Decorated 3-star general calls on Trump to ‘honor your oath of office’ and protect America from ‘treasonous’ enemies within

McInerney lays out strategy to defeat deep-state coup plotters

Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney [U.S. Air Force Retired] said in a no-holds-barred interview that he doesn’t believe the courts are likely to come through for President Trump.

Despite massive amounts of evidence of widespread irregularities, many judges appear either unable or unwilling to sort through allegations of rigged voting machines and dozens of affidavits from eyewitnesses to ballot stuffing, denial of Republican poll watchers from observing the process, evidence of more votes cast in hundreds of precincts than were registered to vote, and a host of other irregularities.

The general placed the burden squarely on President Trump to use the emergency powers at his disposal and put down what he described as a coup d’état in progress.

“When you coordinate six to ten states, using cyber warfare, to change the outcome of the election in favor of whoever you want, these are treasonous acts,” McInerney said in a Nov. 29 interview with Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend TV.

Not just fraudulent acts

“These are not just fraudulent acts, they are treasonous acts, because it means changing the government,” the general said. “And then when you add Russia, China and Iran, foreigners into it, you complicate it and make it even more treasonous. So, cyber warfare, and the Dominion Voting Systems, which we’re talking about in Georgia, Michigan and several other states, Pennsylvania as well, using Hammer and Scorecard [ballot manipulation software attacks]. Plus, has anyone seen the Justice Department or FBI in any of this? That is very worrisome.”

McInerney is not just any retired general making these claims.

He is highly decorated, having flown 400 combat missions over Vietnam. He was in charge of NORAD for Alaska and had a top security clearance with responsibility for the U.S. nuclear arsenal. He spent 16 years as a military analyst with Fox News.

“He is not only a patriot he is a historian and he understands the massive threat now faced by America,” Howse said.

McInerney said the fraud seen on Election Day could easily be repeated in Georgia to steal the two U.S. Senate seats up for election there on Jan. 5, giving Democrats full control of the government.

McInerney said that after listening to President Trump talk with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday morning, he was concerned that the president “sounded kind of down.”

“What startled me was, he kept talking about fraudulent votes, and then I heard Rudy Giuliani talking about fraudulent votes. It’s not fraudulent votes. The American people must understand, we are talking about treason.”

The oath must be fulfilled

McInerney said President Trump must be compelled by his supporters to “honor his oath of office” and employ the tools available to him to quash the insurrection that he believes is in progress.

He said U.S. Marshals should have immediately seized the voting machines in Georgia and every battleground state as soon as it became apparent that ballot numbers were skewed in favor of Joe Biden.

According to attorney Sidney Powell, speaking in an interview with Lou Dobbs, the Dominion Systems machines were set to give Biden a weighted count of 1.25 votes for every one vote he received, while Trump’s votes were set at 0.75 percent of each vote he received. This means that 2.7 percent of the votes were switched from Trump to Biden in multiple battleground states.

Massive fraud was also reported with the mail-in ballots in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada and now Arizona.

At a public hearing Monday held by state legislators in Arizona, witnesses reported their state had 1.9 million mail-in ballots that were separated from envelopes without any signatures that could be verified. Similar reports dripped out of Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

“We had the director of the CISA, the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency, Chris Krebs, who was fired two weeks ago by President Trump say this was a perfect election. Please,” said McInerney. “This was the worst election in the history of any democracy, and he comes out and says everything was perfect. So you can see the work of the deep state, which is complicit in this treason.”

The retired three-star general was very specific in what he said Trump must do to put down the coup. He must invoke the executive order that Trump signed on Sept. 12, 2018, allowing the president to declare a state of emergency related to foreign intervention in U.S. elections.

“He has got to declare a national emergency …He should also use the Insurrection Act because we have an insurrection right now in this country when you look at Antifa and BLM, plus other groups. He must suspend habeas corpus as President Lincoln did in 1861 and Franklin Roosevelt did in 1942 when World War II started.”

McInerney said a silent coup is being perpetrated in plain view. It could turn violent but so far it remains bloodless.

The Chinese military doctrine of warfare includes six stages, the first five of which are focused on informational warfare tactics. If those asymetrical tactics should fail, the sixth and final stage involves traditional kinetic warfare.

