Suspicious death of Phil Haney, DHS whistleblower, only strengthens resolve of like-minded patriots

phil haney
Leo Hohmann with Phil Haney [right] in 2018 boarding a plane in South Dakota after testifying together at a State Senate committee hearing on refugee resettlement.
I have been getting quite a few calls, texts and emails from people asking me about the tragic death of my friend Philip Haney, whose body was found Friday morning near his vehicle not far from the RV park where he was staying in Plymouth, California. He reportedly had a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Everyone is asking the same question. Could the reports of suicide be accurate?

These questions are based on erroneous news reports circulating in the mainstream media about his death, including reports by Fox News, suggesting that Phil took his own life. These fake-news reports stem from a statement, made almost immediately upon discovery of Phil’s body by Amador County Sheriff-Coroner Martin Ryan, before any investigative due diligence had been undertaken.

Don’t believe it for a minute.

Phil Haney, as most of you know by now, was dangerous to the deep state. He was a whistleblower who uncovered the Obama administration’s malfeasance in shutting down the Department of Homeland Security’s system of monitoring mosques and the imams who inspire young Muslims to commit jihad. Phil was instrumental in setting up a system that would net these terrorists.

According to a report by Lloyd Billingsley in the California Globe, “on Sunday the whistleblower’s stepmother, Judith Haney, said ‘No one in the family believes it’s suicide.’ And, ‘with his history with the government and everything it is very suspicious.'”

I’m here to tell you that none of Phil’s friends who worked with him in the fight to save our country believe it was suicide, either.

I met Phil about five years ago when I was working as a reporter for World Net Daily. He was a key source of information, and I continued to call on him after I left WND and began reporting independently. Phil was an intellectual giant who was also the most humble man I’ve ever known. He was never too busy to return a call, and he never cut a conversation short because he was too busy, even though you knew he was.

We quickly became friends.

I quoted Phil extensively in my book, Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad. He was a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security, specializing in immigration and the vetting of visa holders, and was a subject-matter expert on the Islamic religion.

But there are lots of subject-matter experts on Islam. Phil was different. He was not just interested in developing psychological profiles of terrorists. He was more interested in the men who inspired the terrorists.

“It’s a bit like shooting those rubber ducks at the county fair,” he would explain. “You can keep shooting the ducks or you can shoot the machine that spits out the ducks.”

Phil was interested in the machine that produced jihadists. He wanted to pluck jihadism up from the root.

If not for Phil, I would have no knowledge of the concept of fitnah, which is key to understanding the whole Islamist strategy to label and shame those of us who understand what they’re up to. Fitnah is a type of stubborn disbelief on the part of non-Muslims who presented a challenge to the spread of Islam from the time of Muhammad up to today.

If the disbelievers persist, they must be dealt with. How do you do that when you don’t have the majority of a population? You play the victim card and use that to slander your enemies. That’s what Islam does so masterfully to gain leverage in non-Muslim countries like America, where gullible, self-loathing liberals fall easy prey to the fitnah strategy. Even the threat of being called an Islamophobe makes them wilt and run for cover. Islamophobia is nothing but the modern-day application of Islamic fitnah. Thank you Phil Haney for this revelation.

Phil had many keen insights like this. He also explained how the Islamic agenda meshes with the Cultural Marxist strategy of shutting down the free speech of those who dissent from the secular-socialist worldview. That’s why you see Christian thinkers and preachers being ushered out of the mainstream of public discourse even as Muslims have their speech elevated and protected by the Marxists.

Phil was an entomologist by training. Before he embarked on a career in law enforcement, he made his living cataloguing insects.

Our mutual friend, Don Chioffi, described for me one of the discussions he had with Phil, who had driven out to Vermont to help a group of citizen activists fight off a plan to inject Syrian refugees into their community in 2017.

“You might think it’s kinda strange,” Phil told his Vermont host as they sat overlooking Chioffi’s backyard pond. “But I did my thesis work on ants, and one of the things this taught me was that I had to focus on the most minute details of how the ants interrelate with each other in the colonies. I meticulously documented everything.”

