Reject the cult of groupthink, or become its slave

October 18, 2020

Nearly one year into this nightmare, the minds of millions of Americans remain tightly controlled by a group of cult-like “experts” and their corrupt media henchmen pushing an irrational fear of a virus.

My fellow Americans, it’s time to wake up. As someone who worked three decades at mainstream newspapers before being “canceled” by that industry, and someone who has studied the high art of propaganda, I plead with you: It’s time to put an end to this nightmare.

In this article I’m going to show you how to end it. It’s the only way forward, the only way to dodge the tyranny that is headed our way.

We must start by putting on our thinking caps and no longer relying on the mainstream media for our information. After nine months of data from around the world, it is possible to separate truth from fiction and open our eyes to the lies that have been used to grab hold of our minds and shut them off to reality.

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It all starts with the mainstream media and the level of trust we put in it. Have you changed your behavior, your way of life, based on messaging coming through the major television networks, radio, or mainstream newspaper reporting?

If so, you may be a victim of groupthink, a fear-based herd mentality that is highly contagious. Once it spreads to a point where it reaches a critical mass, it can easily be manipulated by disingenuous globalist elites to push the world toward a more authoritarian system.

And that’s exactly what’s happening.

To reverse course, most people will need to detach from this system and deprogram themselves from the subtle mind control that has caused them to act irrationally. Don’t wait. Every day you put it off, it will become more difficult to detach from the system that will eventually lead to your total enslavement.

If you want to know if you have been brainwashed by this cult, I have developed a quick test for you to self-diagnose.

True or false?

  • More than 214,000 American deaths can be directly attributed to COVID-19.
  • 15 Days to Slow the Spread was an emergency plan put into place to “flatten the curve” and save hospitals from being overwhelmed by COVID patients.
  • Wearing masks protects you and others from COVID. Going maskless is not only rude but could “literally” lead to the murder of your fellow Americans.
  • We must be wary of “asymptomatic super spreaders” who look normal and healthy but could be infected with a virus that’s untreatable and extremely deadly.
  • Everyone who tests positive for COVID has COVID and the number of positive tests is equal to the number of active “cases” being reported daily in the media.

If you answered “true” to one or more of the above five questions, then you have been infected by the groupthink virus. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. The vast majority of your fellow Americans were sucked into the same vortex of irrational panic.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the five questions in our test.

  • The number of COVID deaths has been vastly inflated by the CDC, which issued guidelines for hospitals that gave doctors wide latitude to declare COVID as the cause of death in people who died this year. If a person died with symptoms that appeared to be COVID, the doctors were encouraged to “presume” that the death was indeed caused by COVID. The CDC later estimated that only 6 percent of the total deaths attributed to COVID were caused by COVID alone.
  • 15 days to slow the spread had nothing to do with hospitals or “flattening the curve.” No hospital, with the possible exception of one in New York City, has ever been overwhelmed by COVID. Tent hospitals were set up nationwide in anticipation of a barrage of sick people. Virtually all went unused, yet 15 days to slow the spread was extended, extended and extended as governors overnight took on dictatorial powers through state emergency powers laws. Nine months later, with hospitals still running well below capacity, the restrictions on family gatherings, church services and certain “non-essential” businesses continues in many states.
  • As for mask wearing, a CDC report released in September shows that face coverings are not effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19, even for those people who consistently wear them.
  • It’s virtually impossible for a healthy asymptomatic carrier to spread coronavirus because the viral load is insufficient to infect someone else, which in the vast majority of cases is done by coughing and sneezing.
  • Testing positive for COVID does not necessarily mean that you have COVID. The PCR Test, we now know, can cause almost anyone to test positive depending on the sensitivity level of the pre-sets. This is because the common cold is also a coronavirus and all humans who have ever had a cold have remnants of past coronaviruses still in their system. So the test can detect those inactive remnants and may throw up a false “positive.” That hasn’t stopped the media onslaught. After the number of deaths from COVID started dropping, they simply switched their messaging from deaths to “cases.” They report daily on “hotspots” and “causes for concern” when in fact they are basing these reports merely on the number of positive tests, not the number of actual cases of sick people. Ask yourself, when have you ever seen the media report daily case numbers for any other virus?

