Antifa as ‘just an idea’ a bad omen for Christians in Joe Biden’s America

September 30, 2020

The first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump reflected the state of America in 2020.

Chaotic, confusing and hopelessly divided.

Past debates, while heated, contained at least a moment of congeniality and even humor. Who could forget when Ronald Reagan, fending off charges that he was too old to be president, grinned and stated that he would not hold his opponent Walter Mondale’s “youth and inexperience” against him. Mondale could be seen chuckling at Reagan’s deft handling of the pin-prick attack.

Compare that with Biden’s vicious accusations against the President of the United States – calling him a “racist,” a “liar,” a “fool” and a “clown.” He told the president to “just shut up, man!”

Biden’s arrogance was on full display, saying at one point “I am the Democratic Party.” Hmm, I wonder what AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Talaib and Bernie Sanders would say about that. Not to mention George Soros, who owns the Democrat Party lock, stock and barrel and no doubt owns Biden as well.

Biden refused to call for law and order in the streets when pressed by Trump.

The biggest takeaway from this debate, however, should be Biden’s cavalier reaction to the issue of Antifa, a well-funded group that has organized the rioting, looting and burning of American cities, often in cooperation with Black Lives Matter, another Marxist organization bent on the destruction of the nuclear family, our free-enterprise system and America as we know it. Biden refused to denounce the radical Marxist groups. He said Antifa was merely “an idea, not an organization.”

Even if Antifa could be reduced to an idea, Biden couldn’t bring himself to declare it a bad idea. Is it any wonder that when Trump asked him point-blank whether he could name even one law-enforcement organization that has endorsed him, Biden fell silent?

So if Biden is the Democrat Party, and he approves of Antifa, the takeaway should be obvious for anyone paying attention.

Democrats are Antifa and Antifa are Democrats. Whether they have any formal ties, they are two organizations working toward a singular goal.  This is huge, as it confirms our worst nightmare should Biden become our next president.

If elected, Biden will not rein in Antifa, and in fact will unleash them on his political opponents similar to the way Hitler unleashed his Brownshirts on Jews. It will be open season on Christian conservatives. They will be assaulted in the streets, coming out of their churches, in their homes. Their businesses and property will be fair game for attack under a Biden-Harris regime, whose attorney general will simply turn a blind eye while the media continues to do what the media always does – ignore that Antifa even exists.

How do we know this? Because the beginning of this assault is already underway. The only difference is that under Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr, the federal government is encouraging and assisting state and local police in the investigation and prosecution of these attacks. Earlier this week, Trump declared Antifa a domestic terrorist organization [something I advised the president to do more than a year ago]. A President Biden could be expected to overturn that designation and let the group run wild, hunting down and attacking the enemies of the Democrat Party.

No matter how staunchly they will try to deny it, Biden’s bowing to Antifa in the first debate provides the clearest evidence yet that the Democrat Party has completed its transition into America’s most powerful communist party.  Biden had an opportunity to denounce Antifa, or at least draw a clear line of distinction between it and his party, and he passed.

Here are just some of the recent attacks by lawless thugs working with the full support of Antifa, BLM and the new Democrat [Communist] Party. [Many of the links provided include videos of the attacks]

  • In Asheville, North Carolina, Antifa rioters carried a coffin full of manure to the police department on Sept. 23 and when a local reporter tried to videotape the incident, they slammed him into a parking meter, causing a traumatic brain injury. Antifa radicals took to Twitter and celebrated his demise.
  • In Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, activists set fire to a Trump supporter’s house, burning down his garage and covering it with pro-BLM graffiti in the early hours of Sept. 23.
  • Activists broke into St. Patrick’s Cathedral in
    St. Patrick’s Cathedral in El Paso, Texas, just one of many churches vandalized by ‘anti-fascists’ associated with Antifa, BLM and similar anarchist groups.
    El Paso, Texas, on Sept. 15 and desecrated a statue depicting the sacred heart of Jesus.
Blasphemy: Militant activists desecrated this statue of Jesus at a Louisiana church.

There are no doubt hundreds if not thousands more of these incidents but only a small fraction get caught on video or documented by police reports.

The vast majority of the Republicans still don’t understand what is going on. The people breaking into churches, vandalizing sacred statues and accusing everyone and everything related to patriotic America as being part of a conspiracy theory of “systemic racism” are not simply malcontents hoping for police reform. These are hardcore Marxist revolutionaries and anarchists who only understand one thing – brute force.

If President Trump gets re-elected, he can be counted on to treat Antifa as the threat that it is. Biden would use them as his attack dogs, sic them on his enemies. And atop that list of enemies will be conservative Christians – evangelicals and conservative Catholics – along with more secular conservatives who regard the U.S. Constitution as a sacred document.

It was extremely telling how debate moderator Chris Wallace made a point of asking Trump, “Mr. President, will you denounce white supremacist groups?” But he did not ask Biden, “will you denounce Antifa?”

Brace yourself and prepare for what’s coming. Whenever you see unchecked chaos, in the streets or on a debate platform, you know civil war is just around the corner.

Leo Hohmann is an author and independent journalist beholden to no organization, advertiser or sponsor. He survives on contributions from his readers. If you want to see his work continue please consider making a donation of any size.

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11 thoughts on “Antifa as ‘just an idea’ a bad omen for Christians in Joe Biden’s America”

  1. Interesting. I find it fascinating that I have never heard of most of these events to people across the country to include those that have happened in churches and to people who just want to go to church.

    I guess the media doesn’t want to cover the truth for the truth is not out there if it is not revealed in some manner that allows the people to determine the facts.


  2. Omg, that presidential “debate”—more like a verbal foodfight—was the worst, most catastrophically “moderated” (more like inflamed) that I’ve ever seen. It was PAINFUL, and deeply uncomfortable. The president looked bad indeed–for the first time on TV, in my experience–as, his face continually bright red with anger, he focussed entirely on Biden, utterly ignoring the camera—ie, US, America, the voters—while Biden, pale and calm as death, often ignored Trump, and repeatedly addressed the nation directly. But a lot of it had to do with the Democratic shill Wallace, liberal as his evil Dad Mike, who repeatedly did Biden’s work for him, saved his sorry ass several times, lobbed him softballs while pitching Trump high and inside, endlessly shutting down and scolding Trump for interrupting, while allowing Biden to do the same at will. On the other hand, it was partly Trump’s own fault, for so relentlessly lowering the expectations for Biden by trash-talking before the game, a mistake many pro athletes make. The whole thing was a disgrace, an utter, unbelievable outrage and a shambles; a spectacle blatantly embodying the media’s deep bias against Trump, and their relentless deceit in working for four years to undo his presidency.


  3. The second Bolshevik revolution with Gropey Joe and Kommissarina Kamala posing as the Mensheviks.
    There is no future for Weimaramerica. Don’t look back or you’ll turn into a pillar of salt.


  4. Hello Leo, EXCELLENT and sadly true. Trump has to win to give us a fighting chance, they the communists and Marxists will continue to attack even if Trump gets re-elected.God Bless you Don and Sharon Gricol Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 6, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

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  5. Thank you, Leo, I think, Jesus did warn us not to be surprised if we face persecution, now we need to remember what He promises us He would do if it happens!

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