The return of the American Jihadi

Colorado grocery store attack resumes pattern of jihad attacks rampant during Obama-Biden years

We grew numb to the almost constant gun and knife attacks conducted by young male adherents to the Islamic faith under the Obama-Biden administration from 2008 to 2016.

There was Fort Hood, Texas [13 dead 30 injured], Chattanooga Naval recruiting station [five dead], San Bernardino office Christmas party [14 dead], the Orlando Pulse Nightclub [49 dead], Ohio State University car and knife attack [one dead and 11 injured], the Crossroads Mall stabbing attack in St. Cloud, Minnesota [10 injured], the New York and New Jersey pipe bomb attacks [31 injured], the Boston Marathon attack that killed three and injured hundreds, and the list goes on with many more stabbings and shootings too numerous to list, all carried out by American jihadists.

Almost all of these jihadists were either born overseas or the sons of parents born overseas and allowed into this country with little to no vetting under LEGAL immigration programs.

Then along comes Trump and the jihadist attacks suddenly stopped.

I’m aware of only one jihad attack on American soil during Trump’s four years in office, and that was in December 2019 at the Pensacola, Florida, Naval Air Station [three killed].

Biden is in office two months and …. Here we go again. Brace yourself for the return of the jihadis.

Ahmad al-Issa, a native of Syria, entered a Kosher-friendly grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday where he shot and killed 10 people, all white Christians and Jews. Mr. Issa, 21, had reportedly pledged his allegiance to ISIS and had considered shooting up a Trump rally. He had also used his Facebook page, immediately taken down by the FBI of course, to rail against Trump’s travel ban on a handful of Muslim-majority countries.

Most mainstream media accounts of Monday’s attack ignore the fact that Issa is a Syrian migrant and fail to report that his attack is the first of its kind [mass murder of more than three Americans by a Muslim migrant] in over four years.

This report from CBS is typical. According to CBS, Issa is just your average American white guy from Arvada, Colorado, and some of his friends say he may have had mental health issues. Nothing more to see here folks, just a local nut job, end of story, time for more gun control. That’s the narrative coming out of the Biden White House and supported by the state-sponsored mainstream media, which is looking more like Pravda every day.

Grocery store shooter Ahmad al-Issa was born in Syria, a fact many mainstream media accounts are hiding.

I predict this will be the first of many jihadist attacks under the Biden regime.


Because we know the track record, the pattern, that was set during the eight years in which Biden and his boss Obama ran the country. Their weakness on the Islamic issue – no, it’s more than just weakness it’s the outright pandering to and favoring of Islam over all other religions – invites these types of attacks.

Trump showed strength on this issue and the killing stopped. The last thing the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the umbrella organization over almost all of the major Muslim groups in the U.S., wanted was to give Trump fodder to take stronger action against the Brotherhood’s vast network of operations in the U.S.

As documented in my book, Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad, the Obama-Biden administration scrubbed all negative references to Islam from FBI and Homeland Security training manuals starting in 2011. Brilliant patriots inside the government who knew how to defend America against this menace – people like Phil Haney, John Guandolo and Steve Coughlin – were rooted out of the government.

This is a story you won’t find in any mainstream media. They want you to forget all of the American bodies that piled up as a result of jihadist attacks under Obama-Biden and their pandering to Islamic radicals.

President Trump, while he did a great job slowing the influx of refugees and other types of legal immigration from radicalized zones in the Middle East, did not finish the job he was elected to do.

Trump promised to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization but got talked out of taking that key action by globalists in the U.S. State Department and within his own inner circle. His vice president, Mike Pence, no doubt had a say in that inaction.

If he had designated the Brotherhood a terror organization, Trump could have saved this country from the many new attacks that will now occur on U.S. soil for years to come. The Brotherhood is the head of the Islamic snake. It is the guiding force behind groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America and dozens of other similar groups.

Muslims per se are not the problem. It’s the Muslim Brotherhood-aligned groups along with their affiliated mosques that radicalize young Muslim men. Trump had a once in a lifetime opportunity to “cancel” those groups from American society but he gave them a pass.

Like his promoting of “Operation Warp Speed,” I believe Trump will regret that he did not take advantage of the opportunity to take out the Muslim Brotherhood and all of its affiliates.

He listened to the wrong people. That was a chronic Trump problem. He listened to folks like Pence and Jared Kushner.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. operation is based in Plainfield, Indiana, in Pence’s home state.

