French Muslims threaten ‘green vest’ protest if demands for Islamization not met

French President Emmanuel Macron is struggling to find ways to integrate Islam into the mainstream of French life in a way that is acceptable to native French.

There are growing signs that Europe’s secular leaders are getting concerned about the monster of their own making, that being an emboldened Islam.

In Germany, a nation that in just the last four years has opened its borders to approximately 1.7 million Muslim migrants, some government officials are openly hinting that the makings of an Islamic insurrection are already underway.

They cite the Muslim Brotherhood as the main subversive force, with the first fruits of the insurrection being a breakdown in the social cohesion that Germany once enjoyed. The opposite of cohesion is instability, and that’s clearly on the rise.

In 2015, 40 percent of Germans said in a survey they felt like foreigners in their own country. By November 2018 a clear majority, 56 percent, attested to “feeling like a foreigner.”

The Investigative Project on Terrorism reminded us Monday of a terrifying 2008 admission by Ibrahim El-Zayat of the Islamic Community of Germany. El-Zayat said it was “premature to strike against the Jews and infidels” in Germany, “but sooner or later we will strike against the enemies of Allah and Islam. We have to wait.”

You can bet they are closer to the striking point in 2019 than they were in 2008.

The Interior Ministry of the German state of North Rhine Westphalia posted a release in 2016 that states:

“The aim of the Muslim Brotherhood is the transformation of the countries with an Islamic majority population into states with Islamist government systems based on Sharia as well as the Islamic legal and living order. Violence is not ruled out to enforce this goal. But it is not a priority. The MB rejects democratic state systems, or accepts them only as a temporary solution.”

That document further states:

“Founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is the most influential and oldest Islamist movement in modern political Islam. As a pan-Islamic organization, it is represented not only in all Arab states, but according to its own statements in 70 countries worldwide. It pursues the goal of founding an Islamic state or adopting existing state systems through infiltration and reshaping it to their liking.”

The key word here is infiltration. This means subversion from within, a concept most Western deep-state governments, including our own here in America, not only refuse to acknowledge but seem to be facilitating.

Burkhart Frier, who heads the German intelligence agency Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz in North Rhine Westphalia, told The Focus that the Muslim Brotherhood’s subversive activities posed a bigger long-term threat to German democracy than al-Qaida or ISIS.

Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron has been pushing for the creation of a new “Islam of France” along with a reordering of the way in which church and state interact with each other.

In an article in February 2018 Macron announced plans to “set down markers on the entire way in which Islam is organized in France.”

This French Islam would pick and choose what it finds acceptable from Islamic texts while tossing out that which is considered distasteful to the Western mind. You know, those bits in the Quran and Hadiths that talk about chopping off infidel heads, dismemberment of limbs, wife beating, Jew killing, child marriage and, well, you get the drift.

The concepts of jihad and sharia would be greatly reduced down to a purely internal religious faith, not part of a global war on Christianity, Judaism and other non-Muslims. It would be Islam defanged. There’s only one problem with Macron’s vision. Islam – mainstream Islam – sees all of these other religions as threatening to its existence.

Not to be deterred, Macron summoned Muslim leaders in his country Monday to talk about possible amendments to the 1905 Act, which mandates a strict separation of church and state in France.

At issue here is the struggle Europe is wrestling with in its attempts to assimilate Islam. Macron, like the last several French leaders before him, apparently really thinks he can reform Islam into a benign French institution that fits neatly into the mainstream of French life, which is otherwise post-Christian and secular. His focus is on offering new French training for imams and cutting off foreign funding of mosques.

Good luck with that. Islam will always resist attempts to make it conform to Western values of freedom and democracy, which Islam sees as based on the inferior religions of Christianity and Judaism.

According to a report in Arabic Euro News, the meeting between Macron and Muslim leaders on Monday, Jan. 7, didn’t go very well. Five representatives of the French Council of the Islamic religion were in attendance, including CFC Chairman Ahmed Oghras, who said the 1905 law was at the heart of the discussions.

