Chinese-produced animated movie introduced American kids to the idea of a fearful virus, masks and life-saving vaccine — back in 2016

We have previously examined the army of “consultants” who have infiltrated our public schools, turning them into centers for indoctrination and hatred against those holding fast to the traditional Christian faith.

But the indoctrination of our youth is not only happening in schools.

Truth is, our children have been targeted for mind-control outside of the classroom as much as inside.

Hollywood is perhaps the biggest culprit.

Take the animated film, Hedgehogs, for example.

Hedgehogs was made in 2016 and released in 2017. It’s a Chineseproduced film directed by Jianming Huang and starring Chevy Chase as a voice-actor.

The PG-rated movie, marketed under the “kids and family” genre, seems innocent on the surface. If you read the promotional literature it will tell you it’s about a cute and cuddly hedgehog named Bobby, who “joins forces with his animal friends to save their natural habitat from a human threat.” Surely many of America’s “woke” parents felt drawn to a film with such an enviro-friendly description.

There’s more to the plot, however. Much more.

The film is about a respiratory virus with characters masked up and living in fear. Was this preparing children for a new type of society — a new normal — that would come upon the earth just a few years later in 2020?

Watch the trailer below and you be the judge. [UPDATE: After our article started gaining traction across the Internet, the original YouTube trailer imbedded in this article was taken down by the person who had posted it. Below is another video of someone watching the movie; let’s see how long it lasts now that I have linked to it.]

In one scene, a young veterinarian named Scott chains hedgehog Bobby down to a medical table and forcibly applies an unknown medical procedure. He explains to Bobby that it’s for his own good:

“We’re going to find you a forever home. You’re going to be one happy hedgehog. All we have to do is get your shots taken care of. That’s no fun but we don’t want anyone to think you’re carrying the virus.”

The message is clear: All that matters is what someone might “think” about you, and of course what people think is driven by what they hear in the mass media.

But if you submit to the shots and do what the government tells you to do, you will be loved and accepted as one of the world’s virtuous ones.

Scott then informs his boss that “every animal I’ve come across now has a GPS locater, which means now we can track them, using this,” he says, pointing to a computer screen and a GPS tracking device attached to Bobby’s arm.

The movie ends with the hedgehogs being cleared of any connection to the virus and people being saved by a wonderful new vaccine. A news reporter reports “breaking news about the infectious virus!”

“Let’s shoot it over to a local expert for more,” she says. The camera then flashes to a Dr. Fauci, god-like character in white lab coat who explains in a friendly voice, “Our research certainly backs Scott up, it isn’t the animals. They have absolutely no connection to the virus. I’m also happy to announce that we’ve discovered a vaccine. We no longer have to live in fear. Everyone can get back to their normal lives, because we’re about to kick this dirty little virus back to the Stone Age.”

The vaccine was the ticket back to freedom and “normal life,” as everyone tears off their masks and breathes a big sigh of relief.

Fast-forward to April 2021 and here we are, seriously considering the implementation of digital vaccine passports that will track and trace people everywhere they go, allowing the government and it’s corporate partners to mark us as vaccinated or unvaccinated, clean or unclean, obedient or disobedient.

The propaganda seems to be working. Nearly half of Americans, 44 percent, support the idea of using vaccine passports to establish a new caste system that would allow them to “get back to normal,” according to a Rasmussen poll.

Yes, the global elites have been quite successful in their mind-controlling endeavors. They whip up fear, with daily body counts, many of which were not even remotely connected to the virus in 2020, then when the death counts sag, they focus on “new cases” to assure that nobody ceases to be afraid. They never tell people that those who catch the virus are 99.7 percent likely to survive or that there are very good treatments that are widely available and safe. They force small businesses to close, shutter churches, disorient people and dislodge them from their friends and family, making life so miserable that nearly half of the country is willing to support a system that even arch-liberal author Naomi Wolf has warned will mark “the end of human liberty in the West.”

That system is based on vaccine passports. We predicted in this space one year ago that this would be the preferred strategy to exit the culture of fear that had been deliberately nurtured by the elites.