Americans not falling for the propaganda

It’s becoming more evident with each passing day that the psychological warfare tactics are failing, as more Americans are waking up to the fact that the 2020 election was neither free nor fair.

According to a Rasmussen poll conducted Nov. 17-18, 75 percent of Republicans believe the election is being stolen. But a surprising number of Democrats, 47 percent, believe it is either likely or very likely that their own party won by cheating.

“The Democratic perpetrators of this, plus the Russians, Chinese and Iran, have not disguised this cyber warfare on America,” McInerney said. “As a matter of fact, they have been blatant about it and open about it, cocky about it, in all the things they’ve done and all the people they’ve employed.”

He said he has personally seen pictures of people unloading truckloads of mail-in ballots that hadn’t even been folded and put in an envelope.

“It’s a printing press operation. And yet we have judges that are challenging that, saying that’s not enough. And so that’s why it’s so important that this national emergency be declared and the president start arresting these people right away; this is a national emergency. I would declare martial law.”

McInerney said the decisions made to allow massive numbers of mail-in ballots were made by secretaries of state and courts, not by state legislatures as required by the U.S. Constitution.

“And then on election night they decided to cease ballot counting in five states,” he said.

In Atlanta, a supposed water-main break was cited as the reason to stop the counting at 10:30 p.m., only to continue once all observers were gone. The broken water pipe has since been found to have never occurred.

“This has never happened before, it’s unprecedented, and shows there was pre-planning across several states to do these treasonous acts. That’s why it’s not fraudulent voting, it’s treason. They are trying to overturn this government,” McInerney said.

He said the new acting secretary of defense, Chris Miller, should make use of the National Guard as well as active-duty military personnel to crush the insurrection.

“Until this gets cleaned up, until we have all the facts, the president should suspend the Electoral College meeting on the 14th of December and the inauguration on the 20th of January.”

The general said that because the courts have shown themselves “unable to figure out what is going on” the use of military tribunals will be necessary to deal with the coup plotters and participants.

“That’s why martial law is so important,” he said. “We need to set up military tribunals because the judiciary has shown us they’re not capable of figuring this out.

“In Pennsylvania the local judges couldn’t figure it out because the state sent out 1.8 million ballots and they got 2.5 million mailed back in. My goodness, someone had to have a printing press that was printing all these votes, yet the judiciary couldn’t figure it out and stop them. That’s why we need military tribunals and have these people arrested and charged, and the evidence should be presented there.”

A historical perspective

If America doesn’t “wake up” and realize what’s happening it will soon be too late, he said.

This is corroborated by people who in earlier decades lived through the socialist revolutions that took over Cuba, Venezuela, China, Germany, Russia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

When asked “how did this happen” and “did you see it coming,” almost to a person, they will tell you that, yes, they saw it and they knew their country was heading in a bad direction. But, at the end, confusion reigned as events transpired so fast that the people felt paralyzed and unable to stop the fall of their government.

Some Trump voters are already hanging their heads and posting memes on social media that say, essentially, “Trump 2024: We’ll get them next time.”

But what if Gen. McInerney is right? What if there is no next time?

“The president has got to start having rallies, talking to the people primarily in these six states. He must use the executive orders and suspend all action of the Electoral College,” McInerney said, with a sense of urgency in his voice. “And the 85 million people must demand that you, Mr. President, clean this up, make it happen.”

If the courts fail to act, and Trump fails to act, he said the election in Georgia will simply be a repeat of the fraud, allowing the Democrats to take the two senate seats and total control of the government.

“They’re going to win that election in Georgia, using Hammer and Scorecard and the Dominion voting machines,” he said. “I heard a prominent Republican say ‘we really need a large turnout.’ It doesn’t matter what your turnout is when they’re using cyber warfare. They always beat it by three percent. That’s why it’s important we suspend even those votes down in Georgia until we clean this up.”

McInerney said the Founding Fathers had no way of anticipating the concept of cyber warfare.

“But they did have the oath that the president and all the people like myself took to support the Constitution of United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. These are domestic enemies and they must be treated as such. This is hybrid warfare in the 21 century, this is how it’s done. That’s how you destabilize. You don’t have to have combat troops. You do it through a country’s own democratic processes. Like Stalin said, it doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes.”

He said the perpetrators knew their massive assault on the voting process would confuse the American people, including judges in the judicial system.