“The Council called for a true recognition of the Islamic religion in France on an equal footing with other religions, and the granting of Islamic religion new rights under the review of the law,” according to the report. These rights would allow the establishment of private Islamic cemeteries, Islamic food rules, ritual slaughter of animals, the recognition of special rights related to the celebration of Islamic holidays, and a program to teach the Islamic religion and the Arabic language in major French universities and some high schools, “so that Muslims feel full citizenship rights in France,” according to the report in Arabic Euro News.

If their demands were not met, the French Islamic leaders threatened to unleash their version of the “yellow vests” protests by wearing “green vests” to denounce the policy of the French authorities in controlling Islamic affairs in France.

France has seen more than 250 of its citizens slaughtered in Islamic terror attacks over the last three years, some of the most memorable being against the Charlie Hebdo magazine, the Bataclan Theater and the Bastille Day festivities in Nice. Hundreds of others have been left with lasting wounds and disabilities.

The level of public anxiety among Frenchmen is bursting at the seams. Macron is understandably under pressure to do something about the “Islam problem.”

On the other side, the Islamic Council wants Islam to be treated just like every other religion in France. The irony of course is that if a country elevates Islam to the status of a respected religion, on “equal” footing with all other religions, it will use that status to further dominate. Macron, if he relents to this pressure and gives in to Islamic demands, will usher in a new phase of the Islamic takeover of France. We may find out in 2019 just how far this secular-globalist leader is willing to go in selling out his country’s non-Muslim majority.


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  1. Sow what you reap, so you reap the harvest you have sown ….

    So when European leftists who pandered to this demographic can no longer hide behind their political correctness as a shield and swing freely accusations of racism and islamophobia like a sword; they will retreat to North America and seek refuge in another safe space to avoid the same islamization that they helped promote in Europe, and will surely try and help promote here too.

    I see this kind of ultra alt-left libralism as being as dangerous as the totalitarianism of islamism; just like the zombies from the TV show “Walking Dead”, they will over run and devour everyone and everything in its path.

    They’re already at the fence, like wolves eye’ing the sheep, growling baring their teeth and salivating.

    These European liberals need to be turned away at the border and sent back as undesirables infected with this malady of liberalism, that ruins everything they come into contact with.

    Let them remain in Europe to fight this monster of their own creation, or simply die on their knees, which seems like poetic justice, when you consider that it was their own ideology that doomed them, they saw the signs, ignored the warnings and ultimately suffered the consequences of their own brand of Social Darwinism .

    Good riddance to the bad rubbish of political correctness, and the social suicide of European liberalism.


  2. You meant just Muslims. Muslims cannot be French with French values. that’s legit blasphemy according to their bogus ass religion. They freaking call Mohammad god and he was a man that’s it that’s all no one special


  3. The French have been preparing for this. They’ve always had problems with their slave class. At least illegals in the US know their place. The problem is, Yellow Vests isn’t near over and may collapse the country. Macron already has his escape helicopter in place. If the yellow vests get their way, there won’t be any Government for the Green Vests to even protest against. Is that irony or what? Congratulations Macron: Moron of the Decade with Canada running a near 2nd. Macron just dumped on the Yellow Vests again. Is this clown one persistent Bast*rd or what? LOL

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  4. ANTI WHITES demand ‘Diversity’, mass immigration, open borders – for Whites ONLY!
    “Diversity is a strength” means “White people are a weakness”
    They are not required of ANY non white peoples ANYWHERE!
    It’s White GENO cide

    – STOP Anti-White Torture and Genocide in South Africa –

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  5. As the Colectivos were used as plain clothes enforcers of Muduro Bernizuelian policy and as the Brown Shirts were used to support National Socialist policies, what an opportunity to use it’s Mohammedans as a cudgel to enforce The Block’s immigration and tax policies against the yellow vests. Brilliant!

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  6. Great idea, radical Islamists! You’ll be a lot easier for French military to identify and mow down that way. Brilliant! No wonder your “culture” hasn’t progressed for a thousand years.

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  7. The European political scum have done what Mohamed failed at.. and the really sad thing is that they made the citizens of Europe pay for the invasion.
    Truly the only way out is the same as it was 1000 years ago… If there are any men left in Europe they will have to kill them to get rid of them….

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  8. Excellent update on the situation in France and Germany. It is most certainly worsening.

    Thank you, Leo.

    Kathy Johnson Chardon, Ohio


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