We see Americans from all walks of life offering their burnt offerings to the gods of Big Tech, picturing themselves on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter proudly with their new vaccine-certificate so as to make sure they are counted among the clean, the enlightened, the righteous ones. These are the same people who changed their profile pictures over to a mask-wearing version as soon as Dr. Fauci changed his mind and said masks were no longer useless to protect against the virus but vital and absolutely necessary.

These are the same ones you see muzzling their little kids, as young as 2, 3 and 4 years old, with masks even though there is no data to suggest children are at risk of death or serious infection.

Sadly, if they took their kids to see Hedgehogs in 2017-18, those kids might not see the order to mask up as anything that unusual. Nor will they resist the annual injections that will make copious billions of dollars for Bill Gates and his Big Pharma buddies.

I’m hearing many reports from readers that suggest people are already getting nasty over this vaccine. A Georgia woman who works in a small retail shop was confronted by a man and wife, appearing to be in their mid-60s, who entered the shop masked up and said this was the first time they had ventured out into the downtown shops since the virus hit. When the wife saw that the store clerk did not have on a mask – there is no mask mandate in Georgia and the shop doesn’t require it – she confronted her and asked, “I assume you have had your vaccine since you’re not wearing your mask?”

This woman had the audacity to ask a personal medical question of a complete stranger in public. Where did she get the fuel to react so brazenly to an unmasked fellow human being, and treat her as “less than?” I think it’s clear. This is the kind of culture that our government is nurturing. Look for more of these type of public shamings as the propaganda campaign ramps up in an effort to get resisters to succumb to the globalists’ schedule of regular injections.

Films like Hedgehogs are just the latest evidence that would indicate this pandemic – perhaps not the pandemic itself but governments’ reaction to it – were planned long ago.

We’ve already reported extensively on Event 201, where the Gates Foundation met with corporate, government and media elites in October 2019 to plan the public messaging on how to “flood the zone” with a singular, fear-mongering narrative about a future coronavirus pandemic. We’ve reported on Lock Step, a white paper published in 2010 by the Rockefeller Foundation that praised China’s hardline reaction to a mock pandemic. Then came Operation Crimson Contagion, in which officials from 12 states and the federal government met in August 2019 to test the government’s response to a flu-like pandemic originating in China.

All of the above were conducted in preparation for the propaganda war against the American people, to blame sickness on the unvaccinated. This is a key part of the globalists’ strategy to pin down and force into compliance the last holdouts who do not wish to be part of their new-normal globalized beast system that relies on faulty science and coercion to strip people of their individual human rights to free speech, assembly, religion and even their own bodily autonomy.

The billionaire corporate oligarchs in Big Tech are leading the charge against we the people.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new policy April 1 under which his company will visually segregate users of the platform into groups of the vaccinated and unvaccinated. This appears to be a ploy to encourage those who get vaccinated to use their Facebook accounts to visually shame those who do not.

Here is Zuckerberg’s April 1 message announcing his segregation plan on Facebook:

“If we’re going to stop Covid, we need everyone who’s eligible to get vaccinated. People are more likely to get vaccinated if they see friends, family and people they trust doing it too. So we’re launching new Covid vaccine profile frame that you can add to your profile pic, partnering with the CDC and US Department of Health and Human Services to launch new Covid vaccine profile frames. It lets you easily show your support and tell people that you’ve been vaccinated. And we’ll show you in News Feed your friends who have put up this profile frame.

I’ll update mine after I get vaccinated, which I plan to do as soon as I’m eligible. I hope everyone else does the same!”

These arrogant elites have already tried to divide us along the lines of race, gender and religion, and now they are using masks and vaccines to divide us based on our private health decisions.

The New York Times, always shilling for the globalist oligarchs and their anti-Christian agenda, published an April 5 article blaming “white evangelical Christians” for impeding a global vaccination program designed to save the world. It won’t take the reader more than a few paragraphs to discern the Times‘ spirited bigotry against people of faith, hoping to scapegoat them as the reason for the continued spread of the virus.