With Fox News, for years the only large mainstream news outlet that served a conservative audience, now flipped to the other side, the only way Americans can hear the truth is through small independent news providers.

The FBI and DOJ have been missing in action, as the president himself noted on Sunday.

Trump sits in a lonely place, all by himself in the valley of decision.

“I sensed he was down and I want him to know that the American people are demanding his leadership; he’s the only person in America today who can turn this around, and win it. It’s bigger than Lincoln had, and if he turns this around it will rank him right up next to George Washington if he saves this union by taking the emergency action that he needs to take.”

Not only are federal law-enforcement agencies standing down, but so are many Republican politicians.

“GOP leaders, where are they? Mitch [McConnell], we haven’t heard from you. Let’s hear from you senators, let’s hear from you House members. Let’s stand up and be counted,” McInerney pleaded. “Wake up America. Let’s demand our representatives, let’s send messages to each one of them and tell them, wake up. We want a full investigation on this. This is so obvious.”

McInerney is recommending that people email or tweet to the president a message asking him to invoke the Insurrection Act and the September 2018 executive order, declare a national emergency and suspend the meeting of the Electoral College on Dec. 14 until a full investigation by military tribunals can be conducted into the many election irregularities that, if found to be true, would constitute a blatant act of treason against the republic.

You can email the White House by going to, and the president’s Twitter handle is @RealDonaldTrump.

“It’s important for every America citizen to understand that you are now facing, for the first time, hybrid modern warfare, where the enemy is unseen, it’s stealthy. Be aware America, be afraid, be concerned, rise up. We cannot let this election, these treasonous acts, this coup d’état, to stand.”

Action items every patriot can take

The following additional action items should be considered to fight back against the attempted takeover of America, each of which involves things you can do through your own spending decisions to hit back at those who seek to oppress and silence we the people while supporting the fundamental transformation of America into a socialist society:

  • Do no business with Wall Street corporations. They donate huge sums of money to globalist candidates and threaten conservative employees with disciplinary action if they speak out on important political issues.
  • Shop only at mom-n-pop outlets and family businesses.
  • Cut the cable television connections to Fox and CNN.
  • Devise a plan to leave Facebook and Twitter by the end of this year, shifting your social media presence to Parler, Gab and MeWe. Big Tech is waging asymmetrical warfare against free America and we are either all in or we are part of the problem. We must use the tactics and strategy that is available to us.
  • Stop all subscriptions to the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, your local newspaper and, yes, even Drudge. We have conservative alternatives to Drudge now in the form of and
  • Attend Stop the Steal rallies in your state Capitols and other pro-Trump rallies. The power of the street is always underestimated by people on the right. The left knows that “optics” carry a powerful psychological weapon in the war of ideas. We need boots on the ground. It’s time to choose a side.
  • Ditch your Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile account and replace it with Patriot Mobile at, a cellular wireless service run by patriotic Christian conservatives.
  • With a strong presence on the ground in DC and state Capitols mated with a strong national boycott of the leftist corporate money-machines, we can put the left in a python-like stranglehold. We need to engage at this level. Get in the game. If not now, when, if not us, who?

URGET NEED: Thanks to your amazing response, has reached two-thirds of its goal to raise $3,000 and pay off end-of-year expenses required to keep the site up and running in 2021. If you have not yet contributed, no amount is too small, so please consider hitting the donate button and dropping five or ten dollars, thank you!

153 thoughts on “Decorated 3-star general calls on Trump to ‘honor your oath of office’ and protect America from ‘treasonous’ enemies within”

    1. If Trump is legally allowed under the Constitution to use emergency powers to POSTPONE the January inauguration until those states’ results in question have voted over again, this time via paper ballots, why not? If its legal, what does he have to lose?

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      1. The treason started in 2016. We will not let them steal this election. Trump must use his authotity and save the Union.


      2. The President will probably have to impose this power and I know he doesn’t want too!!! Now is the time to clean out our Government…
        Evangelist Walter Yarn


      3. I completely agree. Do it over and see for sure. If he loses through a paper ballot then we all know for sure. Let there be two poll watchers from each party watching the vote count in every county. Video tape it with one camera showing each ballot as they are counted.

        I an not even American but I am outraged!