The late Kary Mullis, a biochemist who in 1985 invented the PCR Test now being used to test people for coronavirus, describes in the video below how his test can be easily “misinterpreted” when used to detect viruses in people.

Think about what Mullis said in the above clip:

“It [the test] is a really quantitative thing, it tells you something about nature and about what’s there but it allows you to take a very miniscule amount of anything and make it measurable and then talk about it in meaning as if it is important. That’s not a misuse, it’s just a misinterpretation…The measurement for it is not exact. It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick and it doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with really was gonna hurt you or anything like that.”

So, despite the demonstrable falsehood of the five statements, they continue to be repeated by the media, who quote only select “experts” that we’re told are “following the science.” That’s a lie. In fact, hundreds of other medical experts have come out and said these statements are based on faulty science. These dissenting doctors, many of them from prestigious institutions like Harvard, Stanford and Oxford, have signed the Great Barrington Declaration. Read their recommendations on how to deal with COVID and notice how different they are from the few doctors being quoted in the media. At the least, shouldn’t the media be reporting both sides in what amounts to a controversy?

The media never vetted the backgrounds of the pushers of COVID hysteria. Because they were given a platform and those who disagreed with them were silenced, people believed cart blanch what they were told back in March and April by Drs. Fauci and Birx, whose faces appearanced daily on television screens until they became almost like trusted friends.

What comes next is up to us

Just as America was bamboozled by dishonest scientists, it was played by dishonest journalists.

Honest journalists warned that our government was connected to the wrong experts, who for whatever reason were not giving the straight-up scientific facts. That, indeed, other experts were saying the direct opposite and getting shut down by Big Tech on Facebook, Twitter and Google-YouTube.

We honest journalists were ridiculed and labeled as “conspiracy theorists” and banned from social media.

Because our platforms came under attack by Big Tech, our message has failed to reach as many folks as would have been the case in pre-COVID normal times.

Because the vast majority of Americans still have not been exposed to the truth about COVID, and continue to obey the unconstitutional, unscientific edicts related to it, we are now in the process of losing our country.

The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law, the First Amendment, everything. Down the chute.

It’s not too late to change the course of history, stop the ongoing revolution in its tracks, avoid bloodshed and preserve our Republic. But time is running out. Our opposition is doubling down on their lies. We must double down on truth. We must resist.

Pay attention to Walmart — the enemies of freedom do

We have a propaganda gauge. I call it the “Walmart test.”

When you walk into a Walmart in your city today you will see anywhere from 90 to 95 percent compliance with the mega-corporation’s facemask rules. They may station an employee at the entryway to ask “do you have a mask?” That sounds like a direct roadblock to entry for the maskless. It’s not. If you say “no” and walk on into the store this attendant will not chase you down, nor will he/she call the cops on you. Yet, upwards of 90 percent of Walmart shoppers dutifully put on the mask.

That means way too many people are still listening to the lies about COVID they hear in the corrupt media.

They either haven’t figured out that the media and their government are lying to them, or they have figured it out but are too afraid to go against the herd. Too afraid that they might get challenged. This sends a dangerous message to those seeking to tighten the screws of control over a formerly free population — “Yes, we will do as we are told.”

If not reversed, this will lead to your enslavement. You simply cannot allow a tyrant to grab a little power without him going for the whole ball of wax.

Until we see closer to 50 percent ignoring the mask rules we can be assured that those with nefarious intent will continue to exploit this virus, and the fear they have deliberately created, to exert their control into new areas of our lives.

Gates and Fauci: Front men for the information war

The arbitrary nature of the “new normal” being imposed upon us is a form of mental torture, causing mental, emotional and physical chaos in people’s lives. They feel isolated, lonely, defeated. Exactly the way they want us to feel.

Bill Gates

The latest example of this mental-emotional abuse comes from Bill Gates, a key agitator in the globalist pursuit of absolute power over our lives. He has again teamed up with Dr. Fauci and his groveling media buddies to plant seeds of fear about COVID.

Life can’t return to normal, Gates said Oct. 11 on NBC’s Meet the Press, until the arrival of a “second generation” of “super-vaccines.” He adds:

“The only way we’ll get completely back to normal is by having, maybe not the first generation of vaccines, but eventually a vaccine that is super-effective, and that a lot of the people take, and that we get the disease eliminated on a global basis.”