He used that same attention to detail to document the teachings, strategies and inroads of the global Islamic movement and especially its impact on America.

Phil stood for the Constitution and free speech. He researched and catalogued the most dangerous Islamic religious teachers, where they were going and speaking and who was listening to them. By learning what was being taught and who was sitting under the most dangerous teachers, Phil was able to predict where the next big terrorist attack might unfold.

But the Obama administration wanted no part of Phil’s brilliant research and harassed him into early retirement in July 2015.

A few months later, on Dec. 2, 2015, two jihadists burst into an office Christmas party in San Bernardino, California, and killed 14 innocent Americans.  Phil’s system had flagged the two jihadists who perpetrated this atrocity.

Phil was fully exonerated of all the vicious accusations made against him and retired with full honors from the Department of Homeland Security [Get his book, See Something, Say Nothing for the whole story of how this unfolded].

When President Trump got elected, Phil applied for national security-related jobs within the new administration but could not get his foot in the door. The people Trump put in charge of hiring had no clue what they were doing. Or, worse, they knew exactly what they were doing and didn’t want the president to hire people who would tell him the truth about the nature of the inroads Islamic radicals had made into the deep state.

Yet, we now know that Phil was optimistic in the weeks leading up to his death that he would be given a new chance to get back into the federal government. He didn’t need the money, he just wanted to warn our president and his top brass of the growing threat from within our government.

That leads us back to the questions surrounding Phil’s death. Is it possible he could have committed suicide, as suggested by the sheriff?

There were signs the Trump administration was ready to at least listen to what Phil Haney had to say. According to Kerry Picket of the Washington Examiner, Phil was “recently in contact with top officials about returning to work for the DHS.”

Phil lost his wife to cancer about a year ago. He had recently fallen for a new love and planned to marry her this year. He had every reason to be confident about the future. He was never happier. He had lots of speaking engagements lined up in the weeks ahead. In May he had planned a trip to Israel to visit the Holy Land, for which he had a special love.

Phil and I often discussed the dangerous nature of our work. Over the last couple of days, more than a few people have come forward, one of them to me personally, and said that Phil specifically warned about the possibility that he could be “suicided.”

“If I ever go on to meet my Maker, and it looks like I did myself in, don’t believe it!” he told a mutual friend who resides in Vermont.

Aside from all his accomplishments, his work for the government and his tireless crusade for truth, all of which involved the protection of the country he loved, I close by saying something about Phil the man, whom I will miss for the rest of my time here on earth.

Phil was a devout Christian, a mentor to me personally, who ended every conversation by turning it back to God and scripture. I refuse to allow his memory to be tainted by suggestions of suicide. I feel that I can speak not only for myself but the many others engaged in this fight when I say we emphatically refuse to let Phil’s work die. In fact, his murder inspires us to work even harder for the cause that burned within Phil’s breast.

Phil was a gentle, kind, compassionate man who also happened to have a brilliant mind. Despite his meek spirit, he was fearless in presenting the truth. I will never forget the time, exactly two years ago in early 2018, when he and I, along with our friend Jim Simpson, traveled to South Dakota to testify in favor of a bill in the State Senate that would have placed a temporary moratorium on refugee resettlement in that state. The three of us tag-teamed our testimony in a way that was so powerful that the GOP committee chairman felt the need to shut it down. The facts we presented were so compelling that even the state’s largest mainstream newspaper had run a favorable article about our testimony [an article that was later wiped off the paper’s website].

Phil’s murder only proves that the battle for the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights is only starting to heat up. My pledge to you, dear brother, is to pick up the banner and charge bravely forward.

Rest in peace Phil Haney. You will never be forgotten.

Leo Hohmann is an independent freelance journalist, author of the 2017 book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad.” He is working on a follow-up that will investigate the Interfaith movement, which is ushering false and antichrist ideas into Western churches. To support his research and writing projects, please consider a donation of any size.