    2. Do you think that the President actually reads this comment you just posted? Please email him at the White House as the above article encourages us to do!

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      1. I’ll do both! Mr.President do what you have to do!This is treason.I agree this was a treasonous act !Very obvious what they were trying to do! 80,000,000 wants to keep our President and our country!


    3. Why won’t word Press allow me to comment. I log in and then they won’t publish my remarks when ever I try again they say it’s a duplicate . If it’ a duplicae where are my comments?


      1. You are not supposed to send the email through your email-service provider. You have to go to the White House website at (you do this by typing this web address at the top of your browser like you would if going to any website) and then you should see a form pop up on your screen asking for your email address and your message to the President. I hope this helps.


      2. I use the White House website often, and follow the directions from Leo H. below. Try it. And I agree, everyone should go to Pres. Trump with this message. Edie


    4. Russia threw out their Communists in 1990!!! and they don’t interfere in American politics. None of the alleged Russian interferences happened, that’s why Trump was not impeached. It is time that all of these commentators get their brains updated, they are 30 years outdated !!!!!!!!!!!


    5. I’m amazed that so many people here are calling for the violent overthrow of the USA. When a leader uses the military to stay in power, Democracy is dead. I never thought the murderers would be on the right.


      1. What I hear the General calling for is very different than what you hear. He advises martial law and a temporary suspension of habeas corpus so that the coup plotters who tried to overturn an election can be arrested and brought to justice. When a nation cannot have confidence in its elections, that is the very definition of a dead Democracy.


      2. Dear Leo, I find it fascinating the way you Americans are referring to your country as a democracy whereas surely you all realise it is a republic – a very different kettle of fish.

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    6. Listen to this general President Trump. Do as he says. This is a last ditch effort to save our nation. And your presidency. Please. This is our last chance.


  1. Thank you for your service , President Trump should hear what you are saying .what is needed to persue at all cost. His supporters need to see this also and what ever we are able to do should do. Darla gochanour


  2. As a Veteran who enlisted TWICE in the U.S. NAVY during the WAR in VIETNAM, I concur with GENERAL McINERNEY, General MICHAEL FLYNN, and Joseph L. Kemper III, and as one of your STRONGEST SUPPORTERS, and a MEMBER of your Advisory Council since 2017, PLEASE PRESIDENT TRUMP, FOLLOW THE SUGGESTIONS OF GENERAL McINERNEY, et al, and STAND AGAINST TREASON SIR, by following General McInerney’s plan to the LETTER. THIS IS A JOB for a MILITARY TRIBUNAL, because IN THE MINDS OF ALL AMERICANS, no politicians can be trusted. THAT IS WHY WE ELECTED YOU SIR. YOU are NOT a damned politician.

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    1. I agree. I never thought that I would see something like this in our Country, but it’s either we do what needs to be done, or we allow this theft to entirely change our Country forever. We don’t have anymore choices. The only thing would be to wait until SCOTUS reviews this case and if they award the case then we won’t have to take these other measures, but let’s wait until then at least.


  3. Wow, Leo, I wonder how many reading this are NOT based in the US because this is truly frightening and I have not heard a particularly well-known saying yet be decried – “When America Sneezes the World Catches a Cold!”
    I can feel the wind of the Tribulation blowing down my neck. Is everybody ready?

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    1. Ready. No Fear. True believers must be prepared to suffer persecution, even that which will occur before the catching away. Romans 8:35-37.


      1. Sweetheart what on earth makes you think I haven’t already!? The ones who wield the best knives, amazingly, are my brothers and sisters in Christ!


    2. PQTUS has made many promises and kept the ones he could. He better keep the most important promise of all. The United States of America will never be governed by [sleep] and communists from anywhere. OVER my dead body


  4. Thank GOD for men such as President Trump, Gen Flynn and Lt.Gen McInerney!!! I am retired Navy and i support this course of action 100%.


  5. President Trump, I am 74 an I have seen our country going south for far too long. When you came in and did what was needed to do I thank you so very much. Please do not give up. We need you for 4 more yrs now not in 2024. If the Dems steal this election an get away with it America will end as we know it. I an my wife pray for you multiple times a day. We know you won this election by a landslide and including California. These treasonous people need to be put before a firing squad or GETMO but no tv, no ph, no computer. I am also a vet. Thank you sir.