Gates has once again moved the goalposts for when we can get back to normal. Remember, getting back to normal for Gates and Fauci means not a single case of COVID can be found anywhere. No other pandemic in history has been held to such a standard but this one must be treated differently. Why? And why does the media look to Gates as the grand arbiter of how and when we get to live as normal human beings have lived for centuries?

Gates is not a doctor and has never been elected to anything.

Getting the super vaccine, Gates said, could take several years. So that mask you strap onto your face, you should be prepared to leave it on indefinitely, according to Gates and Fauci.

Gates’s latest words are also a tacit admission that the first round of vaccines being rushed to market will do nothing to protect people from COVID.

More alarm bells should be going off.

We must ask: Exactly what will the purpose of these first vaccines be if not for providing immunity from the dreaded virus? Remember, this is a virus which the World Health Organization admits carries a death rate of 0.13 percent, and far less than that for healthy people under 70.

Remember, Gates has no background in medical science and in fact is not even a college graduate. All he has ever known how to do consistently well is make money by selling a computer system that requires continuous updating to avoid viruses.

Everything you hear about this new coronavirus vaccine, even from Trump, is a farce and Gates knows it. That’s why he’s kicking the can down the road and saying it will be years before the vaccine actually does what it is supposed to do.

‘Canceling’ Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Gates’s puppet, Dr. Fauci, also re-emerged this week just in time to throw cold water on people’s holiday celebrations.

Fauci, in an interview with CBS News, said people may have to “sacrifice” Thanksgiving this year. People need to “double down” and “bite the bullet,” Fauci says, or risk killing their parents or grandparents.

“That is unfortunately a risk, when you have people coming from out of town, gathering together in an indoor setting,” he said. “It is unfortunate, because that’s such a sacred part of American tradition — the family gathering around Thanksgiving. But that is a risk.”

Angela Merkel, the globalist German PM, said if her people don’t behave and obey the government rules, she will “cancel” Christmas this year.

Joe Biden, another globalist, shares the European approach of strict lockdowns. He chides Trump daily for not being more heavyhanded in his approach to the virus.

It should be obvious by now what the globalists are doing. Keep people apart. Keep them isolated, sad, lonely. Keep them away from their families, away from church. These are the primary support networks that help people stay sane in what has become an insane world.

Suicides and the number of people contemplating suicide are off the charts. A CDC study shows one in four young adults ages 18 to 24 has recently contemplated suicide.

Stop listening to Gates, Fauci and their media lapdogs!

Gates’ overriding interest has always been to depopulate the world. The man is obsessed by the idea that people are killing the earth, simply by living and breathing, and he must be the earth’s savior by killing off people.

Fauci and Gates have proven themselves over and over to be deceivers.

But they have the support of the global establishment, which includes Big Tech and the mainstream media [and their army of fake “fact checkers”], the WHO, of which Gates is the single largest financial donor, the CDC, which has also accepted millions from Gates, all the way down to the most moronic governor drunk with power – I’m not sure whether that distinction goes to Michigan’s Gov. Whitmer, Washington’s Inslee, Illinois’ Pritzker or New York’s Cuomo.

So go back to church. Go back to in-person shopping. Patronize small businesses. Gather with your friends, family and neighbors this holiday season. Turn off the TV and cancel your subscriptions to all mainstream news and entertainment outlets. Stop sending your children to those high-priced indoctrination centers masquerading as institutions of higher learning.

It’s time to defund the indoctrinators.

And lastly, for heaven’s sake, take off your mask. Our enemies, the globalist control freaks, have taken off theirs.

Leo Hohmann is an independent provider of news and commentary for such a time as this. His articles appear in many conservative sites, including FrontPage Magazine, Harbinger’s Daily, Worldview Weekend Report, Olivetree Ministries,, Technocracy News and Whatfinger News. If you appreciate his perspective and want to help keep his voice on the Internet, please click the DONATE button and make a contribution of any size.

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39 thoughts on “Reject the cult of groupthink, or become its slave”

  1. Just like American public education has been doing for years, Covid-19 is an attempt by the communist Globalist to institute a type of control measure, or conditioning tool, to make people fearful, complaint, and blindly obedient to the “controllers who are trying to slip onto the scene disguised as a new world order.
    Covid 19 is just a man-made flu. It’s fatality rate is just .0019%.
    Wake up people before it’s too late.
    Never agree to take a covid 19 vaccine.
    These evil people are trying to reduce the world population down to 500 million people.
    That means they want to kill 7 trillion of us.


