so much. Life with Him is going to be infinitely better than life here!


  13. I just got done watching (from a distance) to Moe Blighdum ( They musta had him pumped up with several gallons of brain juice or formaldehyde as he stuttered and slurred a little less) … But, it still doesn’t sound too good does it?….. What’s next Grocery Stores AND CUSTOMERS?…. Gas Stations, Dr’s Offices?


    1. We live in Cyprus – a small Greek island in the eastern Mediterranean off the coasts of Syria and Turkey and we have not been allowed into medical establishments since 1st August! We are in our late 70s and have some medical issues so we are going to have to learn to truly rely on the Lord. One of us even has cancer which was in remission but we have no way of knowing whether it still is! Actually we have not been allowed into any commercial, private or public building which has the capacity to house more than ten people including staff. With regard to medical establishments which might be smaller it is up to the physician. My husband’s rheumatology physician refused to see him even, last Monday, though my beloved had an appointment! We have repeat prescriptions for another five months and after that . . . . . However I am mindful of what Joseph said to his brothers: “You meant it for evil but God . . . . . . And this is what keeps us going – but God . . . . . .


  14. All it took for evil to triumph is for ordinary people to obey their governments and believe the academics and media and for bad people to buy and lie their way into positions of power.

    Liked by 1 person

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