LA Times legal affairs columnist Harry Litman tweeted last week his enthusiasm for digital vaccine passports as a means of “breaking the resistance down.”

While we would expect nothing less from the NY Times and LA Times, it’s disturbing when respected clergy such as Franklin Graham start siding with the global cabal based in the United Nations World Health Organization, whose largest private funder is the world’s premier depopulation guru, Bill Gates.

Any pastor who pushes this vaccine on their flock is a false teacher. There is no way any Christian can justify using a medical product that was tested with tissue from aborted babies or includes cell lines from aborted babies in its product.

I don’t care if you have a famous name and are the son of an even more famous evangelist. What you do privately is between you and God. But if you use your platform to encourage others to get an experimental treatment that was tested in this way, you are a false teacher.

People should use their own judgment as to whether they donate to ministries that use their global reach to push the experimental medical treatments that are being coercively administered in violation of the Nuremburg Code, which requires informed consent.

Please call your governor’s office and ask him/her to ban vaccine passports in your state. No American should ever be required by the government or any private entity to “show your papers” in order to move freely about the country. This is unconstitutional and defies every American value. A definite “red line” issue for me, and I would hope this is something all conservatives can agree on and resist, regardless of whether they personally choose to get the New World Order’s injection of the month. is 100 percent reader supported. To help keep the articles coming, please consider a donation of any size, c/o Leo Hohmann, PO Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264 or via credit-card below,

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42 thoughts on “Chinese-produced animated movie introduced American kids to the idea of a fearful virus, masks and life-saving vaccine — back in 2016”

  1. Hello Leo, Just WOW, this was way before Trump!!!! They ARE evil through and through!!! BUT God WINS!!!!! KEEP up the good work and God bless you.  Sharon and Don 

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  2. I will never forgive Billy Graham for providing cover for Bill Clinton during his impeachment! I had hoped that Franklin was better that he.


    1. Wow. not being American nor living in America, I had not known that. So, it would seem, the fruit has not fallen far from the tree after all.


  3. Technology is being used to destroy us and setting up the controls how anti Christ will
    come on the scene to control the world by his means. The Virus is like seeing a preview of how it will come. Beware the Vaccine and all the whopper stories they sell trying to convince you. Remember–GOD numbers our day.
    Globalist want you to believe his vaccine can save you.
    Trust GOD, the Creator who gave you Life; not those who are trying to replace GOD.

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    1. True, I’m still waiting for the two Witnesses to come on the scene. I haven’t heard anyone talking about them.


      1. Are you really serious? You are telling us that we have already experienced the seven seals – that is the riders of the white, red, black and a pale horses who bring with them conquest, the removal of peace, desperate poverty, the sword, famine and the plague. And that’s just the four seals there are still three more to go, then we are shown the martyrs, the great earthquake, the sun turned black and the moon red and the stars fell from the sky, then the people hide from God and call for the rocks to fall on them and we have still not reached the appearance of the Two Witnesses in Jerusalem, there is still the sealing of the 144,000 Jewish evangelist oh, and before I forget, before any of this happens we have to meet the AntiChrist who signs a covenant with many for seven years. Now, pray tell me, because I have obviously been sleeping for a very long time, when did all this happen. Or,could it be, you do not believe the book of Revelation is sequential, or, what is even more likely, perhaps you have not been taught anything about the Apocalypse? People are not speaking about the Two Witnesses because we still have some time to go before they come on the scene! By which time the world’s population will have been diminished by one half to two thirds! Can I recommend the teaching of Dr Andy Woods with regard to his verse by verse exegesis of the Book of Revelation?

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  4. Amen and thank you Leo for all the research you do to present accurate news to us.
    Hebrews 10:23-25
    Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful; and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.
    Our lives are changing, but our hope is in Jesus. May we embrace the change as opportunities to share Jesus, and yet stand for righteousness.

