Gen. Flynn’s warning to America: ‘If we don’t get this right, our country is done. It’s over’

“I do not believe for a second that our country will accept Vice President Biden as the next president.”

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, appearing on the Worldview Weekend broadcast with Brannon Howse in his first interview since being pardoned by President Trump, warned that Americans are living through a historic and dangerous period.

Flynn, who was immediately targeted for indictment by corrupt Obama administration operatives as soon as Trump took office, was pardoned Wednesday, Nov. 25, the day before Thanksgiving.

He said in the interview with Howse that America stands at a crossroads that will determine whether it survives as a free nation or becomes something “unrecognizable.”

“What’s happening in this country should never happen, and there’s no doubt in my mind we are going through a crucible of history, and if we don’t correct what it is that’s happening in the next couple of weeks, then I hate to really even think what will happen in our country going forward into the latter part of December and certainly into the next month.”

Some have called the current illegal drive for power in the United States a “color revolution,” or a bloodless coup.

The key to any color revolution is for the leaders of the coup to get the mainstream media on their side.

That the mainstream media and the Big Tech social media platforms were fully on board with the Biden campaign and that it is covering up all evidence of fraudulent ballot stuffing is indisputable by any objective analysis, Flynn said.

“But we’re in this sort of period of information warfare that is unprecedented,” he said. “I’m going to stand on my box here and say the President of the United States of America is being censored by U.S. companies. Think about that. I’m at a loss when I think about that. At a certain point in time, that has to stop being allowed. When a company says, ‘what you just said Mr. President is not totally the truth’ or there’s fraud involved here or fraud hasn’t been proven, I mean, how dare they do that to the President of the United States because he’s not going to get a fair shot going out [with his message] to the mainstream media crowd.”

Flynn said sharp questioning from the media is fair game and expected.

“That’s fine, and you may not like him, but the president, he represents the presidency of the United States of America, he represents our flag and our country. So what we are seeing right now is more than just an assault on President Trump. This is an assault on the American republic, on this great country that we have.  I know the people around the country are fed up with it and they’re not going to put up with it.”

Flynn said he believes most of the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump are waiting to see the outcome of ballot certifications by their own elected officials “to see if they’re going to do their job.”

“And just because CNN or Fox says it’s certified, and if there’s a legitimate legal challenge then they cannot sit there and certify it while there’s a legal challenge to it, and big media is not going to cover any of that for you, and it’s sad because they’re trying to shove it down our throats, and the American people, they see right through it.”

Information warfare

Flynn described the enemy’s strategy as information warfare on a grand scale.

“It’s how you leverage information. The whole thing about psychological operations is you have to make sure that you pick the target and then repetition with the message over and over and over has to occur,” he said. “So, the whole thing is you have to get the media on your side. And that’s taken a number of years but, I can’t stand here and tell you that that’s not the case, because it is. Everyone knows that the mainstream media, which is a pretty robust group of organizations, and that includes the big tech companies, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they are all trying to control a narrative instead of just giving the information and then letting the people decide.”

The Chinese, who refined the art of psychological warfare, appear to be working with the Democrats in this operation against the American people.

“It’s the type of warfare, in fact, if you study Chinese doctrine, the Chinese doctrine has six phases and the first five phases all have to do with information,” Flynn said. “The last phase would be if those failed and you need something with an additional oomph, then you ‘go to the gates’ as I used to say, and that’s when you might see something kinetic.”

Watch the whole interview with Brannon Howse at Worldview Weekend TV.

Flynn encouraged American patriots to read the court filings for themselves and not rely on “soundbites” selected by the mainstream media, which reflexively dismisses legal evidence as non-evidence put forth by “conspiracy theorists.”

“You really do have to go and dig into the filings instead of reading a soundbite here and there because it’s our life, it’s our country. This is the time in our history that, if we don’t get this right, this country is done. It will be over, as we know it. And as I stand here talking to you, I’m not standing here for me, I’m here for my children, my grandchildren, and frankly, the beacon of hope that we are as a country.”

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Paths to victory

Flynn said President Trump should not be counted out because he has paths to victory that lead through Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and Michigan.

“There are ways the president can get to the margin he needs to win without Pennsylvania, but he needs Pennsylvania, too. But I will leave your audience with this, I’m really not frustrated I’m determined, and going to remain resilient to this assault that we have ongoing by elements in our country that are trying to tell us, you know, don’t look here, everything will be just fine.