  6. I think this goes back to the 2016 election. Everyone knew the fix was in then, and still nothing came of it. It just goes to show how truly Hillary was hated by the ppl. And Biden he’s not hated by the ppl, he’s a Polosi puppet ,deep state on a string.
    Something should have been done after the last election, but as usual the ppl who make the laws when they break them even there opposition across the isle turns the other cheek and why be ause they know next week it may be them caught breaking the same laws.
    There is only one way to stop all the corruption going on well Two but I don’t think there are many guillotine’s laying around America.
    We the ppl need to take back our government. Get rid of both sides and reflect ppl who want to serve there country. And no one should be aloud to serve in any one office more than a set number of years, and they should do it for the privlage not the monetary gain. Salarys of politicians should be a fraction of what they are now, and they wouldn’t have to be ran off or behead the greedy basterds would quit on there own !.


  7. Then what can we do? I would like to see what you say happen. But how? I for one am sick of the corruption! How can we demand a limit to terms when they vote it in themselves? I so hope that President Trumps lawyers show proof and the judges demand a recount. But how can we even trust that? I wish something would happen and fast! I don’t want Biden and his dummy being our leaders. If they do we are doomed.


    1. There is only one thing to do and that is pray that Jesus rescues His Bride and that, seven years later He will return with His Bride to rule for a thousand years when we will see very, very little corruption. So pray for God’s will to be done, not yours, not mine, not Leo’s but God’s will to be done on earth in the say way it is done in heaven. See you there or in the air.

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      1. sorry but that is just wishful thinking…

        The Church had its 1000 years after the Constantine converted and declared Christianity the official religion of the Empire. We are now witnessing the dying gasps of what was once Christendom.

        We are likely on the cusp of a horrifying 1000 year reign of terror by the Prince of Darkness himself.

        I truly wish it were not so, but this was all prophesied.


      2. Excuse me but ‘wishful thinking’ and being a ‘disciple of Jesus Christ of Nazareth’ are oxymorons. it is not wishful thinking it is based on my having read the Word of God from cover to cover on a regular basis for the last 45+ years. I dread to think what it is you have been reading but it bears no relationship to Jesus Christ, His life, death and resurrection nor to all that GOD prophesies in His Word. I am sure you realise that by posting such a calumnious lie you might have actually frightened some people who do not know the Word of God that well because they are new disciples. Perhaps you would do well posting non a forum more suited to your, seemingly, satanic point of view. Basically you have posted a load of bunkum.

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    2. Did you not read the whole article? Please email or tweet @RealDonaldTrump and ask him to invoke the resurrection act and Sept 2019 Executive Order to declare a national emergency and suspend the electoral college on Dec 14. President Trump is not reading these comments!


      1. 2018 executive order, not 2019, and I second what you said- in the one minute it took each person to comment they could have sent the tweet on Twitter or message via or you can also do it through the Trump Tracker app, which is phenomenal for those of you who don’t already have it. I’ve been using the app for the last year and it has all executive orders, all objective data on GDP, performance of The last 7 Presidents compared in different areas, all judicial nominations by Trump, the current election status for the President and Congressional Senate & House races. So much more, but you can also go to the Contact the President tab and send him a message in about 2 minutes including the time to download the app 🙂 TRUMP2020!!


    1. I am 83 and I concurs. Enough is enough. Gordon Thomas the last socialist who ran for president in the wwe 940’s said” this country will LN never knowingly elect a socialist president. But not to worry. The democrat party ei do it for us.”
      Look at how many socialist have been elected posing as democrats to our congress?


  8. I’m not a three-star General and I have not served in the armed forces. I am a widow, a Christian Warrior and intercessor. I, too join in with my fellow republicans to encourage you Mr President Trump to do what you must to protect this country like you said you were going to do. I back you and I pray for you and I pray for our country. Do this and do it now.

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  9. My oath to the United States Constitution never expires. I rather die standing free than on my knees. I’m prepared and willing to fight again. I’d prefer to follow President Trump and martial law, than be declared an enemy of the state by Bidden/Harris. Marxist’s always round up and shoot Patriots.

