First-ever Muslim candidate for Governor comes unhinged over question about Sharia

Abdul al-Sayed to GOP opponent: ‘You may not hate Muslims but Muslims definitely hate you!’


Michigan’s first-ever Muslim candidate for governor, Dr. Abdul al-Sayed, took a shot at fellow gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck on Thursday that some Republicans are saying went below the belt.

Colbeck, speaking at a candidate’s forum in East Lansing, expressed his concerns about Sharia law and the extremist Muslim Brotherhood’s tactic of civilization jihad. Colbeck took exception with an article he says was planted by Sayed supporters in the left-of-center website Buzzfeed,  which painted Colbeck as a fringe extremist using “unfounded conspiracy theories” against Sayed.

Rather than address Colbeck’s concerns, Sayed called Colbeck a racist Islamophobe whom Muslims “definitely hate.”

Sayed, 33, the former public-health director for the city of Detroit, was on stage Thursday at the Michigan Press Association with several other Democrat and Republican candidates for governor running in the Aug. 7 primary.

dr abdul al-Sayed
Dr. Abdul al-Sayed, shown here with his wife, Sarah, is running for governor of Michigan as a Democrat.

Sayed refused to answer a question from the moderator about the Islamic legal system known as Sharia, other than to say that, if elected, he would uphold the constitutions of the U.S. and State of Michigan.

“I take [the Constitution] particularly seriously because it guarantees me two things. A, the right to pray as I choose to pray, and for me that means I put my face on the ground 34 times a day,” Sayed said.  “Some people choose not to pray at all. Then in Article Six it also tells us that no religious test should be held over someone wishing to serve under this Constitution. It’s an incredible document.”

Sayed leveled charges of racism and “white supremacy” at Republicans in general but saved his most severe critique for Colbeck, the one GOP candidate who has dared to talk about the issue of creeping Sharia in a state that has the country’s highest concentration of Muslims and has the nation’s first case of female genital mutilation working its way through the federal courts. Michigan also recently had a case involving a possible honor killing in which a 15-year-old Muslim boy in Farmington Hills allegedly pushed his mother to her death at a time when she was going through a divorce from his father.

patrick colbeck michigan
Patrick Colbeck is running for governor of Michigan as a Republican.

Colbeck, an aerospace engineer and two-term state senator, said his concerns are not about individual Muslims. Rather, he worries about the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been declared a terrorist organization by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and whose influence in the U.S. was spelled out in the Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America, a document seized by the FBI in 2004 and presented as evidence in a terror-financing trial that sent five members of an Islamic charity called the Holy Land Foundation to prison in 2008 for funneling money to Hamas.

“This is one of those areas that got me ticked off in regard to the fairness of the media,” Colbeck told the audience Thursday. “They pitched this comment around my concern about the Muslim Brotherhood as a concern about Muslims in general. I love Muslims. It’s not an issue. The issue is about terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood.”

After he berated Colbeck as a racist, and lectured the other Republicans on the panel for not condemning Colbeck as a racist and white supremacist, the normally cool-headed Sayed became visibly angry and showed he is not above expressing some hatred of his own.

“What frustrates me more is not that you have blatant racism on the part of certain people, but what frustrates me more is in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, is not when bad people speak out but when good people fail to speak out, and what I have not heard is the Republicans on this panel, decisively and swiftly call out this kind of Islamophobia, this kind of racism, in the context that they are wanting to represent the state that has the highest per-capita number of Muslim Americans in the country. Now you may not hate Muslims, but I’ll tell you, Muslims definitely hate you!”

Watch the full 6-minute exchange between Colbeck and Sayed in the video below:

Dick Manasseri, spokesman for Secure Michigan, one of the groups that has concerns about the incremental advancement of Sharia in Michigan’s Muslim enclaves, including female genital mutilation, honor violence and polygamy, said he was surprised to see Sayed come unhinged in response to a calmly-communicated concern by Colbeck.

“Dr. Abdul definitely lost his cool,” Manasseri said. “I think what we saw was an outburst. Abdul was not cool. Patrick is purposely trying to not make this his only issue, but when it comes up he’s not afraid to address it and Dr. Abdul showed he just can’t handle it. All he has in his bag of tricks is the canned response that everyone who asks about Sharia is a racist and an Islamophobe.”

Since Islam is not a race, and some of the most populous Muslim countries such as Syria and Bosnia are filled by Caucasians, the charge of racism is disingenuous at best, nonsensical at worst, Manasseri said.

Philip Haney, a counter-terrorism expert and retired member of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Targeting Center, said Sayed responded predictably.

The International Muslim Brotherhood’s stated goal, in its documents and even its motto, is the worldwide establishment of Sharia law, not necessarily by violence but by using “the hands of the unbeliever” in Western societies, Haney said. In essence, they use the political systems and the freedoms, of speech and religion, to infiltrate and weaken a Western society “from within,” as stated in the Explanatory Memorandum authored in 1991 by Brotherhood member Mohamed Akram.