“It won’t be. We’re going to get this straight, we’re going to straighten this out, it’s going to be done legally, it’s going to be done correctly, and it’s going to be done with American patriots who love this country, and who are fighting like warriors, certainly on a legal battleground, people like Sidney Powell, like Rudy Giuliani, like Lin Wood, who is fighting tooth and nail. So I believe we’re going to see some momentum changing here in the president’s favor, and there already is an undercurrent of momentum, and I think we’re going to find out in the end that President Trump won in a landslide.”

He said he believes Trump won 350 to 400 electoral votes.

“I do not believe for a second that our country will accept vice president Biden as the next president,” he said. “That’s based on what we know to be probably the greatest fraud our country has ever experienced in our history.”

Flynn said the one great equalizer under the U.S. Constitution is that every qualified adult voter, whether you are a millionaire or a pauper, has one vote per person. If that gets corrupted the republic is dead.

And communist China is deeply involved with treasonous Democrats and globalists, he said, who want to see this country knocked off its perch as the most powerful beacon of freedom in the world.

“Over the last couple decades it’s amazing how fast we’ve seen a shift with communist China moving up their plans to become the sole global superpower on the planet.

“I believe in the last election in 2016, when they didn’t get their candidate that they needed and they saw the kind of ideology in the candidate who won, they decided they were not going to let that happen again in 2020, so now what we’re seeing is the theft with the mail-in ballots and theft with the Dominion and SmartMatic software systems. I mean these are systems that are not in this country. They were introduced into this country. How can we say we can accept a system that was not made in this country, and in many cases the ballots are not even tabulated in this country? How can we say that we accept that?

“…I’m upset, I’m determined, I’m going to be resilient, and I believe I reflect the millions of people across this country who feel the exact same way I do.”

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21 thoughts on “Gen. Flynn’s warning to America: ‘If we don’t get this right, our country is done. It’s over’”

  1. And now? I tend to wonder if Julia Pomeroy is onto something re both sides lying. It is clear that treason has occurred and a technocracy coup is underway but these stupid devices and the rather unintelligent artificial intelligence has created a “blanket” or “web” of sorts, an electromagnetic “net” which can read biorhthyms and neurological activity, i.e., the machines know your thoughts before you do, in a sense. The AI also posts material online posing as humans and I have evidence to support such a claim. In that respect, I ask above “and now?” because the short term memory is affected by these devices and their electromagnetic “net” and the things indicated in this and other articles on the topic have not come to pass while it is also being reworked into the psyche via the brainwashing manipulations of big tech cult members and the oligarchy puppet masters who repeat the lie over and over and over again, as if repeating it will make it true, yet to practical purposes, sadly it does. The only hope for humanity, much less America, as I see it, is to stop paying any attention to TV or social media whatsoever. The airwaves, the talking pundits of demagoguery and pied pipers merely keep you away from inner silence in which you KNOW this sham is that. A sham. A game.
    A lopsided attack upon humanity itself, psyche to soul, from those occupied (demonically possessed) by “spiritual wickedness in high places”! If only for one week, better yet a month, people, the common people, would turn the F off these stupid devices they would see clearly how much their minds are manipulated by the devices and tech which plays right into the hands and plans of the Satanic cabal or anti-Christ brotherhood that is behind such massive fraudulence, treason and attempts at enforced slavery as this recent hijacked election reveals. Remember that JFK stated “there is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child in this country and I intend to expose it to the extent it is in my power to do so.” I am going from memory so that is paraphrased but the point is that he was killed live by the same elements, essentially, as those who are currently attempting a coup in our country and that is spelled S-a-t-a-n-i-c. C-a-b-a-l. The whores of Hollywood. The handlers and programmers from Lodges. The coders online and certainly the “religion” of India and China both, purveyors of Google and Yahoo. If Trump is truly heroic, and I like to think that he is, then he is facing his own Rubicon moment ala Julius Caesar, who was probably the greatest statesman and humanitarian this world has known. Risk Civil War? Or allow the oligarchy of corrupted Senators and obscenely wealthy black magicians to ‘win’? That was the choice of Julius Caesar, who sought to alleviate the plight of the people as he was a Populares leader, not an Optimate. He was triumphant then, when he rolled the dice, but in the end, he was assassinated. That is how powerful and ultimately corrupt as well as ancient this cult of black magician oligarchs goes, in fact, it is far older than merely 2000 years ago. In a sense one can understand Trump’s reticence to make the move of the Insurrection Act and Marshall Law because it will become a vicious fight and all the brain dead who believe everything the lamestream media tell them will assume it is a Dictator move. On the other hand…a F’ING COUP!!! In broad daylight! And cover up by MANY elected officials as well as the shitty fake news and fake jews. (Cf. Revelations) So does Trump have the truly heroic in him? Or is he also part of the charade? Hard to tell when so many weeks have passed without enacting his own Executive Order or Insurrection Act.
    He could be the biggest hero of the 21st Century by exposing this fully and putting an end to it in making his own Rubicon moment as required by circumstance and thus live in infamy (Julius Caesar is remembered 2K years after his death even if in distorted fashion and JFK is still loved admired and adored by millions who know the Warren Report is complete bullshit) by trying to free the mindless zombies enslaved by psycopathic plutocrats and their own hijacked minds from the technocrat treasonous traitors. Will he?