  2. I have been the only maskless shopper at Wal-Mart for the past couple months now. I actually have NEVER worn a mask there. I stopped going for awhile when it became a strict mandate (it still is) but then shopping for my elderly parents was getting too expensive at the local stores so I decided to remember where I live~”the land of the free and the home of the brave” and stepped back out to test the waters. I have not had one single problem~almost seems like some patrons and employees go out of their way to assist me. Yes, some turn their carts around and flee from my escaping Covid germs, but the lines and arrows and barricades are gone from my store now so I guess I am the only danger there~ not the filthy masks I see or the people wearing them improperly, etc!
    I have gone to 2 different Dollar Trees and JoAnn Fabrics now w/o mask and no one has said a word. I go to 3 or 4 small grocery stores and all gas stations and never put on a mask. Horror of all horrors I usually quietly sing some Christian tune about “fear” while there…not obnoxiously, just loud enough so the people close can catch the words. Yes, I am sure some people are secretly hoping in their minds I die of Covid for my wreckless behavior and that’s ok. These people terrify me a lot more for what their decisions will cost me and my children and grandchildren in the future!

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    1. Well done you, and if you die, so what you know where you are going and it is likely you will be going there soon anyway! In Cyprus they are very laid back, I cannot wear a mask becauxse my hearing aids fall off but, only for the sake of others, I will wear a visor but it’s a losd of hooey, not that the virus is non-existent just that it is less dangerous thsn common or garden ‘flu!


  3. Yet another winner, Leo. I especially appreciate the last sentence! Thanks for your fantastic journalism.

    I’ve refused to wear the mask in my local grocery stores and I have yet to be stopped, well, except once when I replied to the greeter, “Wearing a mask has no force of law, but if you’d like to call the police—feel free.” She let me go, unmasked. A 20-something young lady who heard me and followed me to the vitamin aisle said, “Good for you for standing up for yourself!” While I still get dirty looks and the occasional under-the-breath comment for my horrid no-mask look, I just smile and go about my business, feeling free.

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      1. Leo, I’m truly amazed at the number of sheep who don’t seem to even care anymore. I am hoping that deep down there’s at least a spark of freedom burning within many.

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    1. I am ashamed to say, my husband and I compromise, we wear visors but it is because we have never had dealings with the Cypriot police and are not sure how they would behave! Loved your post, good on you.


  4. Because HCQ is effective is why they won’t allow it. They need dead bodies to increase the fear and, therefore, control.
    By the way – I’ve never had cable; I quit watching MSM four years ago; I cancelled my Tribune subscription four years ago when even the comics had TDS.


  5. It is heartbreaking and terrifying to see just how little people think for themselves! They run to the “silver screen god” to find out how to think, feel, and act. No matter how many lies of so-called “experts” are exposed, the masses continue to swear by them and follow them religiously! Nursing home residents are stripped of the last few meaningful things they have left, namely family and friends, to supposedly protect them. They are dying slow, agonizing deaths caused by isolation, but few seem to notice or care. Suicide rates increase, as the damages caused by shutdowns become insurmountable. God help us.

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  6. Thanks Leo! Great article once again. We’ve got the crazy ridiculous mask mandate going on in my Midwestern city. To add to the ridiculousness is that our mayor is Republican and has the veto power to put an end to it but she hasn’t and likely won’t. I’ve called this mayors hotline and told her to put an end to it. She’s made up her mind and probably won’t do any good but that won’t stop me speaking my mind. What happened is she let the wacko majority city council get their way when they wanted the mask mandate… AND they keep extending the end date which is now December 29, uggghhh. On a better note a brave local business owner here (this is a breath of fresh air)… when I went to get tires last week this owner and his employees did not wear masks nor required them. We need more citizens and local business owners living their lives.