Pence showed his hand on the Islamic issue when he helped broker a deal with the Vatican and the Islamic world called the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative.

Pence is a man who should never be trusted again with any elected or appointed office. But I’m sure the deep state is not done with him. There will come a time when he again proves himself useful to this evil cabal.

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31 thoughts on “The return of the American Jihadi”

    1. I am heartily sick of you plugging your version and interpretation of scriptures and I truly wish you would go away, you are likely to cause new Christians to stumble as you seek to go against the orthodox beliefs of Christianity – ‘orthodox’ as in they have been believed by Bible-believing Christians for centuries – it has nothing to do with any denomination whioch incorporates that word in its title.


      1. Please feel free to email if you would like to prove with scripture where I am wrong sis. I refuse to get in any discussions here as the owner of the site asked us not to. Jesus had lots of pharisees attacking Him for not bending to the “orthodox” beliefs in His day either:
        Matthew 15:9 But in vain do they worship me, Teaching as their doctrines the precepts of men.


      2. My ONE sentence comment with ONE link wasn’t meant to turn Leo’s site into a theological discussion. It was simply to provide Leo’s readers(most appear to be Christians) who may be interested in the deeper scriptural reasons for why the topics he covers are actually happening exponentially around the world as this age is coming to its climax. Your obviously outspoken personality leads you to unnecessarily attack my one sentence comment which led to all these unnecessary extra comments. Jesus and His disciples had the same problem with outspoken critics attacking them everywhere they went just because they didn’t like what they had to say :o(


      3. Yes I understand and promise you I would NEVER say this to another commenter no matter how much I disagreed with them as was replied to my initial comment:

        “I am heartily sick of you plugging your version and interpretation of scriptures and I truly wish you would go away!”

        That was a rude and self righteous comment that only a classless child would make to another adult!!!

        I am not hiding anything as that is my initials and birth date that are the first part of my email:

        My name which is is Rob and my email are both easily attainable on my website. I am sure you noticed I read your articles and post one sentence with a link to one of my articles in hopes that some Christians will dig deeper into the scriptural proofs as to why our Father is taking the whole world down the path we are presently going. I have never engaged any of your other commenters unless they specifically engaged me and I would certainly never treat them like I am being treated for simply sharing scriptural links.


      1. Its a site our Father had me start putting together to warn Christians about the kingdom we are presently living in where God is bringing in these types of people to help destroy this nation for its sin. Please consider all the scriptures in that link that shows its the Father bringing men like Ahmad al-Issa here in these last days.


      2. I do not believe Leo is asking you to justify your posts he is asking you to cease advertising your website – okay? This is not meant to be a theological blog site. You are not the only one who has been asked to not indulge in theological discussions which are inappropriate, I have too. the difference being I have accepted this is Leo’s site, not mine and as he has asked me to cease then I cease, I do not seek to justify. So perhaps you could do the same, hmm? You are actually becoming a distraction to that which Leo wants us to understand.


      3. I did not realise that rim4765 and Rob are one and the same person. I have gone to the suggested website The website that he/they refer to has hertical teaching. He brings much confusion. As Leo so correctly says he has not provided his blog for them to proclaim their false teaching.


      4. Hi Ian! You are more than welcome to email me and prove which teaching is “heretical”. I will patiently wait for your scriptural “proofs”.


      5. I trust you are not holding your breath, my husband does not respond to comments like that.


      6. Oh so both of you like criticizing others without any scriptural proof. Please remember that the closer one gets to the unleavened truth the more that soul is hated by the “moral” majority:
        John 16:1-3 These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be caused to stumble. (2) They shall put you out of the synagogues(church buildings): yea, the hour cometh, that whosoever killeth you shall think that he offereth service unto God. (3) And these things will they do, because they have not known the Father, nor me.


      7. I’m going to have to ask one more time to refrain from unrelated theological debates on this site and also from ongoing personal debates between fellow commenters. That’s not what this site was designed for, okay? This is the last warning. As the moderator and owner of this site I especially don’t like when people argue and bicker with others repeatedly while hiding behind a handle that isn’t their real name. There are plenty of other sites to argue over the finer points of theology but this is a site I want all conservative Christians to feel like they can come to for honest research and timely information that will help them prepare physically and spiritually for what is coming. Obviously we don’t all agree on the same eschatological timetable of what will happen when but I don’t want those disagreements to destroy our community and communication with each other. Understand?


