The Bolshevik army shows its face in Atlanta suburb of Stone Mountain


Heavily armed leftists in tactical gear march through Stone Mountain, shout threatening statements at white people

We’re witnessing the convulsions of a nation breaking apart at the seams.

Each new convulsion will be deeper, more traumatic and more violent than the previous.

The latest escalation occurred Saturday, July 4th, in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

According to the nonprofit group Georgia Law Enforcement, which posted a description of the event on Facebook, an armed group of several hundred “protesters” carrying AR-15 semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, marched through the streets of Stone Mountain yelling threats at white people.

Here is the post from

“Protestors” from the self proclaimed “NFAC – Not F*cking Around Coalition” marched through the streets of Stone Mountain Georgia yesterday chanting anti-white, anti-BLM, and anti-Police sentiments. Along the way their leader stopped and berated white drivers asking them for reparations and telling them to “go on with your white denial before you lose your life” when they laughed in his face.

At this time it is still unclear on what their actual goal was as the leader can also be heard shouting “We aren’t here to talk, and we aren’t here to overcome.”

“We had these videos sent to us by dozens of followers, and we scoured over them trying to find out what the actual goal or message of the “protest” was, but it seems like it was only intended to spread the above hate messages.”

For more chilling footage of this event, see video from Fred Matt Morris’s Facebook page below:

Watch the militia march through town on video below:

This bold action follows reports of ambushes of white people in several other areas in recent weeks. A couple drove up to a roadblock near the Wendy’s on University Drive in Atlanta two weeks ago, which I reported on here, and had their car windows smashed and were told they had entered a no-go zone for whites. It happened in Provo, Utah, last week, and again on I-5 in California on July 3. In all of these incidents, the police did not arrive to help. The only way to escape an ambush is to fight back.

Let’s cut to the chase. This is a component of the Bolshevik Army showing its face in America. They are signaling that they are for real and they are ready for action. The time for talking is over.

Black Lives Matter is just a smokescreen meant to lure in the do-gooders. You know the type, those who feel all warm and fuzzy when they virtue signal about their lily white hearts, which bleed for the oppressed while accusing America of “systemic racism.” These social-justice warriors are hopelessly lost and lacking in discernment as to where things are heading, and it may be too late to save them from what’s coming.

We don’t know the identities of these individuals marching through Stone Mountain because they wore facemasks and headgear [how convenient is this COVID hype, offering cover for terrorists].

But we do know that the Stone Mountain area contains one of the highest concentrations of Muslim refugees in the Southern United States and has also welcomed large numbers of illegal immigrants, which explains the area’s increased gang activity in recent years. Stone Mountain also contains a mini-Mount Rushmore monument of Confederate leaders carved into a granite mountain and is known as the birthplace of the KKK. This makes it a flashpoint for a triggering event.

It’s just a matter of time before the Bolsheviks turn their focus from statutes, which are symbols of America and its history [good and bad], to living, breathing people with whom they have a vendetta. They want reparations. They want wealth redistribution and the seizure of private property, and they are ready to spill blood in pursuit of their goals.

I stated in my previous article that Phase Two in the civil war would be much more violent than Phase One and apparently I’m not the only one with this opinion.

John Guandolo, in a recent interview with radio host Dave Hodges, said he sees a three-pronged approach:

  1. Destroy the economy.
  2. Destabilize the country’s social order.
  3. Follow up with mass casualty events and assassinations.

You can see where we are heading.

On Saturday, the Fourth of July, when most Americans were holding backyard barbecues and shooting off fireworks, the enemies of the people continued to stew in cities such as Portland, Washington, D.C., L.A., Baltimore and New York.

But the event in Stone Mountain, just outside of Atlanta, got very little coverage in the local media and was ignored in the national media. That should alert every patriotic American to the dire situation that lies just over the horizon.

A leftwing militia group armed with semi-automatic assault rifles marches through Stone Mountain, shouting threatening statements about black power and making demands of white people to pay them reparations and that’s not news?

In the video below, one of the militants can be heard telling a white motorist. “We’re not Black Lives Matter, none of that bullshit. We’re black power. We’re your worst nightmare.”

We would expect the corrupt mainstream media to be AWOL on this story, but where is the FBI?

Just imagine the reaction if this exact same scenario played out in Anytown USA, only the armed marchers were part of a right-wing militia group bragging about their white supremacy. I don’t think I need to waste ink describing such a reaction because it would have been swift and decisive from law enforcement and the national media would have been talking about it non-stop from now until Nov. 3.

This should serve as a wakeup call.

Where was Attorney General Bill Barr while these thugs were marching through Stone Mountain with AR-15s, on the same day that a mob threw a statue of Christopher Columbus into Baltimore Harbor? Sadly, when America is burning, Barr is nowhere to be found, outside of making a few token arrests. As things heat up this fall, as I expect they will, let’s hope he will not be found fiddling as America burns.

I know most of the silent majority remain focused on the upcoming presidential election. That’s understandable. But while you are watching polls, listening to speeches and reading articles about political maneuvering, the other side is arming themselves, training in weapons, and strategically planning their next move, win or lose in November.