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  5. We all studied end time prophecies in the Bible, but now we are actually living it while watching it unfold before us. Your articles are always spot on and timely. The vaccine passport is the new news cycle. We are already witnessing the woke generation, the cancel culture, the agenda-driven, the racists and haters, attack the very core and fabric of this nation’s soul. People, churches, businesses, leaders, have all been attacked and characters destroyed. While they can’t destroy inside of you, they imprison or punish the physical you. This passport is an extension of that. Facebook should be banned. Those kind of companies grew because of the freedoms this nation allowed. They remind me of a certain type of home buyer I sometimes see. They move in to a subdivision and expect to be the last. They make every effort to hurt further building by calling authorities out for everything they can think of. Sucker Berg is like one of those. He got his and it is time to shut down the system that allowed it. He wants to be the last and not have anyone come in after him. His plan to MARK those is also a form of passport, it is like the beast. It is a company partaking in the “you cannot buy or sell”. Continuing and assisting in shaming you into compliance, just bow down and accept. It will only grow from there. People are so ignorant to want this. For now we have a few governors rejecting the enforcement of such a passport, but that can only (possibly) lasts as long as the administration. We all have seen how quickly that can change. And with all the backlash to a fair and accountable voting law, we can see the deception is not over. The hearts of many will grow cold. We are seeing that and I see the season approaching.
    Great informative article. I forwarded it to several others. Stories like yours should be preached from the pulpit but it is not. Instead, we get those like one I remember that preached for a war based on his belonging to an influential pastors’ group that asked him to do so. Many have forgotten to seek the Lord. We just want social acceptance. Now when a just war for the conquest of our souls is at stake, the pulpit noise makers have found it easier to align with the broken cross.
    It is the season.

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    1. Excellent comment, however, not every pastor is asleep. For example Jack Hibbs in California and his Calvary Chapel friends and James Coates of Edmonton Alberta. By the way I live thousands of miles away.

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    2. Game on….it’s happening now; no more time to play games. It’s been said before and should be reiterated that any true believer who wants to stand firm against the schemes of the devil which adversary is right now prowling around like a roaring lion seeking to devour God’s people must be in a such a posture in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ so as to be unafraid of suffering or dying: “And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death” (Revelation 12:11). Maranatha! Thank you, Mr. Hohmann for your faithful witness.

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  6. I had already begun to become concerned about Franklin Graham and I was horrified when I read his support of the jab – you can hardly call it a ‘vaccination’ as it does not protect you from anything, but then that is not the aim. It is so sad when the sons of prominent Christians turn away from the truth – such as not only Franklin but also Andy Stanley.
    The cartoon was a real eye-opener. Sometimes I think the Lord is allowing all thisd eye-opening right now because, despite everything, I just find all of this beyond belief and so the Lord is, basically,, piling it on. That letter from the 25 world leaders was bad enough then this cartoon. If I am having difficulty, having been a disciple of Jesus Christ of Nazareth for the last 45+ years, what must it be like for those Christians who are, shall we say, not so all fired keen to get to know God better?
    Please continue Leo but don’t forget if things become ‘difficult’ – you know what I mean – you are to shout out to your friends, either through this blog or email. We do not need you to fall by the wayside, you are doing such an excellent job.

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  7. Note also that GPS can track every suspected viral victim “to within an inch”, and that “It wasn’t the animals!” that are the source of the virus (like the Wuhan Wet Market bats) but rather the Wuhan Virology Lab; and that the huge football stadium is now a ruin, bereft of pro sports–exactly the entertainment and industry now under massive assault by the revolutionary Left–but rather occupied by eco-signalling plants and gardens.

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  8. Leo, this is once more, spot on.
    It is terrible that there is no room for discussion. It is patently obvious that there is no “normal life” in the future.
    Ironically it is not a surprise that Israel has taken the lead in this experiment and is suggesting no “life” unless we take the vaccine. Extermination and control of God’s chosen people first. And then the Sunday people!

    If it were not for Jesus Christ of Nazareth then we would have no hope, He is our only hope we need to focus upon Him and encourage all to believe on Him by faith in Him..