Sayed served as vice president of the Muslim Student Association while attending the University of Michigan, and his wife Sarah served as president of the chapter. The MSA has long been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and is named as one of its front groups in the Explanatory Memorandum.

Haney said Sayed responded like a trained Muslim Brotherhood operative when confronted with the issue of Sharia at Thursday’s candidates’ forum.

“He did what those guys tend to do, which is to change the narrative whenever the issue of Sharia comes up and make it about racism and so-called Islamophobia,” Haney said. “But he showed his true colors there at the end. He’s not as slick as he thinks he is.”

Manasseri said one of the most revealing moments of the forum was how the other two leading GOP candidates – Attorney General Bill Schuette and Lt. Gov. Brian Calley – sat silently throughout the entire exchange about Sharia.

“He’s standing there on the stage attacking their party as white supremacists and racists. And the current attorney general and the current lieutenant governor have nothing to say about it,” Manasseri said. “The press is mostly silent. If the man’s head touches the ground 34 times a day, this is not a casual Muslim we’re talking about, this is a fundamentalist Muslim. I’m concerned now. The press should be asking him: How do you feel about FGM, what are your views on forced veiling of Muslim women and honor violence against women?”

A version of this story was published by Front Page Magazine.

* * *

Patrick Colbeck has two decades of private sector experience as an aerospace engineer and was elected in 2010 to the Michigan State Senate. He was a senior design engineer with Boeing on the International Space Station. He also served as a systems engineer at the Department of Defense where he worked on advanced training simulation systems responsible for integrating these systems across the various branches of the Armed Forces.

Listen to Colbeck in his own words below. [Does he sound like a racist to you?]:


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    Lots of info coming out ties these extremists to the mosque in Doraville. Masjid Ataqwa owner is the Imam that is moving to Covington. Same name as Masjid Ataqwa in New York with ties to “unindicted co-conspirator” to 1993 World Trade Center attacks. Who just happens to be the father of the Muslim caught with the kids in New Mexico. They’re all tied in together!! (Even though they’ll never admit it….but, they’re not supposed to…)

    Have an awesome day!

    Thanks so much for your hard work! Tiffany


  2. Sharia Law

    Sharia law is the law of Islam. The Sharia (also spelled Shari’a or Shariah) law is cast from the words of Muhammad, called “hadith,” his actions, called “sunnah,” and the Quran, which he dictated. The Sharia law itself cannot be altered but its interpretation, called “fiqh,” by muftis (Islamic jurists) is given some latitude.

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  3. islam is not “religion”. It is a political system which is dicriminatory and authoritarian. All one do is simply ask an “apostate” from a sharia mandated society ~ “How did you survive to make it here?” That would be my starting point. And if statues of long dead/defeated Southerners are torn down becauae of association with slavery (outlawed here), what about mosques where it is taught that “slavery is inherent to islam”. I suggest Googling it.

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  4. Watch “Wild, Wild Country” on Netflix as an example of how an Indian guru and his following tried to take over the state of Oregon and ask yourself if there could be a similarity should Michigan elect a Muslim governor who promotes sharia law.

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  5. Islam and the constitution do not get along! Michigan do not vote democrat i the gov. race! Wake up people!

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  6. Sayed is an excellent candidate for Governor of Michigan. This is a poorly-written article that did a poor job at covering his amazing progressive policies like better minimum wage, health care for all, etc.


      1. I think you should be the one to get a brain. If Canada, the UK, Germany, and Sweden can provide health care for all its citizens, then the State of Michigan is perfectly capable of providing for all their citizens. After all, the United States is wealthier than these countries. We can easily afford it.


  7. To say a Muslim, is just like saying a Christian. You are speaking of religion not race. Soooooo how or why are DEMON-RATES crying RACISM.


  8. How dare he quote Dr Martin Luther King! If good people are supposed to speak out why haven’t the so called non extreme Muslims spoke out about what extreme Muslims are doing. I’ll tell you why, because all Muslims believe in Sharia Law and it says they want to kill the infidels, which are us people! Wake up!!

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    1. They literally speak out against “bad” Muslims ALL THE TIME. It’s just that people who have decided all Muslims are bad do not care. IE: everyone here. What a bunch of assholes the people commenting here are. I see some of you absolutely demanding he follow Christianity. Tell me, how is forcing someone to follow YOUR religion make you any better than a Muslim who wants you to follow theirs? Conservatives are so closed minded, judgmental and uneducated in this state it’s disgusting.


      1. Stacy, it is interesting how you only see the speck in the eye of your political enemy while ignoring the chunk of wood in your own. Democrats have been calling conservatives unqualified for public office for decades simply because of their Christian faith. The latest example of this came with the appointment of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State but it happens with almost every Republican nominee to the Supreme Court. And Hillary Clinton once chastised conservative Americans as a whole saying they needed to “change their religion.” Open your eyes. Bigotry is not a one-way street!