Short of some miracle that unites the country, neither side is going to accept the outcome of that election. Certainly not the left-leaning side.

That means more violence in November, and it will be worse than what we saw in June, far worse.

Since my article was posted on June 15, I have upped the odds that we will indeed proceed to Phase Two of this civil war, which involves open combat in the streets, from 50-50 to 70-30.

Others have noticed the same pattern of law enforcement in this country becoming more and more selective about calls they will respond to. Lloyd Billingsley had this to say in a July 3 article, “A Call to ARM,” which I encourage everyone to head over to Frontpage Magazine and read.

“Americans have little choice but to protect themselves against the well-funded, highly organized forces of the left. When Americans do attempt to protect their lives and property, they find themselves all alone, like the couple in St. Louis, with no local or national network to back them up.”

Billingsley is encouraging Americans to form armed networks that can respond to defend fellow patriots who come under attack by leftist mobs. I recommended the same in a webinar last week.

I foresee these attacks becoming more and more brazen. More cars will be ambushed as they travel through roadways blocked off by the mob.

In Act Two of the civil war, we will see churches torched, and armed leftwing militia groups like the ones seen in Stone Mountain launching highly coordinated attacks on middle-class neighborhoods inside cities and close-in suburbs. These attacks, if not decisively quashed by law enforcement, will expand to the outer suburbs and could even be seen wreaking havoc in semi-rural areas.

Underestimating the enemy

Most conservatives make the fatal mistake of underestimating their enemy. We tend to look at the mostly white rich kids knocking over statues and think this is the face of our adversaries. Weak. Pathetic.

But behind this façade is a well-trained coalition of highly trained white and black militants associated with groups like the Weather Underground, New Black Panthers and the Muslim Brotherhood. Underestimate them at your own risk.

I advise every American who is concerned about these leftwing militias to contact their local sheriff and ask him or her where they stand with regard to mobs of people tearing down monuments, shouting violent or threatening slogans, and now, increasingly, starting to arm themselves.

Will your sheriff commit to acting decisively to quash any outbreaks of violence and respond immediately to any threat of violence? If so, does he or she have the manpower to fulfill that commitment should episodes break out at multiple locations in your county? If not, will he or she agree to head up a well-regulated militia of lawful firearms owners?

If your sheriff is not on board with protecting your community, make plans to do so without him. Time is running out to prepare for what is coming.

These are not the type of people you want to confront in a gun battle from your front porch, with your pistol and a couple of clips. They will mow you down, grab your weapons and move on to the next house with door-to-door military precision. This is what we need to prepare for in a time when BLM is asking for defunding of police, roving mobs are attacking innocent people, and much of America remains hunkered down in COVID-inspired fear. Like it or not, this has become the new abnormal.

That’s why we need to get organized and plug into networks. I advised in my webinar to start at the neighborhood level. This is a great time, during the COVID hysteria, to get a feel for who among your neighbors can be trusted in a crisis situation and who will be a shrinking violent, maybe even a turncoat who sides with the Marxists and points them to your house as a more appropriate target.

Time to swallow the red pill

So let’s spit out that blue pill and swallow the red one. The Democrat Party is now the American Communist Party. The police are unreliable. And the politicians affiliated with the Republican Party are not going to save us. They have outed themselves as cowards whose only motivation for running for office was the enrichment of themselves and their Chamber of Commerce cronies, many of whom live in gated communities with private-security details.

How do I know the GOP is feckless and feeble? Just look at how they sit on their hands as thousands of Americans are being intimidated, disciplined and fired by their employers simply for voicing opinions that differ from the mob.

Almost every day now I hear about some average American somewhere – a cop, a coach, a school teacher, a manager or executive at a corporation, who has lost their job because they voiced a political opinion that is not approved by the thought police who run our country’s cultural institutions.

A reserve sheriff’s deputy in South Carolina recently informed me he was fired because he posted to Facebook, “I’m sick of Black Lives Matter. God forgive them for they know not what they do.”

The cancel culture is now moving beyond mere reaction to unapproved political opinions. Corporate bosses are directing HR departments to actively query and sift their employees for information on where they stand with regard to issues of “racial equity” and LGBTQ issues. These corporate siftings are meant to purge conservatives from the ranks [I will present evidence of this in future posts].

Nobody will be able to hide from the Marxist litmus tests.

You will be forced to declare your support for the leftist agenda or say goodbye to your job. The only way to stop this is through mass resistance. Don’t apologize, thinking you can appease these totalitarians. No, double down on your First Amendment rights and file lawsuits if your employer tries to discipline or fire you. There are many public-interest law firms, such as Liberty Counsel and the Center for American Liberty, that will file these cases for free.

Corporations will not be able to function if they lose too much of their top talent simply because of political differences. But if we lie down and accept the cancel culture as the new normal, the corporate bullies will only further clamp down on free speech.

If they can get away with canceling our careers, what will come next?

Sending us to re-education camps?

If you examine history, you will find that Marxists will at some point always ship their political opponents to mental-health wards and prisons. The Soviets had their gulags. Mao set up his re-education camps. Castro lined up dissidents and summarily had them shot.