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  10. I am also a Vietnam Vet and a retired Army Noncom. I agree with the General. To the President: “Be strong and of a good courage.” (Deut. 31:7–Moses’ words to Joshua.) President Trump must pull out all the stops, initiate extreme action, to include massive arrests and imposition of martial law where needed. Truth of the matter is, Biden, himself should be arrested. It is hard to believe we have come to this, but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

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  11. Trump is one man against an army of biblical proportions where most of the enemy is invisible to the observer. How many republicans are the enemy and directly or passively involved in this coup. Susan Collins comes to mind. John Kerry and others. Where are the challenges to the rigged vote counts where democrats took Senate seats? Nowhere to be seen. I get a dozen emails a day from the republican party begging for money. No call to action. No request to help monitor polls or voting machines. Just begging for money. That is all they are good at.
    The general is correct in assuming that there will be no help from the courts. Nor will there be help from the republican controlled legislatures.
    It may be sooner than later that McInerney, Flynn and other military leaders may be called back into service to lead the people of this nation in taking back the republic.
    Trump is one against almost insurmountable enemies. Even the Spartans had better odds.


    1. I concur. Desperate times call for desperate actions. I support the Commander in Chief and our fine members of the military to save our country, our bacon and our ass. I pray God is with us.


    1. Which email address are you referring to? If you go to the White House site I listed and type in your message to the president, it works. I did it last night myself after posting the article.


  12. I just emailed the president and asked him to invoke the insurrection actually and the 2018 executive order to declare a nationally emergency.

    Me and my 4 sons will fight for our president and our country.


  13. Were Delta Force Commandos used in Europe to get the servers or not? Was CIA/NSA assets protecting those servers? Were their causalities caused by CIA/NSA assets? Were the servers recovered and why hasn’t this been brought to light if it is true?


  14. I stand behind the President he has been fighting for us the Democrats will throw us under the bus. I pray God guides him and keeps him and his family safe


  15. I’m only an enlisted retired Vietnam Vet, I’ve been posting for months on this subject!! Why do so many of you worship a “decorated 3 star general” opinion??? Most of us who honorably served have reached essentially the same conclusion!! I’m sorry, officership isn’t all that, we’ve seen it time after time especially in President Trump’s administration!!


    1. I don’t think anyone is worshipping his officership. In fact, quite the opposite. It is because this man, now 82 years old and ever the patriot, is going against the grain of the vast majority of his fellow retired officers that we respect him and believe he is telling us the honest truth!


      1. Trust you Leo to have the bon mot, personally I would have thought the man’s religious affiliation would have cinched it, but there’s no accounting for folk.


  16. Why won’t word Press allow me to comment. I log in and then they won’t publish my remarks when ever I try again they say it’s a duplicate . If it’ a duplicae where are my comments?


  17. I think President Trump should have a coming to Jesus session with state legislators in MI, WI, PA, AZ, and GA and make it clear that he will exercise this option unless they refuse to certify their fraudulent elections. Then, the congressional solution moves forward and Trump wins. Any insurrection will be put down in short order.


  18. Voting fraud and Dominion Voting Systems manipulated counts might yet be used to decertify the elections in the swing states or they might certify Trump as the winner in those states upon recounts, audits, and investigations by the legislatures of those states.
    In Georgia, Perdue could win his Senate seat without a runoff. The Michigan and Arizona Senate races could go to the Republican candidates too. Enough House seats could go to Republicans that would give them a majority.
    Our foreign foes will still be a threat regardless of who wins, but Trump will defend the United State and our allies. Biden would capitulate to our foes and sell out our allies.


  19. You really do not come over as a nice person at all. Why on earth are you commenting on this forum? Are you a troll?


  20. Dear Sir, Mr. President Donald J Trump. I’m behind you 100 %! Please, As a Christian & A True Patriot! The Bible Verse , Joshua 1:9 Have I Not Commanded You to Be Strong & Courageous!! Please, I Pray that you will Declare Marshall Law, Invoke The Insurrection Act, Declare A National Emergency, Suspend the Electoral College, on December 14, until a full investigation by The Military Tribunal’s, can be conducted into the many election irregularities can be conducted, ( I believe that they are True!) & constitute a Blatant Act of Treason!! Thank you Sir, Mr. President Donald J Trump!! Our Rightful President of The United States of America!!


  21. Dear Mr. President, please declare an act of treason in this election. I’m so worried about my granddaughters futures. We know you won by a landslide.