      8. The only reason for you getting away with this rudeness is that the town where Leo lives has suffered a tornado and the internet is down.


    2. There is a mind blowing whistleblower tape from Lin Wood posted on Pence is alledgedly a pedophile that teamed with Rod Rosenstein and Paul Ryan {the dirty tricks squad} in horrifying corruption. Justice Roberts is also compromised. And Justice Scalia was killed. Satanism and children as commodity is happening at the highest levels of power. Jared lives in building with the #666. Trump was just in Israel. Israel is now vaccine apartheid with Pfizer experimenting on the people for data. Trump walked not telling the people Italy stole the election. proof Mike lindell in his documentary “absolute proof” also showed the election being stolen in real time.


      1. I have no time for Mike Pence but what I loathe far more is the spreading of unverifiable gossip which is anathema to the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth no matter who spreads it whether it be spread by the ‘far left’ or the ‘far right’, it is a disgrace and cuts right across all that Jesus teaches us in His Word.


  1. Thank you for telling the truth about Pence. It was a while ago that I realized he went to the Deep Side. Sadly, Trump did not know that Jared worked against God by dividing His Israel.

    In teaching the Bible, my people always knew that dividing the Land, aborting babies, and destroying marriage and family–along with sexual perversion–would bring the wrath of God.
    We always knew the America God gave us would cease to exist; we are the generation to experience it.

    What will Pence and Kushner have to say when they stand before THE ALMIGHTY?


  2. How right you are Leo. In the British broadsheet – The Times – it is now being stated that al-Sissa is actually a paranoid schizophrenic as a result of all the racism he experienced in college, would you believe?
    As for Mike Pence, I really should have kept my head screwed on a great deal better than it was and realised he is steeped in his own denomination and its head honcho’s attempts at creating a one world religion!


  3. I appreciate this – I didn’t know about this during the Obama/Biden era – I stopped watching all forms of media about 10-13 years ago because I just couldn’t continue to listen to the lies and deception – so until early last year I had no idea what had been happening – I didn’t even know what they had been doing to President Trump and it was horrific – the only reason I started watching Fox was to keep up on the Pandemic – that’s when I started to become informed again – so it’s crazy that this has been going on all these years – God Bless

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The Muslim Brotherhood is under the umbrella of Freemasonry, harmonizing with the A.F.I., structure!
    Orchestrated by Illuminati/Jesuit/RCC (too many scales of the beasts, to identify)!

    Pence & Co., the VP choice was RCC only, in 2016!

    Washington In the Lap of Rome, 1888
    By: Justin Dewy Fulton
    “Rome knows no bounds”

    When you have “paper tiger” assets as the facade, in control, what else is to be expected!
    A Fox running the hen house!
    “Wolves in sheep’s clothing”,
    Canaanite Christianity!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for the article, Leo. I appreciate what you said about Pence……..what a disappointment for a so-called Christian. I’ve read so many horrible things about him since the election…..not sure just what to believe, but, I agree with you on this and also about Kushner. Keep up the good work! God bless you during this Easter time! May He come for us soon. Helen

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Being a Colorado native and having worked in “the people’s republic of Boulder” I have to say this grocery store was a Kroger grocery store, not a “kosher friendly grocery store” and being in extremely liberal Boulder it’s highly unlikely that it was Christians and Jews who were the victims (although it seems the police officer was.) It’s really odd that he chose Boulder and not a conservative area of Colorado (yes they do exist. )


    1. It is owned by the Kroger Co. but it is not your standard run of the mill Kroger. It most definitely is “kosher friendly” if not exclusively kosher. I’ve been told that by more than one Jew who is familiar with it.


  7. As a nation we’re in deep deep deep trouble and voting isn’t going to provide a way out of it. November 2020 proved that, and the people inside “Fort Pelosi” are diligently working to ensure that conservatives never hold office at the national level again. If their successful we’ll have witnessed the death of America as we ‘ve known it.


  8. Hey Leo, Veronica Doniel here. I am having difficulty getting on WordPress and Can’t remember what that other app is that you told me about. Anyway if you check this email account I just wanted to tell you I think you were a fantastic guest on video WVW. I’ve always liked hearing you on the radio but video is even better. I hope Brannon invites you regularly.


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