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  1. 03/30/2020, what a year it’s been! Dont know if i saw some blip in the news, re:Phil Haney death, or not….4 months after George Floyd died, I spent an hour CAREFULLY watching the other 2 officers body cam videos. Floyd complained of “I cant breathe” for over 20 minutes, BEFORE he was taken BACK OUT of the cruiser, at HIS OWN request, and also due to his agitation, and incoherence. He repeatedly denied DRUG use, i couldnt tell if was a meth pipe, or only weed pipe arresting officer pulled out of Floyds pocket. Floyd did 5 years in prison for pistol-whipping a pregnant woman during a gang home-invasion burglary/robbery. Until and UNLESS YOU SEE the other body cam videos, you cant be sure, but Floyd died of a DRUG OVERDOSE, while waiting for the ambulance. Thats the TRUTH as i see it….may GOD BLESS ALL AMERICANS,


  2. Is there a link to share this specific article to FB? I saw the site link, but I want my friends to read this article. Thank you for your words and may God be with you.


  3. I knew Phil.. Not well, but well enough..

    No way this was suicide.. No way.

    He had very powerful enemies.. Very powerful, and very motivated to prevent him from rejoining Homeland Security..

    He knew his subject well, and the last Administration, and Obama – Holder – Lynch – Jeh Johnson – Clapper – Brennan – and all those holdouts still in the Trump Administration today, in particular, hated him for it.. Lives have been lost because they would not listen, or were paid off not to listen, and act accordingly.

    ‘Rest in Peace Phil’..

    Blessings to his family.. He will be missed..


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  4. Nice work, as always Leo..

    I have known Phil for a while now. Not well, but well enough. No way it was suicide.. No way..

    ..May he rest in peace. Blessings and peace to his family..

    He was a good man..


  5. Ever notice that the only whistleblowers who commit “suicide” or die in “botched robberies” are the only the whistleblowers who endanger Democrats? And yet no investigations. In fact, they basically used an act of Congress to ensure the Seth Rich investigation was squelched. It’s amazing in that it’s so blatantly overt…and yet we allow it to continue…

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  6. What the F** is going on in this country!!!!! I am sick of it. So, now another one is “suicided”.? Enough is enough. Lets send some independent investigators in there. Who is this sheriff? Let me guess a Dem? A donor or hillary a receiver of leftist campaign funds??? Whos gun was it? Cameras in area? Cell phone records and pings? Other cell phones in area. Come on. Time to clean out DC and these deep state motherf**s before they kill out president too!!


    1. It should be seriously considered by all who go abroad each day (or even stay at home) to ARM YOURSELF. And learn (if not already a habit) to live in “condition yellow”, be aware of what’s happening around you.
      The strike does not often descend upon the strong and prepared. No. Evil work awaits that time when a victim is weak or distracted.
      Don’t ever let it be easy for these bastards to take you.

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  7. I am devastated to read about Phil’s murder. I spent an entire day touring with him especially the Burma Road here in Israel going to Latrun. I was with another close friend who was former FBI. Phil encouraged me to make aliyah alone. He kept on saying – it will all work out and just do it and so I did. His memory will be a blessing. May his murderers be found and dealt with.

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  8. I heard him as a guest on radio shows a few times. This shocks me. For those of you who knew him well this hits very close to home. Hoping and praying that you’ll give more than condolences and bravely go the extra mile, not just on Mr Haney’s behalf, but for the sake of putting an end to deep seeded government corruption. Furthermore, the suicide narrative is dangerous to the credibility of more than just Phil Haney, and where lost credibility doesn’t render alternative media and ministries as mere speculation, this could be a fear tactic to silence them.


  9. Leo, thank you for the outstanding tribute to our friend, Phil Haney. He supported us here in Montana as he did elsewhere in our fight over refugee resettlement. As you so eloquently wrote, he was never too tired or too busy to answer a call or text to give advice. He will be sorely missed. Suicide? Not a chance.