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      2. When they take over your state, require you to wear highly restrictive and horrible clothing, perform FGM on you and rape you because to them, you are no better than an animal, don’t ask questions or comment. Ever.


  9. Muslims want a tow hold to work from to take over this Country and the citizens of Michigan are stupid enough to allow it.


  10. Personally I am NOT racist which has become a term easily tossed around. However, I believe the proof is that no matter how you dress them up, the believe system of muslims is so strong to take over america, that I am NOT interested in their sneaky ways of getting into public office to eventually infuse that belief system into American Culture…..which is exactly what they will do. Sharia is a valid point of contention in America and it it totally NOT compatible w/ our constitution.

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  11. This is part of the “muslim Trojan horse”, the use of our own constitution which allows people to gain political powers in local elections, so they can become politically powerful to perform major changes. I’d like to ask the good Dr if he believes all Michigan Legal documents should printed in English only and to push for English as the official language in Michigan. Then ask if the only rule of law in Michigan is Michigan Law.

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  12. The Quran dictates that muslims lie to infidels to gain power. Once they have the power they crave, then Sharia will be replacing the Constitution.

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  13. Leo Hohmann, I learned of you through Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch. No time to comment further but here is some info for you: Proof that islam is NOT a religion.

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  14. Our Constitution provides freedom of religion, not freedom to interrupt business, etc, for the specific act of prayer several times daily. The muslims need to be forced to adapt to our way of life instead of us bowing down to their demands and going to great lengths to change everything to appease them. I think it is wrong on all counts to force businesses to stop everything for these people to pray AND be forced to provide them their own special place to pray. Force THEM to be the ones to change/adapt, NOT the new country they CHOSEN to live in knowing very well how different it would be. They can do just like every other religious person has to do in public, on-the-job, etc, pray silently while working, moving down the street, etc. I very much resent the American citizens that are appeasing these people as though they are somehow special, more important than EVERYONE ELSE in our country.

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    1. Michigan voters have shown over time that they are not particularly bright. Not all Michigan voters, but a large number of them.

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      1. Careful there Bill. It’s the lunatic-liberals, as always, who are screwing up EVERYTHING. Then throw in some POS raghead and you’ve got a shit-sandwich being forced down your throat. These lunatics breed like rabbits and expect the tax payers to support them. TIME FOR THINGS TO CHANGE.


      1. A little scratching on their sore spots & the truth comes out.
        BTW – Y’all may want to switch vets before your next check-up.

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    1. Also, a cautious approach to an invading philosophy / religion is NOT RACISM. IT IS CAUTION!
      It is prudent to proceed slowly until more is known.
      Dr. Abdul al-Sayed want to silence his opposition (like a good DonkeyCrat) and push for a zoom to allow him to do everything (and more than) that the Muslim Mayor of London has done to remove western values and replace them with Sharia.

      Being Cautious is a good thing!
      Rushing headlong into embracing Sharia because the Islamic person called us racists is foolishness.
      Let’s have a more indepth debate, and the Islamic candidate for Governor can explain himself better.
      Otherwise, vote for the American!

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      1. In the case of the muzzie cult, I throw caution to the winds. A full stop is in order to keep them out of government at any level. If they profess as strong a connection to their “religion” as this Dr. does, then they should be kept out of government at all costs.
        I don’t need to see what he might do once in office, I look at his past and that of his cult to see what results to expect if elected. Look at Dearborn, MI to see what to expect for the other citizens of that state with him as governor.
        Muzzies are deceitful and will lie to reach a pinnacle of power where they have control, then change the rules to suit their cult. Sharia is what they want, irregardless of what is in the Constitution of Michigan or the United States of America.
        Just say “NO” to this muzzie running for governor. Michigan, are you paying attention?
        “You may not hate muslims, but I’ll tell you, muslims hate you”. An accurate statement by Sayeed, which is how fundamentalist muzzies feel about non-believers(infidels). And, probably, most muzzies of any stripe.
        Michigan!!!! Beware!!!!!

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      2. It is dangerous for the children of the next generation to elect a Muslim in this country of Christian/Judeo beliefs. Everyone who intends to vote must become familiar with the beliefs of Muslims and to which they attach their loyalty – Islam! There is no place for Islam in America! I cannot imagine anything worse than leadership in America under a Muslim!

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    2. How come they never denounce the terrorist attacks then? They are not a race it’s a ideology. Look up the RED GREEN ALLIANCE…

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    3. Why is it ok for muslims to hate us but not ok for us to hate them. Time for this shit to stop already. They are here to take over out govt. That is overthrowing the us govt. and against the constitution.

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    4. He should not hide it. He should take it to a country where it’s welcomed, and is compatible with the existing culture. Islam/Sharia is diametrically opposed to everything the US stands for as a nation. Islam is a ‘religion’ of conquest whose holy books specifically incite violence to non-believers.

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