  7. Greetings Leo, I first heard of you through Shahram Hadian and have appreciated your postings. I appreciate everything you said and agree.  But I do not believe, ultimately, it is the solution.  Let me explain why I think that way. We have a virus….that has spread around the world……and we have no treatment for it.  So they say.   THAT is what is driving the fear and the lock-downs.  ‘No treatment’ is what is driving the narrative to stop – life.   The narrative is becoming apparent, that life will NEVER return to normal UNLESS there is a treatment.  The unavailable ‘treatment’ is the revered VACCINE.  We know that is the most dangerous option of all. But we do have a treatment available…it is that HCQ drug for malaria.  President Trump was so impressed by it that he stock piled 600 million doses very early on.  Doctors have been speaking out about it, having used it successfully with patients.  Starting with Dr. Zelenko in New York.  And many, many more doctors. 

    But its use is banned in all but 9 states.  I believe, if every state in the union, was allowing and encouraging the physicians to treat their patients with this protocol, early on, when they have symptoms, the narrative will collapse. It would be like if someone gets an infection and they go to the doctor, the doctor has many antibiotics to choose from to cure the infection.  The doctors have tools readily available.  We don’t shut down the nation because someone has infection….BECAUSE THERE IS A TREATMENT. If right now, doctors across the nation had access to the HCQ protocol, or others like it, and they went to the doctor with symptoms, and were treated and recovered.   It would no longer matter if there  were positive cases.   We need the treatment….now.  I am very disappointed in the President for going mum on HCQ  and going warp speed on the vaccine.   What say you? In the Lord,Nancy


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    1. Thank yoh Nancy! I think President Trump has, unfortunately, been muzzled by political correctness. I have a friend who was diagnosed as positive’ immediately got on hydroxy chloroquine and is fine. I’m betting that is what the people in the Trump administration are doing (like Kaylee MacEnaney at al). I just wonder how many lives could have been saved, or at least had a better recovery had they had access to this proven drug!! That this vital drug was barred by Big Pharmacy us absolutely criminal!!

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  8. I’m already cray cray so they are wasting their time. Teevee is right out of the devil’s workshop.
    I get a bad feeling just being in the same vicinity of it. You can feel the evil dripping off of the teevee.
    The great Roald Dahl poem about television comes to mind. It is a long one but can be found with a search.
    God didn’t give us a brain to turn it off or let someone else control it but sadly the herd never learns to use their greatest gift.

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country….. If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing about it.”

    Edward Bernays

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    1. Leo, I have not read it all but I have read about not listening nor reading the ‘medianites’. We ditched the television nearly nine years ago and we are selective in what we read in the one online English newspaper we receive, hence it was so easy to respond ‘false’ to all your questions. Here in Cyprus some people are sanguine some are afraid but most do not believe what they are being told. In my little neck of the woods we basically do what we have always done and, for the sake of the shopkeepers only, we will wear a mask, or in the case of my beloved and I we wear visors.
      I am going to cut and paste some of my daughter’s email received this evening. She is a consultant surgeon in London and so is on the cutting edge:
      “We are fine, thank you. We wear home made face coverings when obliged to (shops, tube, church) and I wear a visor at work that i wash and reuse. When we had the virus outbreak, we were short of equipment, so I refuse to wear and throw it away as if we had an endless supply.
      We have 15-20 positive pts in the hospital, 5 on ITU (as of Friday) and we are waiting to see if we get overwhelmed or not, We are well prepared, but if we cancel routine clinics and operations again too many people will die, so we are trying not to do that. It depends really on whether we have enough nurses. If we have to reroute the clinic nurses into an enlarged ITU then we can’t do clinics and operations without nurses. So far, most ppl in the hospital are being sensible.
      Our cleric asked me; ‘what is it about you doctors, why don’t you believe in masks?’ He can’t understand why there is such a difference between what he hears from the government and what we say. He respects our opinion, though, and doesn’t give ppl a hard time when they are a bit lax with face covering. We still sing in church, which is great!
      I am on call next weekend, so made the most of this weekend with about 14 miles of cycling and 4-5 miles of long walks. We also went to church (next space is not for 2weeks), which was lovely, and one of the walks was with a friend after church (we are allowed to socialise outside as long as we are 6 ppl or less).
      We are in a moderately restricted area, so can’t go outside Greater London currently. We were not planning to, although we would like to visit friends in Brighton (they are free to move there). About half the country is restricted. But it is not as bad as in April. There were loads of ppl in Hampstead Heath today, the cafe was too crowded to go in (even under normal circumstances, good thing no one noticed how many ppl were there, i think it was over the current limit!)
      Although I am not scared of the virus, I am also not actively trying to catch it!
      So I avoid big crowds, i think this is sensible. I also avoid hugging friends. This is slightly uncomfortable, but I don’t want to take the virus to hospital with me, and most ppl now don’t want physical contact anyway. I started hugging friends in August but stopped a couple of weeks ago. Many ppl know someone who has tested positive, and although the current tests are very oversensitive, there are increasing ppl in hospital with is and there are ppl on ITU so we are just being careful.
      But I have been out most of the weekend, so it really is not too bad.”
      I t5hought it would be good if people heard what it is like for a medic in London, England. I will now read the rest of your peroration!