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  9. Good article Leo! If there is a shortage of vacines, they can have mine.
    Some scripture verses came to mind while reading your post, and it was when God called Jeremiah out to be His prophet among the nations, which are Jeremiah 1:5,8,9, 17 and 19. Different situation, but God doesn’t want us in fear of anything or anyone. This whole global narrative is based on fear, and we weren’t given a spirit of fear.

    According to what how God addresses this evil is written in Psalm 1:4-5, “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.
    Then shall He speak unto them in His wrath, and vex them in His sore displeasure.” Amen to that!

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      1. Yes, good catch, thank you. Psalm 2:4-5. It was really late when I read it out of my bible. My eyelids were at half mast. ♡


    1. Trust GOD; HE is still in control. Pray for HIS Mercy and Grace and that
      we will escape HIS judgment which we know is coming. Mankind now tries to be GOD.
      Remember, it’s a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living GOD


      1. I do not need to pray to God that I will escape His judgment, I have already passed from Judgment to life, His Son’s Bride has already been judged in that Jesus took the punishment/judgment due us and all we had to do was repent and believe in Him and in His life, death and resurrection. There is nothing else for us to do, we are already saved, because we are covered by the blood of Jesus we no longer ‘deserve’ God’s judgment – Jesus took it instead. So I do not need to pray for God’s mercy with regard to the Tribulation, although as I walk with Jesus I need His mercy every day just to get through the day. The scriptures I would like to offer you are: 1 Thessalonians 5:2-5; 1 Thessalonians 5:9-10; Philippians 3:20-21; Colossians 3:4; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; 2 Thessalonians 2:1-8. Let us all praise God for His Word which He has protected throughout the centuries in order that we might not be taken by surprise by what is happening right now. No matter who tells you what, unless you know them well, and you do not know me, be a good Berean (Acts 17) and check out what I am saying tom see if it is in harmony with God’s Word?


  10. The NYT’s and far leftists should be glad that most white evangelicals are not getting the shot because then they will die[according to them] from the virus. I mean isn’t this what they want anyway?


  11. I have been a long time supporter of Samaritans Purse, that’s over. Franklin Graham could have taken a position for his ministry team , but to sell out to the globalist mob and recommend the vaccine is unacceptable for a Christian leader. The Lord is revealing to the remnant Church who serves Him.

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    1. However, please do find another charity to support, the worry is people will withdraw their support of Samaritans Purse but not put it elsewhere!

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    2. What do you expect from a Freemason, Like father like son, Daddy was a 33rd degree. mason,,, The bastards that are behind this whole sharade!!!


      1. Can I just ask, out of curiosity, how do you know that the people to whom you refer are ‘bastards’? You know it for a fact, I take it, that their mothers were not married? Now I am a bastard so I do not mind being called one but you have zero knowledge about the ones you are blackguarding.


  12. If Karen wants to take the vaccine or whatever it is and if she wants me to be excluded from society, I have no problem with that. I only ask that she put me in her will so a couple of months down the road when her vaccine takes effect I can have her house, property and cars. If the vaccine just turns her into a disabled zombie however, I won’t expect her to give me anything. But I do wish Karen would get together with her attorney and work up that will now that she has taken the vaccines.

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    1. I to would like to be in that will, I will take her bank acc. exclude her life ins. because there will be none, Ins is null & void because you took the experimental vax.


      1. I agree. So many of my friends and family are caving in. I told the they are messing with experimental gene therapy. They shrug their shoulders. So blind they are.


  13. Oh so everything is so inclusive now except ….
    the unvaccinated?
    Those who refuse to believe obvious lies?
    Anyone who doesn’t agree with you?
    I’m thinking being woke has put a lot of people to sleep.

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    1. Really sad to see a group of people so convinced of their own inferiority that they project the belief onto others and then attack others for their own insecurities. Worse still when they prove themselves correct within their efforts to combat their dreaded, true beliefs. If only they’d realize Americans generally don’t care inferiority. We’re smart enough to understand that OUR superior(s) is(are) drifting within the crowd too. Inferiority is relative, we simply want sufficiency, not everything requires the very best like no one ever was. So what does it matter that someone else can do it better? Do it as best as you can and work at making that best sufficient, that’s what counts.


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