    AS one of many Vietnam MARINES.


  23. Mr. President we know you won by a landslide please stand strong and do not let the demon rats have this 2020 Election we need you to keep up the fight for our country and our freedom 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Thank you from one of your 74 million voters that voted for you # trump2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸


    1. Dear Mr. President,

      I know you won this election by a landslide. You have fought for us. Now we’re fighting for you. Please don’t give up this fight because our country needs you to save us from communism and to maintain law and order. We need to remain a free country and we need to fight for the integrity of our elections. We the people are frightened of a Biden presidency. Please do everything in your power to stop the steal.

      Thank you,
      Francine Paladino


  24. “That’s why martial law is so important,” he said. “We need to set up military tribunals because the judiciary has shown us they’re not capable of figuring this out.
    I have to respectfully disagree….the judiciary is fully capable however in this case they are fully culpable of participating with treason…


  25. President Trump.
    I have followed and supported you all the way. I have lost friends over it. If you dont plan to go all the way, stop it now. However this is not just for the US this is for the world. You dont see this through the rest of us in the world are stuffed.
    You are our last hope.


  26. This President Trump to run in 2024 is a paid troll operation intended to divert attention from the fact that 2020 election was stolen. Search ‘Dominion $400,000,000 China’.


  27. President Trump.
    I have followed and supported you all the way. I have lost friends over it. If you dont plan to go all the way, stop it now. However this is not just for the US this is for the world. You dont see this through the rest of us in the world are stuffed.
    You are our last hope.

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  28. I love what you have done for the US and the American people. I pray for you each and everyday and for you to be our President for the next 4 years. Do what you gotta do – we are all behind you!!


  29. We will NEVER be able to trust the government election process. If you can’t trust your government- what is left


  30. Formula for a fair election.


    Republican Voter completes 3 piece uniquely numberd ballot.

    Completing the ballot creates an original and two identical copies.

    Original ballot is provided to voters registered party (Rebublican) to be tabulated. The Second would be tabulated by the Democratic party, and the Third would be tabulated by a group made up of Independent/Other Party registered individuals.

    As the original and the two copies all bear the same unique ballot number, the votes on all three ballots can be cross- reference verified by computer.

    The signatures and voter registration information and that the voter is alive can be verified or challenged by each party as well.

    If the compiled information from any the three ballots is in conflict with either of the sibling ballots: the ballot is pulled by each group and either a consensus is reached by the parties or the ballot is rejected.


    Any ballot orphaned by either sibling ballot rejected.

    All three ballots must be recorded and concur for the vote to be counted.

    All first time or newly registered voter MUST VOTE IN PERSON AND PROVIDE VALID ID…

    Final tabulation of VOTES compiled by the three parties MUST AGREE. (Small vareince/discrepancy in totals due to unforeseen issues not withstanding. Example: The three records of votes tabulated may only differ by less than a small fraction of a percent.)


  31. First, Thank you General McInerney for your Service to our Nation. We owe you a debt of gratitude. Secondly, I for one, would rather die fighting for Freedom, than to live in tyranny.
    President Trump, has exposed the Fake News, the Swamp, and the RINOS. You have to know your enemy, to fight them. Given the excellent advice of Generao McInerney, I am reminded of the statement attributed to Thomas Jefferson, that roughly states: The Tree Of Liberty must often be watered with the blood of Tyrants. DO IT!


  32. Thank you General McInerney. Our President has exposed the Swamp and illegitimacy of our Country and Government for the love he had for our Country and WE the People. Do what you have to do with prayer and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. We are praying and totally behind you.


    1. I agree. The Lord Jesus Christ is our hope and praying is our only friend right now. We support General McInerney and wish him the best and that Jesus will be his light upon the road. The General could be in harm’s way right now. So he is another Hero as our Pres Trump is our Hero.


  33. I’m so sad that our Country has come to this. But we can’t allow Biden in office because he will just be their puppet and within days Harris would take over and we will completely lose our Country. I don’t want to see this happen, so I’m hoping that SCOTUS does their job and awards this case to Trump. That’s are only hope at this point. I ask that we pray harder than ever that God will be on our side. Good luck everyone


  34. Pray for President Trump to help put a stop to the destruction to our great country. God sent him here to help us!


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