    2. You got it slightly wrong. Yes, the MSM furiously pushes groupthink but the virus is another matter. Nobody in their right mind would want to catch it. I’ve known people to be desperately sick on the respirator, hovering between life and death for weeks. The ‘conspiracy’ stuff that you’re suggesting even crosses partisan lines: it’s maybe one of the very few things whackos on both the right and the left could agree on . You could shake hands with them, have a beer in a pub with a bunch of spreaders, and toast each other as the new minority ‘in the know’. I had hoped to see something more than an anti-virus response rant but now I guess there’s more chance of literally bunping into into you defiantly and riiculously maskless in a social distancing lineup. There’s plenty of stuff you can criticize with total credibility instead of amusing the hell out of me.

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      1. You can continue to live your life in fear Nabi, but that’s not living. I’m not advising the vulnerable to go out and be reckless but nor should the healthy be forced into isolation. That’s not a healthy way to live. I quoted hard data and facts, then gave my take based on those facts. If you think that’s just a rant then so be it. Look elsewhere for your news.


      2. Are you really that scared over a 99.9% survival rate? Plus there is treatment! You take risks everyday such getting in your car to drive, the food you eat , oh gosh you might fall… are kidding me… why is the world so fricking scared??! You want to continue living like this bc it’s not living at all! If your that scared stay home and get your delivery or curb side but let the rest of live our life without the tyranny…. we are not scared! Hell at this point I’d rather get the damn virus then to deal with all mental BS! It’s effecting more people mentally then it ever will touch them physically! Take off the stupid masks…. they are pointless! Mask wearers are just being used as puppets to further push the political agenda!

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      3. Considering how much aggression there is in the ‘atmosphere’ it’s a good thing nobody knows who you are or where you live! 😉 However I am behind you one hundred percent but I direct this at the wimps in the UK. Not one cleric, not one cleric, has gotten off his fat bum and opened up his church building because the government told him not to. I know all about Romans 13 but I doubt many realise that it means when those in authority over you are ruling in a godly manner. Rather we should be looking at Hebrews 10:25 and Acts 4:18-20. These clerics have so little faith in the fact that God is with them and can care for them wherever they are that they are too terrified of prison to do anything, I am so very, very, ashamed. And when you consider what the Apostles went through and that these clerics believe God called them to their ‘job’, it stinks! I thank God there are churches in America which opened before the end of May and have refused to close again.

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    3. “And lastly, for heaven’s sake, take off your mask.”

      I want to tell people my experience today at Wal-Mart going maskless. I was the only one in the whole store not wearing a mask. When I walked in the store the greeter pointed toward her mask letting me know I needed to mask up. I said “I have a breathing problem” and so she let me pass through. The breathing problem I have is having to breath through a stinking mask but that’s nobodies business but mine. As I was shopping most people didn’t care. I think maybe some of them were secretly on my side and maybe a bit envious. I did have a few that didn’t think too kindly of me but whatever. One guy said something under his breath but didn’t say it with any authority. I don’t care what he thinks or says. His problem not mine. Another lady as she was passing by ducked down as if to try to avoid my breathing. This made me laugh inside. Whatever, people can be so idiotic these days.

      Anyway going maskless is like jumping in that pool of cold water the first time. You don’t want to but once you have it’s not too bad.
      Try it folks. I feel so free as I should be. This is the USA!!

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      1. You are awesome Will! Great real live testimony where the rubber meets the road in your community. I would love for more of my readers to share their experiences in applying the “Walmart test” I suggested in the above article!


      2. Way to go, alas we live in Cyprus and we are not too sure of how the police would react to us, and we are 76 and 77 years old, so we compromise and wear visors. We too are given funny looks but, gloriously if somebody mutters under their breath we would not understand them anyway!


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