  2. Thank you, General Flynn. I am waiting for the next release of another Chicom virus. They won’t make the same mistake in the first virus. They will use a couple million deaths for plausible deniability.


  3. Thank you for this great information. As I was reading what Gen Flynn was saying, I went back to your initial posting and some of the content was missing, if my memory serves me correctly. Didn’t you say something about contacting the DOJ? Well, it’s not in there anymore. None of it. I thought you had a web site listed also. Or am I mistaken on all of this. I know I read it somewhere in the last few minutes & I thought sure it was here, in your posting.


  4. How about all citizens flying the American Flag prominently and continuously to show national support for Trump and the Republic – against this Leftist perversion.


  5. Hello Leo,Sorry we can’t donate, but we do share your articles, I have emailed the President and told him the Constitution he swore an oath to DEMANDS he not concede to  socialist/communist theft of our Republic, it is plain the election was filled with fraud and it is his DUTY to remain in office and defend AGAINST these corrupt and treasonous organizations and individuals!!!GodBless you AND  President Trump!!!Donand Sharon Gricol Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 6, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


  6. Here is my plan. Lets see….70 million Americans meet in DC if Biden steals this election and drag them all out by the scruff of their neck to the curb. The Declaration of Indepence COMMANDS IT!! Trump DOES have nuclear options under the Constitution and if all else fails he MUST put them in motion. He MUST not leave the White House. Our country and our future generations and those of other countries too are at stake.


  7. I have to admit dear Leo that, for a non-American not domiciled in the US I am only too aware of the impact there will be on the world if Biden gets in. As it is when the truth is finally ‘out there’ I have a dreadful feeling there will, indeed, be hell to pay. In the meantime I want to thank God for people like you but it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish truth from fiction as I have a horrible feeling that maybe those on Trump’s side are lying too. I do so hope and pray I am wrong. This is, in no way, a dig at you by the way. X Thank God we are able to make a small donation again, we truly are grateful for all you do.


  8. Sorry I can’t send money, Leo Hohmann, but I want you to know I read and repost every one of your articles (originally about a dozen places on Facebook, now only 5, if lucky, but also on Gab, Brighteon,social, and Parler. Stay strong, Sir!

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  9. I cannot remember the reporter who called for a teaparty moment back in 2008 when Obbma was elected and the financial crisis was beginning. The main result was Republicans getting the House back in 2010. We need a new and similar movement now and I would love for Gen Flynn to lead it.


    1. 100% correct. The Tea Party could find a true National Leader; consequently, it fell apart due to fragmentation. Nevertheless, the crade of the Tea Party is “out there” and looking for that leader.


    2. Believe me we won the House by a huge margin and the Senate. This voter fraud did not just affect President Trump. It affected all the down ballot candidates too. Even with fraud we were able to increase the R seats in the House and just today another R replaced a D. We now have to make sure the 2 GA R Senators don’t get screwed too. Believe me they were victims of the fraud as well and so far GA has done nothing to prevent it from happening in the run-off on Jan. 5, 2021

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    3. IF WE do not set this right NOW there will be no movement of any kind,they will only adjust and rig the midterms better and quieter. They are TRAITORS and can’t afford too get caught,it is NOW or NEVER.Face the TRUTH folks they have been setting this up for two year’s, now WE have to stand and finish it. I don’t make heroes out of criminals.

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    4. In 1775 the colonies had its “tea party moment” and when the government (British) tried to shut them up, it had its “Minute Man moment”.
      America had its “Tea Party moment” in 2008. And the Deep State and political oligarchy shut them…and us…down. Only question now is…will it have its “Minute Man moment”? THAT’S the question that remains!

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