Even President Trump, who said a lot of great things in his Fourth of July address, appears limited in what he is willing or able to do on our behalf. Speeches are great, but we need real, tangible action, before this spins completely out of control.

Brace ourselves for what’s coming. And prepare accordingly.

Leo Hohmann is an independent freelance journalist and author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion.” If you appreciate the research and reporting of, please consider a donation of any size to support our continued work on the front lines of the culture wars.

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  1. The CPUSA will destroy this republic by any means necessary. That is a feature and not a bug.
    Burning Looting Murdering and Antifa will be the new national police force for the United States of South Africa.


      1. South Africa is the plan for the Fundamental Transformation. Do a search about S.A. to see what is coming here sooner rather than later.
        Especially if Obiden picks comrade Kamala Harris for VP.


  2. PS..

    We need to stop ALLOWING this phony narrative about ‘slavery’ as being the genesis for all of this planned attack upon America as well.

    That argument is absolute nonsense, and America is NOT an inherently ‘racist nation’. That my friends is the very worst overload of that sometimes useful byproduct of a BULL.

    Try this one on for size, Senator Duckworth, Kieth Ellison, and not-so-grand-master-Jay, and all the others referenced above, riding in this national clown car of hatred and division – and VIOLENCE..

    Moron Check: Psych Eval Please for all of those referenced above by the way.. Why? “He that Troubleth His Own House Shall INHERIT THE WIND…’ Proverbs 11.29 None of you will be able to outrun the avalanche of hatred destruction you are so busy creating.. Not one..

    I was born at the Womack Army Hospital (Medical Center now) in Ft Bragg, North Carolina Senator Duckworth and company. Please leave my home base alone.. Take a wrecking ball to your own house.

    Additionally ‘Senator’ and all the rest, please actually READ about the TRUTH relating to the actual HISTORY, and the matter of slavery in this country.

    For example, try this on for size, assuming you can read Senator Duckworth and company..

    Try William Ellison’s (A Black Slave Master and ‘Breeder’) fascinating story as told by Michael Johnson and James L. Roark in their book, Black Masters: A Free Family of Color in the Old South. At his death on the eve of the Civil War, Ellison was wealthier than nine out of 10 white people in South Carolina.

    Again, for proper emphasis: William Ellison’s (A Black Slave Master and ‘Breeder’). And he was anything but alone in this category.. There were over 150 others as well.

    A hard fact! The Civil War was not fought, on either side (‘The Blue or Grey’) about SLAVERY either.

    Who once said, ‘The Truth Will Set You Free’.. Well? How about it? ..A great place to start I THINK.

    Are you actually promoting a nation-wide ‘Race War’ Senator Duckworth and company? That my friends is of course a rhetorical question. Of course they are.. ..and based upon the very worst LIE I have ever seen being promoted anywhere for my entire life..


    1. And you felt the need to spew out all this bile on this forum because? I could not read it all, it was so horrible and distressed my spirit greatly. Which is sad because you may, indeed have a valid point.


  3. Great writing and reporting here.. Excellent forewarning as well.

    This guy is a very dangerous idiot..

    One viewing of his YouTube presence, and what you see is what you (WE) get here.. ..A ‘Race Baiting’ maniac, who must be connected with our own ‘No Justice – No Peace’ / ‘I DON’T Believe in Borders’, ‘All Minnesotans Are Racists – Skinheads – Islamophobic – White Supremacists – Bigots’, MN Attorney General, Keith (aka’s: ‘X’ – ‘Hakim’ – ‘Mohamed’) Maurice Ellison..

    Never to be underestimated, these overt ‘Black Supremacists’ and Black (ONLY) Power mongers, are testing America’s defenses, and our resolve to survive as a Nation, melting pot of decent Americans, of many skin colors, ethnic groups, religious beliefs, and The American Experiment.

    Like Ellison, and so many of these miserable people connected to this ‘Domestic Terrorist’ movement – under many flags – including this self anointed leader of ‘NFAC’s Grand Master Jay’, and others like The Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan, and many others, who are the antithesis of Martin Luther King, are engaged in a Domestic War against ALL of America. Make no mistake about it!

    In fact, Ellison, Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Sen Sheila Jackson Lee, Ilhan Omar, Rachida Tlaib, Ayanna Presley, AOC, (and far too many others to mention here) and now this dangerous clown, ‘NFAC’s Grand Master Jay’, are ALL a part of a ‘racist’ ‘collective’, reminiscent of ‘The Borg’ from the Star Trek television series..

    America is is deep trouble now..

    I live (for now) In a place, where it is too late now – Minnesota – and a place for all intents and purposes, it’s Over.

    Wake up America – PLEASE..


  4. Thank God I do not live in America neither am I American, this is really frightening reading. I thought it was bad living with the threat of 30,000 Anatolian Turkish soldiers ‘parked’ in the north of Cyprus illegally but what is happening in the US is worse than that. At one time I would have laughed at these people but I fear their hatred is such that it would be my one-way ticket to heaven.
    Please God Jesus is coming for His Bride soon and then evil will no longer be restrained.


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