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  10. Wow I know I was so sad to hear that I was talking to Sharon Fuhrman about it today be in your guard.

    Debbie from South Dakota

    Sent from my iPhone


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  11. Hello Leo,This is Don and Sharon Gricol. We read of the murder of Phil Haney. Please do your best to stay alert and safe, do all you can to leave evidence if they should try to suicide you.These are evil people, BUT Jesus has overcome the world.We will be praying for you. Don and Sharon Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 6, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

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  12. Hi, Leo: I had lunch with Phil in mid-January as I spent that month in So. CA to speak in churches and escape MN cold. He made his famous statement that day—about suicide not being an issue if he is found dead. So I tweeted Saturday morning but that was a huge mistake:

    I trust things are going ok for you and your wife. Bring me up to date when you can. I posted your article.

    Jan Markell


    Olive Tree Ministries


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    1. Jan, you mean so much to me, my sister, my Tuesday night prayer group, etc.–not to mention those following you on 850 readio stations. My question for you is…why was it a mistake to tweet about Philip’s death? Call me naive… but why was that a huge mistake? Both you and Leo have helped clarify Phil’s death and informed us of the real cause. Forgive me for being dense.


    2. PS–I have posted your link to Leo’s article to my Facebook page and two of my frirends who are politically active. Many more iwll see it now. Our prayer group meeting each Tuesday night will be praying for you. Much love, Carol Anne


    3. Jan, Please forgive me for being dense. You mean so much to me, my sister, and to so many listeners worldwide. I hang on every word both Saturday mornings and at you annual congerence, at “Proximity,” etc. I’m wondering why you said that tweeting about Phil’s death was a mistake. You were bringing clarity to the issue and defending his character. Clearly he was murdered. What would saying that be a mistake? I apologize for being naive, but I’m perplexed….


  13. Very nice tribute Mr. Hohmann. It is indeed a huge blow to us all. We must carry the torch and avenge his death. Things are scary here in Austin. I feel something big coming.RegardsLaurenSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  14. They got him! Don’t believe for a minute that Phil Haney took his own life. A religious man, who had everything going for him, who was prepared to expose powerful people. This was a hit, plain and simple.

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    1. Thinking further on this, take a close look at the Sheriff and team “investigating” this homicide. Whomever perpetrated this atrocity would certainly not leave to chance that some eager Sheriff might investigate carefully and uncover critical evidence. Shutting down effective evidence collection at the scene and trampling it would undoubtedly be an important component of such a plan, as would other evidence collection and analytic impropriety.

      I hope I’m wrong, totally off base. If so, I apologize in advance to those offended. Be the patriots our country needs, give Phil’s killing the investigative rigor and focus it requires to uncover unequivocally all participants, those funding, planning, and executing this terrible crime against Phil, his family and the American people.

      Leo, you are a hero and deserve praise for your skill and bravery in writing and publicizing this assasination. Together, honest G-D fearing Americans will prevail.

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  15. Leo,

    Thank you for this. Your writing and reflections on Phil are the best I’ve read these last few days.

    We would love to have you speak on Long Island at one of our Alert Long Island events. If inconvenient, we could do it virtually.

    Warmest regards,

    -Ken Ken Greenberg

    An ACT for America Chapter

    Mission Alert Long Island is devoted to educating Long Islanders and notifying citizens of impending threats by working with local law enforcement, local and state legislators, and members of Congress.

    We’re focused on strengthening national security, assuring the preservation of Israel, upholding the Constitution, achieving energy independence, protecting our power grid and assuring the safety of our citizenry.


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      1. As a man that knows first hand, my best friend and daughter (33) shot herself in the head. She had shown many times that she was in psychache pain. Women might chose other ways to die but men shoot their head. Any man planning a marriage, working for President DJT, Christian and fighting for and loving the USA would not take his own life. Phil Hanney did not kill himself!!! I will write my President.
        Absent the body present with the LORD. RIP Phil

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